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Where Are They Now? – Kid N Play

This Sunday, September 13th at 10pm EST, that other black cable TV network, TV One, will premiere its Life After series. I think the title speaks for itself. This Sunday’s episode will catch up with Christopher Kid Reid and Christopher PlayMartin to find out what the former members of that once sugary-sweet 80s/90s rap group Kid N Play have been up to since the duo split, some 15 years ago. Wow, time flies – can you believe they are 45 and 47 years old respectively!?!? I suddenly feel old… :)

Here’s a 2-minute preview of the program. Intriguing… if I had TV One, I’d probably watch this:

2 comments to Where Are They Now? – Kid N Play

  • Good thing I looked at the video because I thought that was Reid for a moment.

  • MiddleMyatt

    Is this serious? They’re talking about Kid-N-Play as if they were MLK and Abernathy! Just kidding, not to be too critical. They were indeed entertaining and innocuous. But am I in the minority for considering the duo more of Hip Hop’s nevelty act? (And of course Play found Jesus — don’t they all, once their money’s gone and their careers are over?)