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“N-Secure” Heading To DVD/Blu-ray In June!

Most of you didn’t seem to care for it, but, that certainly didn’t stop it from performing decently at the box office did it? It made close to $3 million after 5 weeks in theaters, late last year, on a budget of about $1.6 million. And now, N-Secure is heading to home video land – […]

New On DVD/VOD Today – “The Inheritance,” “White Material,” & “Heartless”

Some films out on DVD/VOD today that you may want to check out this week… First, The Inheritance… the story of five ambitious cousins who set out in a winter storm to a reunion at the family estate. They hope to please the elders and secure their inheritance, a fortune that dates back to days […]

Now I can die happy

The film that I’ve been wanting to see, the film that just might be the greatest unintentional laugh riot of the decade, is finally coming to DVD. I’m talking about N’Secure which Fox Home Video (Fox???) is releasing on June 14th; it stars Denise Boutte (the woman with the fantabulous weave with the porn star’s […]

The brothers’ No. 1 favorite film finally coming out on Blu-ray

Is there a film that brothers love more deeply and intensely than Brian DePalma’s 1982 film  Scarface? I mean, is there? His over-the-top, hyper-violent, yet visually stylish remake of Howard Hawks’ 1932 classic gangster film is in itself a classic, maybe a masterpiece of epic proportions. It’s perhaps the seminal film of the 1980′s, made back […]

Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls” Tops Home Video Sales Charts

Well, it didn’t do as well as previous Tyler Perry films performed at the box office; in fact, it was one of his lowest grossers, falling in the bottom 3 of the 9 films he’s directed thus far. But For Colored Girls, released just last week on DVD and Blu-ray, might make up for its […]

New On DVD/Blu-ray This Week – “Game Of Death” (Wesley Snipes), “Unstoppable” (Denzel Washington)

First… Game Of Death, starring Wesley Snipes. First profiled on this blog October (2009). At the time, Abel Ferrara was to direct it, but Giorgio Serafini actually ended up behind the camera. Needless to say, it’s a straight-to-dvd release (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). And it’s out as of today on both DVD (HERE) […]

Parisian Nouveau-Blaxploitation Film “Black” On Blu-ray/DVD!

The film is called Black… nothing more, just Black. We’ve covered it previously on this site, starting with its South By Southwest Film Festival, stateside debut back in 2009! Time flies… It has yet to be released in the states in any format, but those of you in the UK will get a chance to […]

Warner Home Video postpones blu-ray release of Malcolm X

Originally scheduled to be released last week on Jan. 25th, Warner Home Video has announced that it has, for the time being, postponed the long awaited Blu-ray DVD release of Spike Lee’s Malcolm X. According to Warner, the postponement is due to a music clearance rights issue. However they also added that efforts are currently […]

On DVD Today… “Takers” (Formerly Known As “Bone Deep”)

Already? It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that I saw it in theaters. But it was actually released last August. How time flies! Anyway, the $32 million movie grossed close to $70 million worldwide. Not bad at all. It should do brisk business on DVD/VOD/Blu-ray. As I already indicated, I saw […]

Disney Deletes Racism

On November 30, 2010, Disney released their highly praised and greatly worshiped film Fantasia in a spectacular 4 disc set. Over the years, if you have visited the actual Disneyland theme park, you will, without a doubt ,notice the evening show spectacle that is a live rendition of the film, performed on the water. In […]


Monday, November 15th, starting today there will be an odd promotion that is inclusive of your trusty and handy phone, that features a camera set up, and most likely the Internet, to update the several gems they have to offer. Take a snap grab of the photo with the spinning top that will no doubt […]

Best Film of 2007 on Blu Ray out TODAY

Finally released in it’s entirety is the vanity project of “brothers” in film Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino. Their fun thrill ride back to seedy little cinemas that could not compete with the large companies; thus they released these exploitation films, and ran them back to back. A film-going experience that will have you hooked. […]

Jordin Sparks featured on New Blu-Ray “Beauty & The Beast”

The beautiful velvet voice of Jordin Sparks will be added to the Disney Classic, known as one of their greatest offerings, Beauty and the Beast. The film was nominated for a well deserved Best Picture nomination, becoming the only animated feature to do so. And seeing as how there is a Best Animated Feature, the […]

Remastered “Malcolm X” & “The Color Purple” Coming To Blu-ray!

Warner Bros Home Video will release re-mastered versions (1.85:1, 1080p, 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio) of The Color Purple and Spike Lee’s Malcolm X on Blu-ray Disc for the first time. Both disc sets will hit stores on January 25 (likely timed for Black History Month in February) with a retail price of $34.99, and will […]