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Exploring the Unseen: Interview with M. Asli Dukan (Director of Invisible Universe)

African American science fiction, fantasy, and horror—all of which fall under speculative fiction—has been developing for over a century now.  Its tradition has its roots throughout the African Diaspora, but for Americans the voyage into a fantastical world has held a special appeal. Rising out of a need to escape from the lasting essence of […]

Kaleidoscopic Journeys: Interview with Sam Kessie (Writer/Producer of “Zoom Zoom – The Professor”)

The story of Ghanaian featherweight boxer Azumah Nelson is brought to life with play by play footage of both his most glorious and humbling fights in the documentary Zoom Zoom – The Professor. The film’s producer Sam Kessie came upon the project by chance a few years ago. A fortuitous meeting with a mutual friend […]

Aaron Burns: Catching a Dream (Interview w/ The Writer/Director Of SXSW Selection “blacktino”)

I caught up with director Aaron Burns this past weekend as he packed up to drive back to Los Angeles from Austin, Texas, where his first feature film blacktino got great reception at the SXSW festival. What would await him in Los Angeles were meetings with distributors, and future projects already in the works. The […]