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Advance screening of The First Grader with Naomie Harris in person in Chicago

We have profiled The First Grader, which is being released in the U.S. next month, several times already on S & A; even just a few days ago (see HERE). But if any of our readers in Chicago area would like to see the film before its nationwide release, there will be an advance screening of […]

Diana Ross knocks it out of the park

Since I seem to be on a sort of nostalgia kick lately, let me add one more to the mix. Now I will admit openly that I have never been a fan of Diana Ross (so go ahead and shoot me..), but I have to say that there is one thing she’s done that absolutely impressed me and convinced […]

HEAT WAVE – The great Donald Bogle’s new bio on Ethel Waters

Though I missed his book signing in NYC this past Thursday (had a screening of my own film – hallelujah!) all film, and Black film (and music) lovers have to go out and get Donald Bogle’s new book on the turbulent life of Ethel Waters, entitled HEAT WAVE. If you’ve somehow never read any of […]

Q&A with Clint Dyer for SUS screening at New Voices in Black Cinema festival (Feb. 4 & 7)

As most of you know, Tambay and I are curators of an independent Black film series that has recently expanded into a five-day festival as well – ActNow: New Voices in Black Cinema. The festival itself starts next Friday, February 4th and runs until Wednesday February 9th, and ActNow is proud to show the acclaimed […]

Billy Brown co-stars in LIGHTS OUT – premiering tonight!

In this corner….! Though I hate to recommend anything in place over Regina King’s Southland, tonight on FX is the debut of the new boxing drama Lights Out starring Holt McCallany (who was wonderful as the right-hand baddie in 2010′s The Losers) as Patrick ‘Lights Out’ Leary, an aging former heavyweight boxing champion who struggles […]

Halle Berry speaks about domestic violence

In a recent CNN interview Halle Berry speaks about how domestic violence has personally affected her life and her volunteer work at a shelter for abuse victims. Hmmmmm….I can already guess what a certain reader of S & A, who’s Halle’s No. 1 fan, will say about this. h/t to Zeus

Tonight in Los Angeles, CA: Djimon Hounsou & Halle Berry Q&A Sessions

Academy Qualifying Engagement! Now Playing at the Nuart Theatre! Actress Halle Berry In Person Fri, Dec 10 at 7:30pm! Frankie & Alice is a moving psychological drama based on the harrowing true story of Frankie Murdoch (Halle Berry), a woman working as a go-go dancer in Los Angeles in the early seventies. After a series […]

Spotlight on Eddie Goines – Give the Guy Some Love

It shouldn’t be a surprise if Eddie Goines looks a tad familiar. If you’ve been following the web series Celeste Bright, which we featured HERE on this site, then you may recognize him as the male lead, Agent Rick Taylor. If you didn’t catch that, you may have seen him on the box cover of […]

Djimon Hounsou Q&A This Friday in LA

The always powerful actor (not counting his little stint in the splendid comedy masterpiece – Billie Woodruff’s Beauty Shop), Djimon Hounsou, will be performing a Q&A session this coming Friday, December 10th from 7:00pm to 10:00pm (Pacific), following a screening of visual master Julie Taymor‘s latest film, The Tempest. Taymor, here, once again, sharpens her […]

Jill Clayburgh, Oscar-nominated actress and Broadway veteran, dies at 66

I’m sad to report that actress Jill Clayburgh, an Oscar nominee and Broadway star, has passed at age 66. She’d been suffering from a 21-year battle with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Clayburgh is familiar to most film audiences for portraying empowered women, spotlighted by her Oscar-nominated role of a divorcee exploring life & her own renewed […]

Aisha Hinds, Lennie James and RZA Co-Star in The Next Three Days

When Aisha Hinds makes an appearance on a TV show, before she even opens her mouth to say her first lines, I find myself leaning forward a bit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her play the same character (or some small variation of the same character) twice. I think she has terrific range. There’s […]

Jimmy Smits gets legal with it (again) in OUTLAW

With all the talk of more seemingly popular shows there’s one that I’ve been waiting for that finally premiered Wednesday night – OUTLAW. In Outlaw, Jimmy Smits finally gets another show, playing a character with some real brass to him. As Cyrus Garza, the most conservative justice on THE Supreme Court, he has a gradual […]

Eva Mendes Sex Tape – and it’s real!

Eva Mendes Sex Tape from Eva Mendes The sex tape everyone has been waiting for with Eva Mendes is finally here and you won’t believe what kinds of positions she gets into.

The Brothers of Summer

With the new tv show Undercovers premiering next month, starring the already oft-mentioned Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who I know best at Freema Agyeman’s (#1 on my ‘Wifey List’) sister on Dr. Who, and pretty-boy extraordinaire Boris Kodjoe, I thought I’d focus on what seems to be, in a good way, a proliferation of Black men on […]

Ron Burgundy’s Interracial Love

Will Ferrel co-wrote and starred in the hilarious, laugh until you cried and cried until you hurt film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Now it stands as an ultimate cult classic, that is one of the funniest, if not the funniest of the 2000′s, next to The Hangover and Black Dynamite. Veronica Corningstone is […]


So I saw earlier today Liza Cholodenko’s (Laurel Canyon, High Art) new film The Kids Are All Right with Julianne Moore and Annette Benning as a middle aged lesbian couple whose children want to find and develop a relationship with their father, or rather the guy who was the sperm donor for the women, played […]

Jim Kelly speaks!

After decades of not saying even a peep, except occasionally and briefly at martial art tournaments or film fan conventions, the current issue of Shock Cinema magazine (Number 38) has a new exclusive interview with the one and only, “our” Bruce Lee, Jim Kelly. In a detailed extensive interview Kelly talks about his career, his films […]

Aïssa Maïga Is One Of The “Top 10 Most Stunning French Actresses”

35-year old Senegalese-born Aïssa Maïga made Vanity Fair’s list of The Top 10 Most Stunning French Actresses. Most will probably recognize her from the 2007 Malian film Bamako, a film for which she won the Most Promising Actress award at the 2007 César Awards – essentially the French equivalent of the Oscars. The first thing […]

Who da thunk it?

Aside from being really foul, really offensive and really really funny, Get Him To The Greek, another comedy from the Judd Apatow laugh factory machine, with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill, and which opens this Friday, has a big surprise. And that’s that Sean Combs AKA Mr. P. Diddy or whatever he likes to call himself these days, […]

What’s Michael Dorn Been Up To Lately?

I was researching for a future post and came across an item that reminded me of Michael Dorn – you know who he is… Worf from the long-running Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series (a show I was a big fan of, by the way). I wondered what he’s been up to since that […]

Coming to a Small Screen Near Me Soon… Idris Elba is DCI Luther

I have to come clean here and say that I’ve never seen Idris Elba act…! Yes, I am that one person. I don’t watch much TV and so have still not seen any episodes, re-runs or otherwise, of The Wire; I somehow managed to resist the urge to go out and actually pay to see […]

Rising Stars: Erica Tazel stars in FX’s JUSTIFIED

Premiering just a few weeks ago, FX’s Justified has become a sure hit.  Based on an Elmore Leonard short story and starring Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood, GO, The Crazies, Damages) as a polite yet quick-drawing US Marshall who gets reassigned nearby his poor coal-mining hometown in Kentucky after one-too-many shooting related incidents – he enjoys giving […]

Watch Now – Sanaa Lathan Interview

Sanaa Lathan talks to SoulCulture.TV about her about her family’s history in entertainment, being very critical of her own work and distinguishing between herself and the characters she plays. Lathan is currently starring in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof in London’s West End, which she describes as some of her proudest work to date, […]

Jill Scott and that big black guy from The Blind Side on Law and Order:SVU

Take a look… I’m curious if anyone saw last night episode of Law & Order SVU. They promoted the hell out of it because Quinton Aaron, you know that big black guy from The Blind Side, guest starred on the show. But what they failed to mention was that Jill Scott also appeared on the […]