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Tyler Perry Rebuffs Spike Lee’s Criticism (Finally!)

You know that I’m definitely going to be watching 60 Minutes tomorrow night! Watch the segment below for a sample of what to expect:


17 comments to Tyler Perry Rebuffs Spike Lee’s Criticism (Finally!)

  • ladybug

    I want to see Tyler and Spike talk to one another . . . because I think if Mr. Perry was honest . . . he could admit Spike is right! So he will have his say, but will the reporter really challenge him about what he is saying . . . and by sticking these characters in a film to send another message . . . what is that saying about his audience . . .what is he saying about his audience?

    • I’m not sure that watching one of the most iconic black directors and the most prolific and commercially successful black directors of all time having it out with each other is necessary or right. Their job is to entertain through their work, not their personal views on each others’ work.

      What I’d like Perry to acknowledge is that his fanbase is just a fraction of the black “community” and that his films don’t speak to all of “us” and that black voices come in various timbres and accents.

      We’re not all going to like Perry’s work and that’s OK, but fanning the flames of discord isn’t exactly going to help the cause of black film in any way.

  • E Forde

    Not advocating Pricacy (well I am in this case) but will someone please post the interview on Youtube for us poor folk overseas.

    Can anyone give me a brief background as to the context of Spike’s remarks e.g. When & where Links would be good.

  • E Forde

    Still looking for background with Links to Spikes comments

  • mlm

    yay thanks for the link tambay.
    e. forde where are you? i’m overseas too.

  • Well, I just got done watching the 60 Minutes interview. And I have to say, it was more discouraging than anything else. Tyler Perry pretty much all but says that he’s going to continue to be the same shit filmmaker that he’s always been; because he can afford to be, regardless of criticism.

    Not too long ago, I was on a movie website that was discussing Tyler Perry’s output. They gave what I think is the most valid criticism of his work: he writes scripts like a 10 year old would write a script; a 10 year old knows NOTHING about story structure or character development. What they know is “this is a good guy, this is a bad guy, this is ANOTHER good guy, etc”. A kid playing with GI Joe toys is not interested in delving into the complexities of what make Cobra Commander or Destro the people they are, they’re only interested in the Joe squad kicking those guys asses…because they’re just BAD! It’s clear from that 60 minutes segment that Perry is STILL that little boy who’s daddy beat him with a switch and beat the crap out of his momma. Now as big of an asshole as he was, I’m sure that Emmitt Perry was a far more complex individual than just some dude who only purpose in walking the earth was to beat his wife and kid. But since he was on the receiving end of said abuse as a child, Tyler doesn’t (or REFUSES to) see that: the fact that his real name is Emmitt Perry Jr. and not TYLER say a lot, as well as the fact that the men in his films are either Snidely Whiplash-style, mustache-twirling, wife-beating villains, or Christ-like figures (aren’t at least two men in two different movies employed as carpenters? Correct me if I’m wrong). This is how he sees the world; not grey, but black and white. Like a 10 year old. What’s disappointing is that he remains smugly proud of that fact. The man is not a filmmaker, he’s a little old boy trapped in a grown man’s body, only his secret hiding place is not under the porch this time, but on the stage and in movie theaters. And no, “coming out” won’t make him a better filmmaker, because he has no talent at the craft of filmmaking OR storytelling, and he has no interest in learning it either. ‘Cause Tyler Perry got lot-o-money, and don’t nobody be tellin’ Tyler Perry what to do!

    I’ll say this last: I’m glad the brother made it out of his hard life and turned it into something. That’s commendable. But the fact remains that the cat “hit a lick”. And just ’cause you make movies about your f’ed up upbringing, don’t expect me as a black man to pat you on the back, ’cause you made some money from exploiting it. A LOT of people come from rough backgrounds where their dad’s were drunks or drug addict and beat on them and their mommas. Folks that I’m sure, are FAR more talented than Tyler Perry.

  • Traci R.

    Tyler Perry’s "bad" movies don’t offend me and probably never will. Just like Soul Plane doesn’t offend me or My Baby’s Daddys. There’s a lot of crappy films out there…anybody can make them and someone’s pockets are getting fat off of them. I’m glad the fat cat in this scenario is a brother for a change. Spike Lee gotta a few boogers himself! Spike Lee doesn’t speak for the entire race either.

  • William S.

    Spike is an upper middle class buppie from Brooklyn. Tyler is a working class man from New Orleans. To Spike, some of Tyler’s Southern based ribald humor may be unappealing. It doesn’t speak to Spike’s world of jazz cafes and intellectual black bohemians, the world that he comes from. But Spike’s experience is Spike’s experience and he need not put a value judgement on Tyler’s. Quite frankly, I think Spike is being culturally dismissive and there have been precedents for this, just look at how rap artists from New York bemoaned the rise of West Coast and Dirty South artists and sought to belittle them, as if Hip Hop had gone to hell in a hand basket. It hadn’t, it just had a different voice.

  • Faith

    I think you two grown men should keep your mouth off each other. And stop the bull$#!+ better learn to forgive one another. Mr.Lee please your bigger than that,and i love ur films DO THE RIGHT THANG, and Mr.Perry ur bigger than that an i love ur films ICDBABMS. I know that with today NWO personal interaction no longer exists, people today don’t have the relationship they had back in the day when u just talk to one another. Now there’s fb,twit,ms, and the fact that u men get bigger than life u forget what really matters RESPECT!!!. I’m asking u 2 to stop it or I’m gonna have to call Dr. conell west to help u peace it up lol. Peace&Blessing.

  • jean

    Spike Lee shouldn’t be jealous of Tyler Perry. Spike helped to open the door for Tyler. He should be proud of Tyler like a son and be glad that Tyler has become so successful. Every Tyler movie I have gone to, the theater was packed.

  • Let me get this straight: Perry says he uses worn out stereotypes to get christian messages across to his already christian base.
    Hu-m-m-m, but i gotta say, we all saw this fight coming.

    Were is Geraldine Jones when we need her/(Flip)him?

    I think the real problem with TP (are you with me) is that he is essentially lazy in the fact that he has not found a way to update the stereotype(s).

    Finally, the punch in the continuing TP fight i liked was thrown by Aaron McGruder.

    Ultimately, you put your money where your sensibilities are.
    And TP has done some good by putting his name to Precious, which his fan base must have paid attention to.