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Comedian Kevin Hart Cast In Steve Harvey’s “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man”

Well ladies and gentlemen, we’ve already informed you HERE of the upcoming film Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man based on Steve Harvey‘s best selling book being produced by Rainforest Films (Takers, Obsessed and Stomp The Yard). This morning on Steve’s radio show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, producer Will Packer revealed his […]

“The Hunger Games” Movie Adaptation Casts Newcomers In Thresh And Rue Roles

Any fans of The Hunger Games series of books? As I’m sure you know by now, a movie adaptation based on the best-selling trilogy of YA novels, written by Suzanne Collins, is in the works, as the films cast gradually comes together. I haven’t read the books, so I’m not at all equipped to discuss […]

Terrence Howard Currently Shooting “Horrific” Thriller “A Single Shot” w/ William H. Macy, Juliette Lewis

Earlier today, I received a production listing of new films currently being shot in and around British Columbia, and, in scrolling through the list, saw that 1 of them co-stars Terrence Howard, in a film we’ve never covered on this site. I guess we just missed it. The film, described in the listing as a […]

Morgan Freeman & Sandra Bullock Sought For Adaptation Of Elmore Leonard’s “Somali Pirate” Drama, “Djbouti”

Here’s a book I wrote about last fall, and, at the time, suggested that there was a good chance it would become a movie, especially since there was some interest in “Somali pirate” movies at the time, and still is, as well as the fact that a good number of Leonard’s books have been made […]

On Manning Marable’s New Malcolm X Bio… Might We See A Second Film?

With Manning Marable’s new Malcolm X bio, said to contain previously unreleased info, challenging facts presented in both Alex Haley’s autobio &  Spike Lee’s film, might we see another Malcolm X movie? The late Marable’s just-published book, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention, is in book stores now. I preordered my copy last week & […]

From Book To Film – A Look At How Spike Lee Might Adapt Dr Ronald Mallet’s “The Time Traveller”

One of the many projects in Spike Lee’s future is a film adaptation of Dr Ronald Mallett’s time travel memoir titled, Time Traveler: A Scientist’s Personal Mission To Make Time Travel A Reality. Spike purchased the rights to the book about 3 years ago, and it sits on his IMDB resume as an upcoming project […]

UK Urban Thriller, “Deadmeat,” Out on DVD

When (or if) you think of urban UK film, you may immediately think Noel Clarke. However, while he may be the biggest fish, Clarke isn’t the only one swimming in that pool. Based on the cult novel of the same name by Q (aka Ashanti Power, aka Kwabena Manso), two years ago, Deadmeat won awards […]

Ridley & Tony Scott Adapting “Pigeon English” (Story Centered On 12-Year Old Ghanaian Sleuth)

Scott Free, the production company owned by the Scott brothers – Ridley Scott and Tony Scott – has optioned the movie rights to an upcoming new novel titled Pigeon English – the debut work by British author Stephen Kelman. The yet to be published book centers on an ebullient, curious 12-year old Ghanaian sleuth named […]

From Book To Film – Seith Mann & Spike Lee Adapt “MISS: Better Living Through Crime”

My last “Book To Film” post focused on James Patterson’s crime thriller, Cross, which will be adapted as a starring vehicle for Idris… uhh, I mean Tyler Perry. You can read that HERE if you missed it. Today, with recent news that Seith Mann has signed on to write and direct an adaptation of the […]

Author of Shaft Novels Didn’t Like “Shaft” Films

“I was shocked when he (Tidyman) walked into my office, because I was expecting a black person, because Shaft was about African-Americans.” That’s what French Connection producer Philip D’Antoni recalls about former newspaperman- turned-pulp novelist and writer of Shaft novels Ernest R. Tidyman in the documentary Making the Connection: The Untold Stories. “Not only was […]

Octavia Butler Died Today… (Still Hoping For Film Adaptations Of Her Work)

Today in history… February 24th, 2006… maybe the best-known African-American female science-fiction author, and Hugo and Nebula award winner, Octavia Butler, died from a stroke at just 58 years old. To celebrate Ms Butler, I thought I’d revisit a year-old post and survey, titled, Novels That Could/Should Be Movies (Your Take). Reasons should be obvious, […]

“Mahalia!” Starring Fantasia Will Be Like A Black Woman’s “Coal Miner’s Daughter”

By now, you’ve probably recovered from the shock of learning Fantasia will be playing the legendary gospel singer Mahalia Jackson in the new biopic Mahalia!. Well thanks to S&A reader Cordell, we’ve uncovered more details on the project. “We envision this film as a black woman’s ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter,’ a colorful rags-to-riches story of a […]

Warner Bros Hires “Harry Potter” Writer To Polish-Up Hughes Bros “Akira” Script

Should we be nervous that Warner Brothers has hired the screenwriter of 7 of the 8 Harry Potter films to “polish” the screenplay for the previously announced Hughes Brothers adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo’s graphic novel, Akira? His name is Steve Kloves, by the way. He also wrote Wonder Boys. There have been several unverified stories […]

Watch Edi Gathegi In Trailer For Adaption Of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”

There probably is some joke about mentioning an Ayn Rand project on a Sunday morning, and I probably just don’t know it. “Faith, as such, is extremely detrimental to human life: it is the negation of reason.” Ayn Rand, a life-long atheist who rejected organized religion, specifically Christianity. Alas, here we are Or maybe I […]

“‘The Blindside’ Made Me Look Dumb” – Michael Oher Pens His Own Story (Don’t Expect A Movie Adaptation Though)

“I felt like it portrayed me as dumb instead of as a kid who had never had consistent academic instruction and ended up thriving once he got it.” A line from Michael Oher’s new book, titled, I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness, to The Blind Side, and Beyond. It hit bookstores just 2 days ago. […]

From Book To Film – A Look At James Patterson’s “Cross” Which Was To Star Idris Elba, Now Replaced By Tyler Perry

Considering recent news that Tyler Perry will play Alex Cross in a big screen franchise reboot of the James Patterson series of novels…  I thought I’d repost this Book-to-film writeup I posted last summer, when it was originally announced that Idris Elba had signed on to star in the role. In it, I share my […]

Reginald Hudlin’s Animated BLACK PANTHER Will Finally Be Released!

Just read this on Newsarama: As the headline states, Reginald Hudlin’s Black Panther motion comic/animated movie will finally be released on DVD on January 18th by Shout! Factory under the moniker Marvel Knights Animation: Black Panther. In the article, the full version of which you can read HERE, Hudlin laments how: “By the time it […]

Carl Franklin Currently Shooting Adaptation Of Rudolfo Anaya’s “Bless Me, Ultima” For 2011 Release

Director Carl Franklin has been quiet for awhile it seems; he hasn’t been behind the camera since 2003, when he directed Denzel Washington in the thriller, Out Of Time. That was 7 long years ago. Fans of Franklin should be pleased to know that he’s returning to the director’s chair, and is actually currently shooting […]

Identifying Trends In Novels About Black People Made Into Films

I got into a conversation with Ms Cynthia (who works behind-the-scenes here at Shadow And Act) about the kinds of books written by black authors, that tell stories primarily about black people, that have been optioned and made (or will soon be made) into films. We all know by now that Hollywood loves to adapt […]

Nnedi Okorafor’s Novel, “Who Fears Death,” Set In A Post-Apocalyptic Africa, Optioned, With Wanuri Kahiu To Direct

Mega props to professor/author Nnedi Okorafor, whom I’ve known since MySpace was THE online social networking space to be, and where I was first introduced to her and her work… Nnedi’s third novel, Who Fears Death, a novel of the fantasy genre, set in an alternate, post-apocalyptic Saharan Africa, published just this year, has been […]

Elmore Leonard Tickles Kathryn Bigelow’s Interest With New Novel On Piracy Off Somali Coast

85-year old master crime fiction writer Elmore Leonard will see his 44th novel in about 60 years, published tomorrow. It’s titled Djibouti, after the northeastern African country, bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia, and centers on the pairing of a young, white female award-winning documentary filmmaker and “a studly 6-foot-6-inch black African leading man who, […]

Steve Harvey Wants To Help You Learn “How to Find, Keep, and Understand a Man” In Next Book

So… just in case you weren’t aware, the media-anointed relationship expert, Mr Steve Harvey, has another book scheduled to hit the streets this December. It’s of course a logical follow-up (from a capitalistic POV) to his New York Times bestseller, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, which apparently set the world on fire […]

Sequel To “Waiting To Exhale” In Book Stores Now. Film To Follow?

In February, we alerted you to the fact that Terry McMillan was working on a sequel to her hit novel Waiting to Exhale, titled Getting To Happy, which was to hit bookstore shelves in the fall. Well, it’s not quite fall yet, but the book became available for purchase yesterday, September 7th, and you can […]

From Book To Film – A Look At “MISS: Better Living Through Crime” To Be Adapted By Seith Mann & Spike Lee

My last “Book To Film” post was on August 3rd; it focused on James Patterson’s crime thriller, Cross, which will be adapted as a starring vehicle for idris Elba. You can read that HERE if you missed it. Today, with recent news that Seith Mann has signed on to write and direct an adaptation of […]

Page to Screen: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films

In addition to my love for romantic comedies, and basically anything that falls under the label of “chick flick” (which I talked about here), I rarely miss the opportunity to see a good science fiction or fantasy film, and I’m an avid science fiction reader. Among the science fiction movies I have on my DVD […]