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Trailer – “Invisible Universe: A History Of Blackness In Speculative Fiction”

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Invisible Universe: A History Of Blackness In Speculative Fiction explores the relationship between the Black body and popular fantasy, horror and science fiction literature and film and the alternative perspectives produced by creators of color.

The documentary features interviews with major writers, scholars, artists and filmmakers and explores comics, television, film and literature by deconstructing stereotyped images of Black people in the genres. The Invisible Universe documentary ultimately reveals how Black creators have been consciously creating their own universe.

M. Asli Dukan is a writer, producer and director from New York City. She graduated from The City University of New York with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Media and Communication Arts in 1999.

Here’s its trailer:

3 comments to Trailer – “Invisible Universe: A History Of Blackness In Speculative Fiction”

  • I LOVE this topic! Damn, I haven’t been reading novels for while, though. Gotta get back to it.

  • @ Vichus


    For a few months I’d been slacking in the book buying department until recently, I picked up a copy of McCarthy’s The Road ahead of the film release and it kicked started my thirst for novel reading again.

  • Here’s some recommened reading for yaw, Leon Forrest’s There is a Tree More Ancient than Eden,Bloodworth Orphans,Two Wings To Veil My Face;Toni Cade Bambara’s The Salt Eaters;Gayl Jones The Healing,White Rat,Corregidora,Eva’s Man,Mosquito;Clarence Major’s Reflex and Bone Structure(i got 1st digs at bringing it to the screen!:)Emergency Exit,Painted Turtle with Guitar;Henry Dumas(Toni Morrison protege who was killed by a off duty cop for mistaken idenity back in 1968)Knees of a Natural Man(short stories);Nela Larson,Harlem Renassaince writer(her book-Passing); thatz all i can think of off the top my head, they’re from my sci/fi book section,enjoy the pursuit:)