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Anthony Mackie Explains His “We’re Being Lazy On Our Game” Comment

It’s officially the most commented on Shadow And Act post since the site was created almost 2 years ago (142 comments so far and counting; see the deluge HERE if you’re just joining us); Apparently, we weren’t the only folks taken by Anthony Mackie’s comments; in the below clip, Tavis Smiley asks Mackie to further […]

Your Voice, Your Questions: I Will Follow

Hello you lovely people at Shadow and Act! I’ve missed you all but now I’m back and ready to resume the fun! I’ve dropped in this evening hoping for those brilliant and inquisitive minds of yours to get involved in my first official interview for S&A. I have been graciously granted time with the cast […]

Chris Rock Discusses His Broadway Debut In “Motherf**ker With The Hat”

This new look he’s sporting is for the film he’s shooting with Julie Delpy – a sequel to 2 Days In Paris, titled 2 Days In New York. I’ll be seeing The Motherf**ker With The Hat when it opens soon, so expect a review…

My interview with screenwriter Marvin Willson

Last September, I met a young, up-and-coming British screenwriter by the name of Marvin Willson, while I was in London. Wilson is making some really big moves in Hollywood and has several really fantastic projects in development, including a sci-fi TV series titled Longevity (the producer of which and the network I can’t mention at […]

Morgan Freeman On Black History Month: “It’s Ridiculous”

Since we’re on a roll here with quotes from black actors today (see the Anthony Mackie post below this one), and given that it’s still February, here’s Morgan Freeman being very forthright with his thoughts on Black History Month with Mike Wallace. Apparently, this was recorded at least 2 years ago, but I’m actually only […]

Anthony Mackie On Black Hollywood: “We’re Being Lazy On Our Game”

Preach! He’s saying exactly what I’ve been saying for awhile now (read my Put Up or Shut Up piece HERE, if you haven’t already). I’m glad to hear somebody of his ilk speak the words that he speaks in the video below:

Watch – Anthony Mackie on The Today Show

Not really anything that special or of earth shattering importance, but in case you missed it Anthony Mackie was on The Today Show this morning to plug The Adjustment Bureau. But he does get a hug from Al Roker, reveals he’s opening a bar in Brooklyn and feels up on Ann Curry. Visit for […]

Watch Forest Whitaker Address The “Hollywood Whiteout” Issue

Here’s a clip of Forest Whitaker addressing the NY Times article “Hollywood Whiteout” with Tavis Smiley.

Exclusive Interview With Jeff Clanagan, CEO Of CodeBlack Entertainment

Back thanks to popular demand… or maybe I should say black by popular demand… FINALLY – Here’s the transcript of the phone interview I did with Jeff Clanagan, founder and CEO of CodeBlack Entertainment – maybe the most prominent independent, black-owned and operated vertically-integrated film production and distribution company in the USA. It was about […]

Watch Bruce Lee’s Only Recorded TV Interview… (Diversions)

Also known as the lost interview… It was recently rediscovered. Bruce Lee’s 1971 interview with TV host Pierre Berton. Filmed in Hong Kong, just two years before Lee’s untimely death. And, as I stated in the heading, it is, surprisingly, the only TV interview the martial arts star ever recorded. It’s a really good interview; […]

Martin Lawrence Plans To Ride “Big Momma” Until The Wheels Fall Off

In case you didn’t already know, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son, opens across the nation tomorrow. Yay! Martin Lawrence reprises his role as Big Momma, accompanied by Brandon T. Jackson this time around, in what I once suggested was maybe a passing-of-the-torch. Thanks to Feminista (Erica Kennedy) for sending me a link to THIS […]

Your Questions For Aunjanue Ellis? (Interviews)

In the next few days, I’ll be interviewing Aunjanue Ellis and writer/director Russell Costanzo regarding upcoming new feature film, The Tested – a film we’ve given some ink to on this site, as a search will show. So, if you have any questions you’d like me to ask (whether about the film or not), feel […]

Michael Vick Says “No Thanks” To Oprah

And speaking of Oprah… It was announced yesterday that Michael Vick, who had reportedly agreed to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show, in his first major interview since being released from prison, has now backed out! Vick was scheduled to be grilled by chat with Oprah for an episode that would have aired on the […]

And Spike Lee’s Next Film Project Will Be…

Noticeably absent in 2011: Spike Lee; though 2 or 3 films he produced or is producing, all by NYU alumni, will be out this year, so he won’t be completely absent; however, he doesn’t have any films of his own expected to bow in 2011… or even 2012. I guess what I’m saying is that […]

Oprah Winfrey Lands First Interview With Michael Vick

Oprah Winfrey has landed the first major interview with Michael Vick, who was released from prison last year, after serving 21 months for dog-fighting. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback will appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show on February 24. I think we all know how much Oprah loves dogs… especially hers. So, who knows what to […]

My interview with Raymond Lambert

I posted an item about Raymond Lambert and his new documentary Phunny Business a few weeks ago on S & A (HERE). It tells the story of All Jokes Aside comedy club in Chicago, which was founded and run by Lambert (a protege of Chris Gardner of The Pursuit of Happyness fame), and which practically […]

Aretha Franklin Talks Halle Berry’s Disinterest In Playing Her In Biopic: “She’s Not The Only Person I Had In Mind”

Riiiigght! Thanks Cordell for the tip:

Justin Bieber: “Will Smith Is Developing Film Projects For Me”

“The Smith family’s been really amazing to me and really supportive in everything I’m doing… Their family’s just really nice and really good people. He [Will Smith] is definitely looking at different scripts for me and trying to develop stuff,” Justin Bieber said in an interview set to air on radio program The Billy Bush Show […]

“Things Fall Apart” (50 Cent, Mario Van Peebles) Is Done; Has Festival Premiere Date + New Stills Of 50 On Set In Football gear

This is one film I’ve been curious about since it was first announced. It’s supposed to be Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s coming out party. Mario Van Peebles directed the film, titled, Things Fall Apart – a project and performance that Mr Jackson himself has said will surprise his fans and doubters! Fiddy lost 54 pounds […]

Tony Todd Talks “Final Destination 5″ And Beyond…

I have to admit that I haven’t watched a single installment of the Final Destination franchise. I’ve certainly had ample opportunity to do so, since there’ve been 4 of them between 2000 and 2009, and there’s a 5th one on the way, scheduled for release in August this year. As I type this, I’m actually […]

Checking In With Scott Sanders, Writer/Director Of “Black Dynamite”

I know some of you (myself included) have been wondering what’s being happening with Scott Sanders 2 years after his hit blaxploitation spoof Black Dynamite premiered and was acquired at the Sundance Film Festival. The film was eventually released later in 2009, but didn’t do as well as most of us thought it probably would, […]

Samuel Jackson Says Nick Fury Will Be In “Captain America” And “Thor”

He talks to Jimmy Fallon on his show last night, in the video clip below…

My interview with Charlie Murphy

By the way, I did an interview with Charlie Murphy last week and it turned out all right, considering that I didn’t have a lot of time to talk to him. Par for the course these days. I hear that back in the day you had ample time to do an interview. (Roger Ebert once said he […]