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Trailer For “The Help” Arrives! (Plus New Stills)

Well, here it is… the first trailer for DreamWorks’ adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s novel, The Help, which stars Viola Davis, Emma Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sissy Spacek, Octavia Spencer and several others. The film, which I’ve already said likely represents the best possibility for an Oscar nomination by a black actor/actress this year (in Viola […]

SyFy Picks Up “Age Of The Dragons” For July USA Debut (Danny Glover As Ahab In Moby Dick Retelling)

It’s that time of the year when TV stations preview their upcoming season slates; I’ll be attending BET’s showcase this Wednesday, here in New York, so, you’ll get my first-hand reactions to whatever is thrown at me. For now, however, I just learned that the Syfy Channel has apparently acquired stateside rights to a film […]

Jennifer Hudson: “I Made Major Sacrifices To Perfect ‘Winnie’ Starring Role”

The trailer for the upcoming Winnie Mandela biopic, starring Jennifer Hudson as the titular character, and Terrence Howard as Nelson Mandela, was met with much ridicule and derision when we unveiled it last fall; and rightfully so in my not-so humble opinion! The film was woefully miscast, and it’s evident; the acting just doesn’t look […]

Watch Teaser For Barry Jenkins’ “Chlorophyl” Commissioned By Miami Arts Collective BORSCHT

We recently featured his ITVS Futurestates short film, Remigration, which received mucho acclaim; what I didn’t know was that Mr Barry Jenkins was working on another short film, which he tells me he shot the weekend before the South By Southwest Film Festival, late February, early March. This one was commissioned by the BORSCHT Film […]

Watch Trailer For “Tunahaki”

Screening at this year’s Newport Beach Film Festival in California, Tunahaki is a documentary film showcasing nine orphans who use their dance and acrobatic skills to change their lives. The film is directed by Mason Bendewald. Synopsis: Tunahaki is the extraordinary story of nine gifted orphans and their journey from Africa to America and back. […]

Watch now – Trailer for The Anderson Monarchs documentary

Here’s a film that’s guaranteed to make you feel good all over. Below is a preview trailer for the still-in-the-works documentary The Anderson Monarchs which is about an “an all-girls soccer team competing, living, and thriving in an at-risk urban neighborhood in Philadelphia”. Named after the great Marian Anderson and Jackie Robinson’s Negro League baseball […]

Watch Seattle Soul Music Documentary “Wheedle’s Groove”

Wheedle’s Groove is a documentary, directed by Jennifer Mass, detailing the once vibrant 60′s and 70′s soul music scene of Seattle. The film includes commentary by Seattle notable music figures like Quincy Jones, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Mark Arm (Mudhoney), Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie), Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden), Kim Warnick (The Fastbacks) and Kenny G and […]

Trailer For “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” Is Here!

Well… here it is. The first trailer for the Planet Of The Apes prequel/reboot/whatever you want to call it; it’s titled, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and it stars James Franco, Frieda Pinto, David Oyelowo, Tom Felton, and a whole bunch of computer generated apes, which I can’t say I’m sold on just […]

Watch Trailer For John Singleton’s “Abduction” Starring Taylor Lautner

Abduction will be in theaters on September 23rd.

Watch A Preview Of “Rebel” – The WTF “Violent Art Film” Featuring Gangs, Hip-Hop, Nude Women & More

A couple of weeks ago, I alerted you to a project that the over-exposed James Franco has apparently been working with indie-film enfant terrible Harmony Korine, which they’re calling “a violent new art film” titled Rebel. The film, which will premiere at this year’s Venice Biennale, will reportedly include a fight between actual L.A. street […]

“The Roy Ayers Project” – Documentary On The Music Legend In The Works

A documentary film on the life, music, and philosophy of funk, soul, and jazz composer Roy Ayers is currently being put together by directing team, Haylow Overby and Ariel Nuñez. Titled simply, The Roy Ayers Project, the film will feature, of course, Roy Ayers himself, as well as many Hip Hop producers (especially those who […]

Watch Trailer For French Animated Sci-Fi Flick “The Prodigies”

It’s a French animated feature titled The Prodigies (aka La Nuit des Enfants Rois), directed by Antoine Charreyron. Its story goes… NYC, Central Park, 2010. Five young teenagers are violently assaulted. But they’re not your average teenagers… they’re prodigies. The trauma of the assault incites them to lash out against the world in a cold […]

Watch Trailer For “Everyday Sunshine: The Story Of Fishbone”

Still on the festival circuit, Everyday Sushine: The Story of Fishbone makes a pit stop at the Atlanta Film Festival this month. The documentary, directed by Lev Anderson and Chris Metzler, covers the rise and fall of the popular musical group Fishbone, an 80′s underground group known for their ska-punk-funk sound. The film delves into […]

Trailer For iTunes/DVD Release Of Focus Features’ Africa First Shorts Freshman Class (Available NOW On VOD)

As announced earlier this week, the first class of Focus Features’ Africa First Shorts Program, which traveled the globe last year, will finally be available in formats that the rest of the world can see them on, if you weren’t at any of the film festivals in which they screened. And I know a lot […]

Trailer for “Lord, All Men Can’t Be Dogs” (You just know what’s coming don’t you?)

Our main mission on Shadow and Act is to profile black cinema in all its forms, which means even a taped stage play scheduled to be released on DVD in June, must be bought to our readers’ attention. No need to say anymore, except that this trailer pretty much explains itself. You’ve seen it before […]

Watch Taraji P. Henson In Trailer For Sports Drama “From The Rough”

Finally, we have our first look at Taraji P. Henson, Henry Simmons, Michael Clarke Duncan, Tom Felton, Letoya Luckett, and others in the upcoming sports drama From the Rough – a project we alerted you to back in August last year. Pierre Bagley produced and directed the project, which stars Taraji as Cassandra Turner, a […]

New In Theaters – Cannes Winner “A Screaming Man” Opens In NYC Tomorrow For 2 Weeks! See It!

Good news… to me anyway. I still haven’t seen the film, and I will most certainly see it now that it’s finally opening… in New York anyway. I’m not sure about other cities. I’m talking about Chadian auteur Mahamat-Saleh Haroun’s Cannes Grand Jury Prize-winning film, Un homme qui crie (A Screaming Man), which was picked […]

Blackenstein – another reason why I love blaxplotation films so much

Yes, you read that right Blackenstein. After the success of American International’s 1972 Blacula with William Marshall (which later spawned its own sequel Scream Blacula Scream), some fly-by-night production company rushed into urban theaters this 1973 zero budget travesty about the black Frankenstein. Of course it was ridiculed and laughed right out of the theaters, […]

Preview Atlanta Film Festival Selections And Watch “Snow On Tha Bluff” Trailer

Well, it’s that time of year where an onslaught of nationwide film festivals take place. The Atlanta Film Festival will kick things off April 28-May 7 with a strong and diverse selection of films. Here are a few films screening at the festival that we’ve highlighted on this site: An African Nation African United Bouncing […]

Just What You Were Waiting For… Trailer For “Honey 2″ Arrives!

OMG! OMG! OMG! Stop everything you’re doing right now! Trailer for Honey 2 just dropped, and it looks like just about every other teen dance competition movie that precedes it. OMG! It’ll be in theaters (yes in theaters) June 10th! Is that Lonette McKee?

Uplifting Kenyan Drama “The First Grader” Will Be Released In USA Theaters This Spring

The First Grader, a Kenyan film we’ve written about a few times already on this site, is getting a theatrical release in the USA. National Geographic, who also picked up and released Desert Flower here in the USA, will release The First Grader on May 13th, in a limited theatrical release. The film, directed by […]

Watch Trailer Featuring African American Family In “Road To Las Vegas” Documentary

Here’s a look at Road To Vegas, a documentary chronicling an African American family of seven who head to Las Vegas in an effort to prosper and find a better home. Filmed over four years, the Jasson Massot directed project captures Vanessa and Maurice Melton as their journey goes from moments of struggle and grief […]

Watch Trailer For Spoken Word Documentary “To Be Heard”

Making its way on the festival circuit before it debuts on PBS this fall, To Be Heard is a spoken word documentary following the lives of three teenagers. Directed by Edwin Martinez, Amy Sultan and Deborah Schaffer, the film will screen at the Full Frame Documentary Festival in Durham, North Carolina this Saturday. Synopsis: To […]

Watch now – Trailer for documentary film Preacher

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming documentary film Preacher which is about to hit the film festival circuit this year. It’s a low key, straight-forward, but very sincere and touching film about the life and work of Bishop William Powell a Pentecostal fundamentalist preacher in Virginia. The film is the latest work by Chicago based filmmaker […]

Watch “PUSH: Madison versus Madison” Doc Trailer

Here’s another film screening at the Independent Film Festival Boston this month. PUSH: Madison versus Madison is a documentary directed by Rudy Hypolite. Synopsis: Madison Park Vocational, Roxbury, Massachusetts. A dysfunctional but talented high school hoops team tries to hold itself together. Graced with a handful of sharp shooters and savvy ball-handlers, they also struggle, […]