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New On DVD Today – “If God Is Willing And Da Creek Don’t Rise” (Plus Spike Will Be Signing Copies)

Need I say more? Spike Lee’s follow-up to When The Levees Broke, titled, If God Is Willing And Da Creek Don’t Rise, is now officially available on DVD. I don’t see any info regarding a Blu-ray release. Cost? $17. It’s a 2-disc set with audio commentary, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. Click the image above to […]

“N-Secure” Heading To DVD/Blu-ray In June!

Most of you didn’t seem to care for it, but, that certainly didn’t stop it from performing decently at the box office did it? It made close to $3 million after 5 weeks in theaters, late last year, on a budget of about $1.6 million. And now, N-Secure is heading to home video land – […]

New On DVD This Week – “If God Is Willing And Da Creek Don’t Rise” (Plus Spike Will Be Signing Copies)

Need I say more? It’ll be out on DVD this Tuesday, the 19th of April. Cost? $17. It’s a 2-disc set with audio commentary, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. Click the image below to preorder. And, by the way, Spike Lee will be holding a DVD signing of the film at the Union Square Barnes & […]

Trailer For iTunes/DVD Release Of Focus Features’ Africa First Shorts Freshman Class (Available NOW On VOD)

As announced earlier this week, the first class of Focus Features’ Africa First Shorts Program, which traveled the globe last year, will finally be available in formats that the rest of the world can see them on, if you weren’t at any of the film festivals in which they screened. And I know a lot […]

New On DVD/VOD Today – “The Inheritance,” “White Material,” & “Heartless”

Some films out on DVD/VOD today that you may want to check out this week… First, The Inheritance… the story of five ambitious cousins who set out in a winter storm to a reunion at the family estate. They hope to please the elders and secure their inheritance, a fortune that dates back to days […]

Focus Features’ Africa First Shorts Freshman Class Coming To iTunes & DVD April/May

Should have announced this already, but better late than never, right? Besides, the dates are still in the future. The first class of Focus Features’ Africa First Shorts Program, which traveled the globe last year, will finally be available in formats that the rest of the world can see them on, if you weren’t at […]

Now I can die happy

The film that I’ve been wanting to see, the film that just might be the greatest unintentional laugh riot of the decade, is finally coming to DVD. I’m talking about N’Secure which Fox Home Video (Fox???) is releasing on June 14th; it stars Denise Boutte (the woman with the fantabulous weave with the porn star’s […]

Now On DVD – “Football Fables” (Futbol)

Baff Akoto’s award-winning documentary, Football Fables (the game we play with our feet, not the one that looks more like rugby with pads) – a film I’ve profiled on this blog in the past – is now on DVD. The film provides unprecedented insight into the inner workings of African football tradition and migration. In […]

DVD Review – “Invictus” (Ignorance Is Bliss, I Guess)

Invictus is a fantasy. It’s a story so simplistically told, that it should be insulting to those real life men, women and children who lived through the actual events portrayed in the film, especially those who fell on the side of the oppressed. Obviously, it’ll be impossible to cram every single ounce of this reality […]

On DVD – “Beah: A Black Woman Speaks”

It aired last night, Tuesday, March 29, on the Documentary Channel… LisaGay Hamilton’s directorial debut, Beah: A Black Woman Speaks. How many of you watched it? Well, if you didn’t, or even if you did tune in, I’ve been informed that you can purchase the film on DVD, right now, for $29.99, via the Documentary […]

New On DVD – Cheryl Dunye’s “The Owls” (Older Wiser Lesbians) + “Treme” Season 1

First profiled on this blog in January… The Owls, by none other than Cheryl Dunye, makes its DVD/home video debut today. You can purchase a copy for $21.99 via Amazon; though it’s not available on Netflix… yet. Last she got behind the camera was 6 years ago, with 2004’s My Baby’s Daddy, a film that […]

The brothers’ No. 1 favorite film finally coming out on Blu-ray

Is there a film that brothers love more deeply and intensely than Brian DePalma’s 1982 film  Scarface? I mean, is there? His over-the-top, hyper-violent, yet visually stylish remake of Howard Hawks’ 1932 classic gangster film is in itself a classic, maybe a masterpiece of epic proportions. It’s perhaps the seminal film of the 1980′s, made back […]

The Best of The Bill Cosby Show coming out on DVD

Like I said way back in Sept 2009 (HERE), one of the most overrated TV programs in history, in my opinion, has to be The Cosby Show sit-com on NBC. Like I said in that piece, black folks went out of their ever-loving, frigging minds about that program, mainly because it was a show about […]

On DVD – “Black Nation” (Uncompromising Look At The State Of Black Men In America)

As seen through the lenses of Swedish filmmaker, Mats Hjelm… Black Nation is a documentary feature “that takes a hard, uncompromising look at the state of Black men in America today through the prism of the streets of Detroit and the City’s controversial Church Shrine of the Black Madonna… set within the framework of a […]

Julie Taymor’s “The Tempest” (w/ Djimon Hounsou) Finally Heading To DVD/Blu-Ray + My Review Of The Film

Julie Taymor’s modern retelling of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest now has an official Blu-ray/DVD/VOD release date: September 13. For some reason I actually thought it was already on the home video market, but obviously not! Bonus features will include audio commentary with Julie Taymor; Russell Brand rehearsing; and O Mistress Mine, a Reeve Carney music […]

On DVD – A Look At Isaach de Bankole In Jim Jarmusch’s “Limits Of Control”

Despite the fact that Jim Jarmusch has been making films for about 25 years, I felt like I was watching a film by a filmmaker possibly experimenting, or rather, maybe more accurately, discovering (or rediscovering) the medium and all its elements, but yet, still mostly coloring within familiar boundaries. Let’s face it, at this stage […]

Looking To DVD Releases – A Review Of “Blood And Bone” (Michael Jai White Kicks Ass. What else?)

So… instead of constantly anticipating the next studio produced and/or distributed “black film” to open at a theatre near you (and often being disappointed), why not start sifting through the myriad of straight-to-dvd “black film” releases, with the chance that you might find a few gems here and there (or just fairly decent films) that […]

S&A UK – “Legacy” Starring Idris Elba Opens In Theaters + VOD Today (On DVD Monday)

Thomas Ikimi’s Legacy, starring Idris Elba, opens in theaters in the UK today, March 11th. It’s also now available On Demand and as a digital download (thanks Mr Forde for the heads-up). So, you’ve got 3 ways to check it out this weekend, if you haven’t already, and you live in the UK. No excuses […]

“My Own Love Song” Starring Renée Zellweger & Forest Whitaker Now On VOD, Soon On DVD

Initially profiled last year, drawing nothing but ire from most of you, with the consensus being that it’s yet another “Magical Negro” special, this time with Forest Whitaker as said Negro. It apparently received a theatrical release in France last year, thanks to French distributors Mars Distribution, but it never received stateside theatrical distribution. I […]

UK Urban Thriller, “Deadmeat,” Out on DVD

When (or if) you think of urban UK film, you may immediately think Noel Clarke. However, while he may be the biggest fish, Clarke isn’t the only one swimming in that pool. Based on the cult novel of the same name by Q (aka Ashanti Power, aka Kwabena Manso), two years ago, Deadmeat won awards […]

Now On DVD – Boxing Documentary “Sons Of Cuba” (The Standard Bearers Of The Revolution)

The story goes… Despite being a poverty stricken, isolated island of 11 million, Cuba is the world superpower of amateur boxing. In the past 40 years it has won a staggering 63 Olympic medals in the sport, 32 of them gold. But little was known about how these results were achieved until Andrew Lang and […]

Now On DVD – Gruesome French Zombie Flick “La Horde” Starring “Lumumba”

I profiled this French zombie flick, titled La Horde, back in May. Soon thereafter, IFC’s new genre label, IFC Midnight, acquired it for distribution, with plans to premiere the film simultaneously in theaters and on VOD in August, with an eventual DVD release later. Well… it’s later. A quick recap… You should remember Eriq Ebouaney… […]

Now On DVD – “Rivers Wash Over Me”

I profiled writer/director/actor Darien Sills-Evans on this blog previously (read that post HERE). At the time, he was touring film festivals with this film, Rivers Wash Over Me – a project he wrote and co-stars in, but didn’t direct. John G Young helmed the production. Now a property of Strand Releasing, the film is now […]

Trailer + Release Dates For “Age Of The Dragons” (Danny Glover As Ahab)

It’s called Age Of The Dragons, directed by Ryan Little, and is described as is a re-imagining of Herman Melville’s classic novel Moby Dick. But it’s definitely not your father’s Moby Dick! The full synopsis for this action/fantasy/sci-fi/thriller, reads: “Set in a mythical realm where Captain Ahab and crew hunt dragons for the vitriol that […]

“King: Montgomery to Memphis” doc returns after 40 years

How apropos to follow up on the item below about Paul Greengrass MLK’s film for Universal. The three hour documentary on the life and work of MLK, King: A Filmed Record; Montgomery to Memphis, is truly unique in that the film was only shown once in 1970 in over 600 theaters across the country, and was never […]