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Advance screening of The First Grader with Naomie Harris in person in Chicago

We have profiled The First Grader, which is being released in the U.S. next month, several times already on S & A; even just a few days ago (see HERE). But if any of our readers in Chicago area would like to see the film before its nationwide release, there will be an advance screening of […]

Debra Martin Chase Says Black Producers Should “Not Just Focus on Black Product”

Just recently I did an interview with producer Debra Martin Chase who has produced several film and TV projects such as Just Wright, Cinderella, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Cheetah Girls, and just recently Lemonade Mouth for the Disney Channel. I thought it was a pretty good interview, and my goal is to always try […]

Weekend B.O. (April 15-17)

Rio is officially the biggest film out right now. Not only did it claim the No.1 spot this weekend, but also in 92 other countries around the world, where it opened this weekend as well. Scream 4 was a big disappointment, grossing only half of what was predicted, proving that you can go to the well once […]

Watch now – Trailer for The Anderson Monarchs documentary

Here’s a film that’s guaranteed to make you feel good all over. Below is a preview trailer for the still-in-the-works documentary The Anderson Monarchs which is about an “an all-girls soccer team competing, living, and thriving in an at-risk urban neighborhood in Philadelphia”. Named after the great Marian Anderson and Jackie Robinson’s Negro League baseball […]

John Singleton says “Hollywood doesn’t care about black people”

And I think that’s how we all feel don’t we? In a recent interview to talk about his upcoming new film Abduction, which we have already profiled here on S & A, John Singleton talks about his new film and the film business in general. In the piece he praises Tyler Perry (… well someone has […]

OH NO! ABC to cancel “All My Children” and “One Life to Live”

These are truly the final days for All My Children and One Life to Live. ABC has just announced that they are canceling both of their long-running daytime soap operas and will replace them with newly created health and lifestyle shows. All My Children will be the first to go in September, to be followed by […]

Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner to headline new series for BET

If you’ve anxiously been waiting for the return of Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner to the airwaves then your wait will soon be over. It was announced today that the both of them will star in a new family series for BET, Reed Between the Lines. The show will deal with a married couple […]

Trailer for “Lord, All Men Can’t Be Dogs” (You just know what’s coming don’t you?)

Our main mission on Shadow and Act is to profile black cinema in all its forms, which means even a taped stage play scheduled to be released on DVD in June, must be bought to our readers’ attention. No need to say anymore, except that this trailer pretty much explains itself. You’ve seen it before […]

Blackenstein – another reason why I love blaxplotation films so much

Yes, you read that right Blackenstein. After the success of American International’s 1972 Blacula with William Marshall (which later spawned its own sequel Scream Blacula Scream), some fly-by-night production company rushed into urban theaters this 1973 zero budget travesty about the black Frankenstein. Of course it was ridiculed and laughed right out of the theaters, […]

And speaking of Civil War movies and black people in them…

Is there any film better than Ed Zwick’s 1989 film Glory, about the founding of legendary Massachusetts 54th Colored Union Regiment? I can’t imagine seeing how anyone isn’t be moved by the film; A film that was extremely difficult to make back then, and would be impossible today. (But we do have Lottery Ticket if that’s […]

Watch now – Trailer for documentary film Preacher

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming documentary film Preacher which is about to hit the film festival circuit this year. It’s a low key, straight-forward, but very sincere and touching film about the life and work of Bishop William Powell a Pentecostal fundamentalist preacher in Virginia. The film is the latest work by Chicago based filmmaker […]

Weekend B.O. (April 8-10)

We’re pretty much in the box office doldrums right now, with nothing particularly standing out numbers wise. Things will no doubt improve in a few weeks somewhat when Tyler Perry’s latest film opens on April 22nd, but the big numbers aren’t really going to appear until early May with the release of Thor, and the onslaught of […]

Morgan Freeman is kind to dolphins

Here’s the trailer for Warner Bros 3D family drama Dolphin Tale opening in September in which Morgan Freeman helps a team of people rescue a wounded dolphin who has lost its tail and given a prosthetic replacement. Oh yeah the film was produced by the same production company that also produced The Blind Side. UH […]

Ice Cube to write and direct “Chrome and Paint” for Disney

Ice Cube is currently negotiating with Disney Pictures to write and direct the PG-13 rated drama Chrome and Paint. The film, which he co-wrote with Eva Vives, deals with the custom car culture of South Central L.A. As with most his films, it will be produced through his production company Cube Vision with his long time […]

Wanna see Whoopi Goldberg’s white racism musical?

Since the mere mention of her name on S & A seems to always result in heated debates, how could I resist this? Today a new musical play called White Noise opens in Chicago at the Royal George Theatre, and those behind the scenes hope it will eventually make its way to Broadway. The play is being produced by […]

Now I can die happy

The film that I’ve been wanting to see, the film that just might be the greatest unintentional laugh riot of the decade, is finally coming to DVD. I’m talking about N’Secure which Fox Home Video (Fox???) is releasing on June 14th; it stars Denise Boutte (the woman with the fantabulous weave with the porn star’s […]

MSNBC to explain to white people what black people want

Hell, I can do that and it doesn’t take a whole show to do it. WE WANT IT ALL! Your jobs, your houses, your money, and most importantly… your women! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But seriously folks (well maybe not that seriously), MSNBC will jump into the “explaining-to-white-people-what’s-up-with-those-weird-black-people,” Soledad O”Brien CNN specials, with its own version called: A […]

So what will Oprah’s final show be like?

So according to gossip-mongers Oprah’s final show in late May will be a two-part episode, taped on May 17th at the United Center (where the Chicago Bulls play home games), and will consist of  “an homage to the Queen of TV and her 25 year career”. The first hour will be hosted by Tom Hanks, […]

Idris Elba to open health clinic in Sierra Leone

Here’s some positive news for you. It’s been reported that Idris Elba, along with his cousin, who’s a nurse,  are planning to fund and open a heath care facility in Sierra Leone, to provide support for sick families in the country. Elba, who was born in the U.K. to African immigrant parents – his father […]

Birth of a Nation and Uncle Tom’s Cabin on Turner Classic Movies Monday April 11

This year and month, being the 150th Anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War, Turner Classic Movies will be showing, all this month, films dealing with the conflict, such as Gone with the Wind, Raintree County (the film where Elizabeth Taylor goes nuts because she thinks she’s part black – and back then, that was enough […]

Second time around – Why aren’t we at Cannes?

I first wrote about this literally a year ago, last April, but for our newer readers and to follow up on my comments below in the weekend b.o. report, I’ve decided to bring it up again. And besides, when I wrote about this the last time, it caused a lot of heated debate and furious reactions..mainly […]

Weekend B.O. (Apr. 1-3) and a question

To no one’s surprise, the family movie Hop was No.1 this week; nor was the news that the universally reviled Sucker Punch dropped almost 70% this weekend. But the more interesting news was the third place finish for the horror film Insidious. Though the film made an O.K. $13 million this weekend, by all standards […]

Rihanna’s UNICEF TV commerical

Here’s Rihanna’s new TV commercial for UNICEF to promote their Celebrity Tap clean water campaign for donations to the worthwhile organization to provide clean water for  children worldwide . But a few questions, in the commercial Rhianna is called “an international superstar” Really? She is? Fivehead Rhianna is ALL that and a bag of chips? […]

CBS dumps Jennifer for Luther

Having never seen a single NCAA basketball game in my life (nor a NBA game either…Just can’t even feign interest to see one. I guess I’m not an American like they say about Pres. Obama), I had NO idea that this was such a big deal. What I’m referring to is CBS’s highly popular post-NCAA game montage for […]

Trailer for Dominican film La Hija Natural (The Love Child)

Here’s the trailer for the new Dominican film La Hija Natural, directed by Leticia Tonos, which is currently making the film festival circuit in the U.S. The film deals with a young woman, Maria, who after the sudden death of her mother, seeks out to find the father she never met. Turns out he’s an […]