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Listen Now – Catching Up With Barry Jenkins And Dennis Dortch On The Shadow & Act Livecast

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An hour with Barry Jenkins (writer/director of Medicine For Melancholy) and Dennis Dortch (writer/director of A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy). Both were essentially, we could say, the “it” emerging indie black filmmakers of 2008, with each film getting attention at film festivals nationwide, and both eventually getting picked up for distribution – Medicine For Melancholy was acquired by IFC Films, and enjoyed a limited theatrical run; A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy was acquired by Magnolia Pictures, and also enjoyed a very limited theatrical run.

So, what are both Barry and Dennis up to now, and have their earlier successes been of any influence on their careers.

Listen below:

2 comments to Listen Now – Catching Up With Barry Jenkins And Dennis Dortch On The Shadow & Act Livecast

  • Al

    Great interview. I guess the dream of screening at Sundance and getting a three picture deal is just that, a dream. Both filmmakers had highly acclaimed films (deservedly so) which to date have generated meetings but no feature film deals. These filmmakers are continuing to work by making it happen for themselves.

    My film “Grapes on a Vine” played at three festivals and we were able to get distribution via two different small distributors who will release the film at different retailers later this year. We also sold DVDs directly to LOVEFILM.COM which is the UK version of Netflix and have DVDs available for sale on our website/blog. All the while hoping that our next project which we’ll shoot in January will get us into one of the “Elite” festivals where we’ll get the film released by a well known distributor.

    I guess for “unrecognized” filmmakers, myself included and probably every other black independent filmmaker other than Jenkins and Dortch, the lesson is that acclaim is only the beginning. You’ll need to “brand” yourself and continue to create opportunities regardless of whether or not you get into a major film festival.

  • Finally got a chance to listen to this just now…

    Thanks Tambay and S&A for getting these two brothers together for a chat. Nothing insightful to add other than gratitude for the shared conversation.

    I enjoyed listening and was inspired by this glimpse into their personal/professional stories.