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Percy “Master P” Miller and BBTV (Milk Carton Alert)

Three years ago, the internet was all abuzz about the new television network Percy “Master P” Miller was embarking on. Better Black Television was going to exemplify a new and improved standard for an under-served market. It was going to be a general entertainment channel running a wide range of scripted, unscripted and news programming […]

Milk Carton Alert – Cousin Skeeter (and other black tween shows)

Where are the DVD releases for Cousin Skeeter, My Brother And Me and The Famous Jett Jackson? If you were pre-teen or teen in the 90s then these shows may (or may not) have been on your radar. Once upon a time Jurnee Smollett had a TV show called On Our Own that starred her […]

Nona Gaye (Milk Carton Alert!)

We haven’t done one of these in a little while. So there I was, entering the subway station here in NYC, to begin a long hard day at the office, and a car zooms by, playing a song that was instantly familiar to me, although it’s one I haven’t heard in a long time; I […]

And Lee Daniels’ Next Film Will Be…?

He’s about 1 year away from showing up on one of our Milk Carton alerts, although he’s certainly stacking up the projects; but when is Lee Daniels going to actually, finally make one of them? Precious debuted 2 years ago, at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Since its theatrical release, 9 months later, Daniels’ name […]

Milk Carton Alert – What Happened To These Films… And Others? (Survey)

So, usually, when we do these milk carton alerts, they’re usually for people – actors and directors mostly. This time, I’m concentrating on films specifically. There are a number of films by and/or about black people that we’ve talked about on this site over the last 10 months it’s been in existence, that just seem […]

Cauleen Smith’s “Remote Viewing” Premiering At The Kitchen (Where Are They Now?)

On this blog, we’ve often wondered about and investigated the current whereabouts of past promising black filmmakers who just seemed to vanish after their auspicious debuts, like, in this case, award-winning writer/director Cauleen Smith, whose 1998 first feature film, Drylongso, co-written by Salim Akil (Girlfriends, The Game, Jumping The Broom) – a coming-of-age drama about […]

When the checks stop coming in (No.2)

Do you ever have sleepless nights wondering whatever happened to Christopher Reid AKA Kid from Kid n’ Play? Well you can sleep now. That’s him on the left from the new straight-to-DVD release this week of War of the Worlds 2 (made in 2008), which has just been released on Echo Bridge Entertainment. Of course the film […]

“Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation” (Milk Carton Alert!)

Man, what happened to this film? Made in 2007, it played at a few international film festivals, including FESPACO, the Pan African Film Festival, and I believe the African Diaspora Film Festival, in 2007/2008, but quickly disappeared, without much fanfare, despite being described as an epic movie, shot on location in Namibia, with a total […]

Whatever Happened To “Black”? (2009 Revisited)

There are several films we profiled last year that have yet to reach theatres, or DVD (here in the USA anyway), and I thought it’s be a good idea to revisit them, and see if anything’s changed in each film’s status. I got a message alerting me of attempts to bring this French film to […]

When the checks stop coming in…

You all remember Sinbad? Not that long ago he was one of the biggest comedians out there, with regular TV appearances (even having his own sit-com for a while) movies and concerts shows. He was as big as they got back during the 80′s and 90′s. Well no longer.  Both The Detroit News and have […]

Where are they now? #10

When twice in less than one week director Charles Lane and his 1989 film Sidewalk Stories comes up by coincidence in conversations in more than a decade after the last time I mentioned him and the film, then you know he’s a perfect subject for the Where Are They Now series. Lane’s wonderful low budget, independent, […]

Where Are They Now? #9

What has director Angela Robinson been up to lately?  The San Francisco born director first got noticed when she made a feature film version in 2004 of her popular short film D.E.B.S. (though people who have seen both said the short film worked much better). But soon afterwards she was picked by Disney Pictures to direct their big budgeted […]

Where in the world is Carl Franklin?

We haven’t heard anything lately about director Carl Franklin (Devil in a Blue Dress- still a classic no matter how many times you see it  and Out of Time) but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been inactive. News came out just recently that he’s been working as one of the directors for the Steven Spielberg produced 10 […]

Where are they now? #8

I haven’t done one of these in a while and I’ve been thinking about adding him to the list. No, not Eriq La Salle, though he could be a potential candidate for the list very soon, but D. Clark Johnson the writer and director of the 1994 film The Drop Squad. A intentionally controversial and […]

Christopher Cherot Update

(Cherot in Mombasa, Kenya) Consider him found! In response to one of our “Where Are They Now?” posts on this site, referencing him specifically, I received an email yesterday from Christopher Scott Cherot (writer/director of Hav Plenty and G.). The email, in sum, was a general update on his activities over the past couple of […]

Where are they now? #7

Where is Teresa Randle? She’s talented and just simply drop dead, makes-you-weak-in-the-knees gorgeous. She had a good run during the mid to late 90′s with Bad Boys, Spawn and of course Girl 6. Then she sort of disappeared, but came back a few years later with a thankless but luckily brief role in Bad Boys […]

Where are they now? #6 – Lee Thompson Young

Remember a little show on the Disney Channel called The Famous Jett Jackson? It was about a teenage boy/TV star who moved the production of his show to his hometown so he could have a regular life with his friends. It was one of the few programs (if not the only one) at that time […]

Where are they now? #5 – Ted Witcher

If Cherot has made the M.I.A. list then no doubt Ted Witcher can’t be that far behind. The former Chicago TV station security guard and production assistant on The Jerry Springer Show who moved on to much higher things writing and directing love jones released in 1997. After that he’s been basically out of sight […]

Where Are They Now? #4 – Christopher Cherot

On my previous blog, I posted a milk carton alert for Christopher Scott Cherot last summer, and I’m simply reposting here, along with every update I’ve received since then, since Mr Cherot is apparently still at large. So, read my lengthy missive below.

Where are they now? (Part 3)

And speaking of Spike, where is his sister Joie? You know, the one with the eyes? She had some prominent parts in his early films like Mo’ Better Blues and branched out doing supporting roles in Hollywood movies and co-wrote the screenplay for Crooklyn. But she sort of faded away too. Anybody out there has […]

Where are they now? (Part 2)

Where is Euzhan Palcy? What has she been up to lately? I don’t think there’s any need to discuss in detail about her extraordinary film 1983 film Rue Cases Negres (Sugar Cane Alley) except if you haven’t seen it, then do so NOW or else you have no right to claim that you love black […]

Where are they now?

Hey. boys and girls, I want to start a regular feature that I want ALL of you to get involved with too. There are so many black actors, actresses and filmmakers who have seemed to have disappeared. Not that they have stopped working altogether, but they’re not as high profile as they used to be. […]