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Revisiting – “Happily Ever After: A Positive Image Of Black Marriage” (On DVD)

So… with the recent flurry of posts, reports, articles, etc on the state of blacks in America, notably, on relationships between black men and women, I thought it would be a good time to revisit the below documentary which I mentioned on this blog back in June, announcing its DVD release, which was scheduled for […]

Film Find – “Fig Trees: A Documentary-Opera About AIDS, Pills And Gertrude Stein”

Intriguing concept… a documentary-opera… watch the clip below first and read underneath:

Getting Stoned With Sly Movies and Music In 2010

Is it me, or has this year seen a relative barrage of music documentaries featuring legendary black music makers from the 60s/70s? Am I Black Enough For You? (Billy Paul), Still Bill (Bill Withers), Soul Power (Various artists including James Brown)… Well, now here come two more, both set for release early next year and […]

Film Finds- Has anyone seen this movie?

I got an e-mail about a brother named Rel Dowdell working on his second feature.  For some reason, I can no longer find the information on the second film. Anyways, I did get a link to the trailer for his first film. I have never heard of it and I am shocked to see MC […]

Trailer – “Exam” (80 Minutes, 8 Candidates, 1 Answer, No Question)

Kudos to any filmmaker who can produce a feature-length film that takes place in real-time, entirely in one room, and have it actually be entertaining and riveting enough to keep the audience watching. Hitchcock did it with Rope in 1948. Prior to that, I can’t recall a film that took the risk (maybe you cinephiles […]

Trailer – “Invisible Universe: A History Of Blackness In Speculative Fiction”

Invisible Universe: A History Of Blackness In Speculative Fiction explores the relationship between the Black body and popular fantasy, horror and science fiction literature and film and the alternative perspectives produced by creators of color. The documentary features interviews with major writers, scholars, artists and filmmakers and explores comics, television, film and literature by deconstructing […]

Kush Film Boutique – November ’09

If you ever find yourself in Crouch End, north London, on the last Tuesday of the month (except this December, due to Yuletide shenanigans), you might want to check out the Kush Film Boutique. Billed as a “place where a select group of film lovers come together in perfect harmony to watch Exclusive & Premier […]

Trailer – “Dreams Deferred: The Sakia Gunn Film Project” (NYADFF Coverage)

The New York African Diaspora Film Festival begins in just over 1 week, running from, November 27th to December 15th, presenting an eclectic mix of urban, classic, independent and foreign films that depict the richness and diversity of the life experience of people of African descent and Indigenous people all over the world. From now […]

Trailer – “Sitting In Limbo” (To Be Young & Black In 1980s Canada)

I actually know very little about Afro-Canadian cinema, and I’m going to do some digging to enlighten myself. Maybe some of you are better equipped than I am on the matter; and if you are, chime in below in the comments. Might this be a good place to start? Commissioned by the National Film Board […]

Film Find – Bastardy, The Life And Times Of Jack Charles

Quite frankly, I know very few Aboriginal performers. The only Indigenous Australian actor that immediately comes to mind is David Gulpilil, whom many of you would be familiar with from films like Rabbit Proof Fence, The Tracker, The Proposition, and most recently, Baz Lurhman’s epic Australia. I had to do a little digging to find […]

Now On DVD – “One Day In Africa”

This looks worthwhile… For six individuals living in 6 different countries on the African continent, life isn’t about desperate squalor or improbable triumph. It’s a complex, imperfect existence at odds with the stunning pictures broadcast from African safaris, or the sad stories written to spur donations to Western aid groups.

Trailer – “Find Her Keep Her” (Searching For Mrs Right In London)

Spotted on the Afro-Europe blogspot… The premiere of the highly anticipated UK film Find Her Keep Her will finally take place on the 20th November at Vue Cinema, in the O2 Centre, Greenwich, London. Synopsis: They are the wealthiest players in town. They live the fast life, drive fast cars, live in plush apartments in […]

A few words about Burn!

People always ask me what my all time favorite film is. That’s a question with an impossible answer. I can’t name just one, but stuck for an answer I always tell them it’s the 1966 film The Battle of Algiers by Italian director Gillo Pontecorvo. The film (which is available in a deluxe 3 DVD […]

Short Shots – Patzer

Here’s a short film from Detroit about a somewhat nerdy guy who’s having a really bad day. Lawrence Lamont Jenkins and Rachid Fakhoury wrote and produced Patzer for their new independent film company called StarWater Productions. I’m impressed by their style and I think they have potential (but I know a couple people from the […]

Revisiting – Guy And Madeline On A Park Bench At AFI

I initially wrote about this film in April, when it made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival. It’s high contrast black and white cinematography, music, and seemingly intriguing storyline caught my interest from the moment I saw the trailer. However, since my April post, I haven’t heard a single thing about the film nor the […]

Now Showing – After The Storm (Bringing Broadway To Katrina’s Kids)

After the Storm is a feature-length documentary film that follows a group of New York Broadway actors who were inspired to help the youth of New Orleans. They stage a musical theater production of the Broadway play Once on this Island (whose story very much reflects the life in New Orleans post Katrina) with local […]

Waiting For Tonight At Noon With Chiwetel Ejiofor

No, I’m not anticipating a date with the Chewy one at some warped time in the very near future. Although…   Sorry, where was I…? Oh yeah, I stumbled across information about a film currently in post-production which looks like it’s right up my street. Tonight at Noon stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Ethan Hawke, Rutger Hauer, Connie Nielsen […]

Stick With Me This Friday @ BUFF, London

Stick With Me, the debut feature from writer/director Bernard Kordieh, premiere’s this Friday at Stratford Picturehouse, Theatre Square, London E15, as part of the opening night of this year’s British Urban Film Festival, BUFF. Starring newcomer Paul Chiedozie, Stick With Me is a story of love, betrayal and loyalty. When Leon, a young man growing up in […]

Film Finds – Documentary “Stop Grabbing Her”

This is about the Puerto Rican Day Parade in 2000 and the attacks on women. This is the entire film.

Child Soldiers And Popcorn – Feuerherz et al

News items, books, documentaries… Child soldiers has been a theme I’ve noticed crop up quite a bit in the last few years, mostly Western exploration of what is, quite frankly, an abominable phenomenon, and they generally tend to highlight the brutality, savagery and inhumanity of this practice, particularly the indoctrination processes and the mayhem reeked, […]

Trailer – If I Die Tonight

This looks like an interesting new documentary. I may watch it later today.

Film Finds – Mother And Child (Samuel Jackson, Kerry Washington)

Not sure how we missed this one entirely… It’s titled Mother And Child, and is currently playing at the Toronto International Film Festival. Colombian native, Rodrigo Garcia, wrote and directed this ensemble drama featuring a strong cast that includes Samuel L Jackson, Kerry Washington, Annette Bening, Naomi Watts, Tatyana Ali, Lisa Gay Hamilton, S. Epatha […]

Say My Name – Women Making Music In A Man’s World

I was asked yesterday if I knew anything about Say My Name, not a film about former super girl band Destiny’s Child, but a documentary looking at women rappers and singers as the focus for a study about struggling inner city women. Written, produced and directed by Dutch filmmaker, Nirit Peled, Say My Name is […]

A Place Of Our Own – Downtime Recommendation

A week or so ago I stumbled across the Black Public Media website, an online destination for free video streaming and distribution of fresh factual and fictional media related to the global black experience. While browsing the site I found and bookmarked the film A Place of Our Own, by Stanley Nelson, a film which […]

Film Find – A Winter Tale

I had hoped to attend a screening last weekend of A Winter Tale by Frances-Anne Solomon, an Afro-Caribbean Brit now resident in Canada. The screening, which was meant to be the September installment of BFM Media‘s Film Club screening series at the ICA, London, was cancelled.  However, it has since been announced that the film […]