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Watch Clip For Football Documentary “Late Rounders”

Here’s a clip for Late Rounders, another documentary selection screening at this year’s Atlanta Film Festival (April 28-May 7). Directed by Evan Marshall, the film shows a glimpse of the NFL draft process. Synopsis: In a recent study, 35% of Americans named football as their favorite sport. A distant second was baseball, with 16% of […]

Watch Trailer For “Tunahaki”

Screening at this year’s Newport Beach Film Festival in California, Tunahaki is a documentary film showcasing nine orphans who use their dance and acrobatic skills to change their lives. The film is directed by Mason Bendewald. Synopsis: Tunahaki is the extraordinary story of nine gifted orphans and their journey from Africa to America and back. […]

Cannes 2011 Lineup Announced! Mostly “Color-Free” But We’ll Be There Anyway!

Hot off the presses…! Earlier this morning, the lineup of the 64th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, which will run from May 11th to the 22nd, was announced, and it’s a mostly good one! I’m especially excited about the festival this year, because, as I’ve already announced, Shadow And Act will be at Cannes […]

Watch Trailer For “Everyday Sunshine: The Story Of Fishbone”

Still on the festival circuit, Everyday Sushine: The Story of Fishbone makes a pit stop at the Atlanta Film Festival this month. The documentary, directed by Lev Anderson and Chris Metzler, covers the rise and fall of the popular musical group Fishbone, an 80′s underground group known for their ska-punk-funk sound. The film delves into […]

Preview Atlanta Film Festival Selections And Watch “Snow On Tha Bluff” Trailer

Well, it’s that time of year where an onslaught of nationwide film festivals take place. The Atlanta Film Festival will kick things off April 28-May 7 with a strong and diverse selection of films. Here are a few films screening at the festival that we’ve highlighted on this site: An African Nation African United Bouncing […]

Watch Trailer Featuring African American Family In “Road To Las Vegas” Documentary

Here’s a look at Road To Vegas, a documentary chronicling an African American family of seven who head to Las Vegas in an effort to prosper and find a better home. Filmed over four years, the Jasson Massot directed project captures Vanessa and Maurice Melton as their journey goes from moments of struggle and grief […]

Watch Trailer For Spoken Word Documentary “To Be Heard”

Making its way on the festival circuit before it debuts on PBS this fall, To Be Heard is a spoken word documentary following the lives of three teenagers. Directed by Edwin Martinez, Amy Sultan and Deborah Schaffer, the film will screen at the Full Frame Documentary Festival in Durham, North Carolina this Saturday. Synopsis: To […]

New York African Film Festival Has Begun! “Viva Riva” Screens Tonight! Have You Bought Your Tickets Yet?

I’m hearing that the turnout for screenings at the ongoing New York African Film Festival, which started earlier this week, are pathetic! Really folks? Really New Yorkers? Is it a scheduling issue? No time? Or something else…? As I’ve said in previous posts, this year’s lineup of films is an impressive one, and you really […]

Watch “The Mulberry Tree” Trailer Co-starring Joe Morton

Screening at this year’s Independent Film Festival Boston, The Mulberry Tree is a redemption drama starring Louis Crugnali and Joe Morton. The film, written by Crugnali and directed by Mark Heller, tells the story of a young man (Crugnali) who must confront his own past as he gets to know a convicted murderer dying of […]

New Trailer for Images of Black Women Film Festival 2011 (Apr. 8-10)

I’m sure many of you are aware  from Tambay’s previous POST that the Images of Black Women Film Festival which re-starts (they had the first part of it in early March) tomorrow Friday 8th through April 10th in London, England but you may not have seen this year’s trailer for it (cut by the festival […]

Atlanta Film Festival 2011 – Preview “The Start Of Dreams”

The Atlanta Film Festival begins on April 28th, and runs through May 7th, in Atlanta, GA of course. And as I’ve done with other notable film festivals thus far this year, I’ll be highlighting a number of titles in the festival’s lineup, with respect to this website’s focus. Firs up… a documentary called The Start […]

New York African Film Festival Begins TODAY With An Impressive Lineup! Have You Bought Your Tickets Yet?

The New York African Film Festival begins TODAY New Yorkers, and the 2011 lineup is an impressive one! Of note, several films that have been touted on this website (old and new) are scheduled to screen at this year’s festival, including, Andrew Dosunmu’s feature film directorial debut and Sundance 2011 entry, Restless City, in what […]

New York African Film Festival Begins Tomorrow! “Restless City,” “Viva Riva,” Focus Features Africa First Shorts + More!

The New York African Film Festival begins tomorrow New Yorkers, and the 2011 lineup is an impressive one! Of note, several films that have been touted on this website (old and new) are scheduled to screen at this year’s festival, including, Andrew Dosunmu’s feature film directorial debut and Sundance 2011 entry, Restless City, in what […]

Cannes 2011 Poster Revealed; Shadow & Act Will Be There; A Look At What Black Films Might Screen (UPDATES)

So… as already announced, Shadow And Act will be heading to the Cannes Film Festival this year, in the lovely French Riviera. We were granted press credentials, and Wendy, aka MsWOO, who lives in London, will be attending for Shadow And Act, so you’ll get firsthand reporting from MsWOO on all the films screening at […]

Full Frame 2011 – Preview “A Good Man” (Bill T. Jones + 2 Years w/ Abraham Lincoln)

A Full Frame Film Festival selection for 2011, A Good Man follows acclaimed director/choreographer Bill T. Jones (FELA!, most recently, and is currently working on a Broadway musical based on Super Fly) as he and his company develop their most ambitious work – an original dance-theater piece in honor of Abraham Lincoln’s Bicentennial. The film […]

TFF 2011 – Preview “Grey Matter” (“Matière Grise”)

Screening at the upcoming 2011 installment of the Tribeca Film Festival here in New York City is Rwandan filmmaker Kivu Ruhorahoza’s feature film debut, Grey Matter (aka Matière Grise), shot on location in Kigali, Rwanda. Synopsis reads: When his grant falls through a few days before production, a young filmmaker hides the bad news from […]

Second time around – Why aren’t we at Cannes?

I first wrote about this literally a year ago, last April, but for our newer readers and to follow up on my comments below in the weekend b.o. report, I’ve decided to bring it up again. And besides, when I wrote about this the last time, it caused a lot of heated debate and furious reactions..mainly […]

SFIFF 2011 – Preview “Jean Gentil” (Returning To Nature)

I must say I love the look and sounds of what I see and hear in the trailers below. The images are engaging. It looks like it’ll likely be a quiet, meditative, instructive piece of cinema. Obviously, I’m curious, and hope it comes to New York so that I can check it out. Screening at […]

Full Frame 2011 – Preview “Take Me Away Fast” (Exploitation Or Fandom)

And… continuing on with 2011 film festival coverage… from the upcoming Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, which runs from April 14th through the 17th, comes Take Me Away Fast. Watching the trailer for this made me uncomfortable… why? Well, the film follows successful German DJ Frank Gossner on his journeys through West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, […]

Full Frame 2011 – Preview/Trailer For “When China Met Africa” (The State Of Things)

Unless your head has been buried in the sand, or with equanimity in the clouds, you’ll be familiar, even a little bit, with the somewhat recent growing Chinese presence in Africa, and all the complexities and criticisms that have accompanied that development. Some calling it neo-colonialism; others approaching it more from a strictly capitalist standpoint. […]

Cleveland International Film Festival 2011 – Preview “Cleveland vs Wall Street”

Might seem a bit dated, given all that’s transpired since the beginning of the slide in 3 years ago, but the effects are certainly still being felt. Also the way the filmmaker goes about telling the story is unique, as far as this specific subject matter is concerned. The story goes… in January 2008 Cleveland […]

ATTN New York – You’ll Have 3 Chances In April To See “Besouro” On The Big Screen! Details + Trailer

Besouro was a Shadow And Act Film Find feature in 2009, with a trailer that thrilled just about everyone who saw it – or at least, peaked interest. So, we’ve been on this one for awhile now, and you’ve had a few opportunities to watch it over the last 2 years, notably when I posted […]

Images of Black Women Film Festival, April 8-10 (UK Premiere Of “I Will Follow” + “Chico & Rita”)

News on the march… for our London-based readers! You’ll get to see Ava DuVernay’s critically acclaimed I Will Follow, and a film we’ve been excited about on this site since first hearing about it, the animated feature, Chico & Rita. The full lineup below: Telling Our Own Stories – Friday 8 April, 8:30pm – 10:30pm […]

CinemAfrica 2011 – Preview & Watch “Shuga” (“Real World” Kenya)

I’ll try to catch up on all my film festival profile selections throughout the day today… here’s the first. Part of the MTV Ignite Staying Alive campaign – a microscopic lens into the lives of young people around the world, and their sexual habits, with the goal being to challenge them to reconsider their behavior, […]

NYAFF 2011 – A Look At The 4 New ‘Focus Features Africa First’ Shorts

One press day #1 of the upcoming New York African Film Festival, I saw the explosive Viva Riva! (my full review of the film HERE); and on day two, we were treated to about 90 minutes of short films, all of them from the sophomore class of Focus Features’ Africa First Shorts Program, and I […]