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Exploring the Unseen: Interview with M. Asli Dukan (Director of Invisible Universe)

African American science fiction, fantasy, and horror—all of which fall under speculative fiction—has been developing for over a century now.  Its tradition has its roots throughout the African Diaspora, but for Americans the voyage into a fantastical world has held a special appeal. Rising out of a need to escape from the lasting essence of […]

Debra Martin Chase Says Black Producers Should “Not Just Focus on Black Product”

Just recently I did an interview with producer Debra Martin Chase who has produced several film and TV projects such as Just Wright, Cinderella, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Cheetah Girls, and just recently Lemonade Mouth for the Disney Channel. I thought it was a pretty good interview, and my goal is to always try […]

Angela Bassett Talks Dr Amanda Waller In “Green Lantern”

Some folks may not even be aware that Angela Bassett is in the upcoming Green Lantern film, alongside star Ryan Reynolds. In it, she stars as Dr. Amanda Waller, a scientist. For those unfamiliar with the DC comics universe, as I am… nicknamed “The Wall,” she is a former congressional aide and government agent often […]

50 Cent: “Samuel Jackson Deserves An Oscar” & “I Don’t Want To Be In Movies With Rappers”

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has been doing some talking… but what else is new, right? If you follow him on Twitter, you’ll know what I mean. However, this time he hasn’t said anything that would have the gay community up in arms, or spark outrage for mocking Japan’s earthquake victims. Thankfully no. Mr Cent has […]

Tyler Perry Chats w/ Jay Leno On Hollywood vs Atlanta, “Real Housewives Of Atlanta,” Dressing Up In Drag + More…

Part 1:

Interview: Black Masculinity in Comic Books with Jonathan Gayles

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Scholar and University of Georgia Professor, Jonathan Gayles, about his upcoming documentary entitled — Shaft or Sidney Poitier: black masculinity in comic books. The Professor’s film is a retrospective on the comic book industry, as Black [male] Superheroes emerged during the late 60′s to mid 70′s. The Profession […]

Meet The Cast Of “Attack The Block” (Video Character Profiles)

We’ve talked about this film a lot already, so I won’t rehash. Search the site for previous posts if you need to.

Isaach De Bankolé, Jim Jarmusch, “Night On Earth” – Tomorrow, Friday April 15th, 7pm MAD, NYC

John Singleton says “Hollywood doesn’t care about black people”

And I think that’s how we all feel don’t we? In a recent interview to talk about his upcoming new film Abduction, which we have already profiled here on S & A, John Singleton talks about his new film and the film business in general. In the piece he praises Tyler Perry (… well someone has […]

Mickey Rourke Says Movie Made With 50 Cent Is So “Terrible” It Won’t Be Released

So… Vulture ran into Mickey Rourke at a party being hosted by 50 Cent last night, here in NYC, after a preview screening of Scream 4, and had the following brief conversation with the man of few words… Q: What about 50 Cent? He’s hosting. REPLY: I haven’t seen him. Q: You guys are in […]

Kaleidoscopic Journeys: Interview with Sam Kessie (Writer/Producer of “Zoom Zoom – The Professor”)

The story of Ghanaian featherweight boxer Azumah Nelson is brought to life with play by play footage of both his most glorious and humbling fights in the documentary Zoom Zoom – The Professor. The film’s producer Sam Kessie came upon the project by chance a few years ago. A fortuitous meeting with a mutual friend […]

Director A. Sayeeda Clarke Discusses Her ITVS Future States Film “White”

It premiered today, and I posted it earlier. Click HERE if you haven’t seen it yet. Otherwise, watch A. Sayeeda Clarke, its director, talk about the film below:

Trailer – “Nine Types Of Light” (TV On The Radio Makes A Feature Film)

To accompany next week’s release of its 4th studio album, acclaimed rock band TV on the Radio created a feature-length film, built from videos produced for each of the album’s 10 tracks. “We as a band always have so many ideas for things that aren’t just musical… And for less than the price of a […]

Morgan Freeman On The Lack Of Representation Matter: “We Need To Get Over That Shit!”

Well, Anthony Mackie has had his day in court, so to speak, with regards to his “we’re being lazy on our game” reply, when asked in an interview, for his thoughts on why there isn’t more African American representation in front of and behind the camera, as well as recognition during awards season. Boy did […]

TFF 2011 – Preview “Grey Matter” (“Matière Grise”)

Screening at the upcoming 2011 installment of the Tribeca Film Festival here in New York City is Rwandan filmmaker Kivu Ruhorahoza’s feature film debut, Grey Matter (aka Matière Grise), shot on location in Kigali, Rwanda. Synopsis reads: When his grant falls through a few days before production, a young filmmaker hides the bad news from […]

Idris Elba Talks “Prometheus”… Somewhat.

Reported last month, Idris Elba has joined the impressive cast (Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace) of Ridley Scott’s secretive upcoming sci-fi thriller film, Prometheus. The film’s plot has been kept heavily under-wraps, with hints that it may or may not be a prequel to Scott’s legendary 1979 sci-fi blockbuster Alien. In the video clip […]

Mario Van Peebles Talks Directing 50 Cent In “Things Fall Apart” + Defining Black Cinema + More…

He even takes a shot at Martin Lawrence towards the end of the conversation The trailer for Things Fall Apart, which we posted HERE a couple of weeks ago, looked terrible, as I said then. It’s soiled my expectations for the film. Maybe they’ll cut another one, given how near-universally panned it was. But of […]

Updates On F. Gary Gray’s Adaptation Of Crime Novel “Respect the Jux” (First As TV Series, Then Big Screen)

First announced last September… F. Gary Gray acquired the rights to the debut novel from New York City-based writer Frank Matthews, titled, Respect The Jux. The novel was published on September 21st, with a synopsis that reads as follows: “Meet Cat; In Jamaica, he learned the art of the “jux”: robbing people by studying their […]

Aaron Burns: Catching a Dream (Interview w/ The Writer/Director Of SXSW Selection “blacktino”)

I caught up with director Aaron Burns this past weekend as he packed up to drive back to Los Angeles from Austin, Texas, where his first feature film blacktino got great reception at the SXSW festival. What would await him in Los Angeles were meetings with distributors, and future projects already in the works. The […]

Two (very short) interviews with F. Gary Gray

He doesn’t do many (or perhaps get asked to do) interviews, so when director F. Gary Gray does one it’s worth some attention Below are two very short two minutes interviews which Gary has done as a promotional sidepiece for Cadillac’s MOFILM Short Film Competetion. Part one is about directing and no. 2 is on […]

Listen To Interviews w/ Barry Jenkins (“Medicine For Melancholy”) + Scott Sanders (“Black Dynamite”)

Barry Jenkins’ latest effort, an amazing new film for the ITVS Futurestates project debuted today. If you missed my earlier post announcing it, click HERE to read and watch the film. It seemed like it was just yesterday that Barry made a splash on the indie film scene with his feature film debut, Medicine For […]

Zoe Saldana Talks “Colombiana” (Prepping For Role, Working W/ Besson, Nude Scenes)

It’s a busy, busy, busy week for me folks, so my postings will be fewer than usual for the next several days, and going into next week as well; The New Directors/New Films Film Festival is on the horizon, with press screenings starting last week, and running into early next week. So I’ve been seeing […]

Watch First 5 Minutes Of “Source Code” + Jeffrey Wright Talks About His Character

Source Code premiered at the SXSW Film Festival on its opening night last Friday, to mostly positive reviews. It doesn’t open in theaters until April 1st. BUT, for you NYC folks, a little bird tells me that you can catch a preview screening on it a week and a half in advance at the Walter […]

Aaron Burns & Cast Talk “blacktino”

blacktino made its world debut at the SXSW Festival on Friday night. I really should have been there, but, circumstances dictated otherwise… regardless, buzz has been mighty strong since it premiered, with comparisons to films like Napoleon Dynamite (which I actually didn’t like at all), albeit more acerbic. It looks like it actually might get […]