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Trailer – “The Figurine” (A “Quality” Nollywood Movie?)

n138595888731_5144… this movie will change the face of Nollywood on the world map…

Big words!

It’s screened at the London African Film Festival (which MsWOO previewed on this blog previously) – a festival on its tail-end. And by some accounts, it’s a “”quality” Nollywood movie,” compared to most Nollywood movies which have a long-standing reputation (unfairly or not) for being of a lower grade – relative to Hollywood standards anyway, with regards to the technical and creative aspects of film production.

The film is called The Figurine (Araromire). Directed by Kunle Afolayan, it’s the story of two childhood friends whose lives change after finding a figurine (Araromire) in an abandoned shrine as recruits in the national service. The two go on from a life of hustling in Lagos to become successful businessmen.

According to ancient legend this mysterious figurine bestows seven years of good luck. However no one had told them about the next seven years. The bizarre occurrences that follow stretch their family lives and their friendship to the core. Revealing treachery and deception on all sides with outstanding and contrasting performances all round, especially from Ramsey Nouah who justifies the reputation as one of Nigerian top actors.

From the Africa Is Not A Country blog about the film:

“… I attended the conference on African Film in the Digital Era yesterday and they were talking about The Figurine, a “quality” Nollywood movie [i.e. sound quality, acting, editing, etcetera] that recently premiered in London. Apparently, there’s been a whole media hype around it. I somehow missed it but … nearly 3,000 people turned up at the London premiere … I really don’t know whether 3,000 might have been exaggerated figure but it’s quite extraordinary. Apparently, the organizers managed to get a second screen so that they did not have to turn away people. They even tried to get a third one but they failed The director, Kunle Afolayan, also attended the event [Sunday] …”

Apparently, the film’s premiere was a star studded event with many familiar faces on the red carpet, including successful British actress, Ellen Thomas, along with rising playwright, Bola Agbeja – and several other British actresses, all of whom expressed their eagerness to appear in Nigerian movies.

“I’ve come to support the Nigerian film industry because here in Britain we’re feeling very left out. For the longest time I’ve been interested in Nollywood and I’d love to do a Nollywood movie but I’ve never been asked,” said Thomas. “There are lots of African-Caribbean actors in the UK who are longing and waiting for a call from Nollywood” said Ellen Thomas.

Is that so?

Director Afolayan had the following advice for Nigerian filmmakers: “Be ready to take the bold step; learn more on the business aspect of filmmaking. A good product will always sell itself. If your product is good it stands the chance of making a return in a short while. But the first thing that cannot be compromised is the quality. As a filmmaker, I can only say this is just the beginning of better things to come from Nigeria…”

So, with all the above enthusiasm, the film must be good, right? I haven’t seen it, so I obviously can’t say. But if you have, please do share, because I’m dying to know more!

For now, here’s it’s trailer:

3 comments to Trailer – “The Figurine” (A “Quality” Nollywood Movie?)

  • It’s certainly an improvement in quality on the technical side. I must say, however, that I still find the acting to be a little bit stilted and/or overplayed.

    However, hopefully this becomes a benchmark for other Nollywood directors to follow, and exceed, in producing work of a higher calibre.

  • Camille

    Just heard a feature on this film on BBC’s The Strand(, that said this movie looks like the same old, same old corny script and bad exaggerated acting. another bad african movie that my mother is going to try to force me to watch while i plead in agony for her to burn my eye sockets out instead. NEXT!

  • NK

    On the BBC radio program \"The Strand,\" Nigerian film critic Ayeni Adekunle talks about the film. You can scroll down to listen to the specific segment of the program.

    I hope the film gets screened in the States.