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Call To Action – “Meadowlandz” Needs Your Help. VOTE NOW!

From my inbox… let’s help this brotha out, shall we!!

First watch 10 minutes of his award-winning short film Pop Foul immediately below (which helped garner him a spot on Filmmaker magazine’s 2007 list of new filmmakers to watch; and then read the message he sent me underneath, and act accordingly. I already voted!!

And now here’s the email he sent me:

Hey Tambay…

I was referred to you by filmmaker Barry Jenkins. He told me that you might consider helping me rally votes for my entry into Filmmaker Alliance’s ULTIMATE FILMMAKER COMPETITION.

My 2008 Sundance Lab feature film project MEADOWLANDZ is a semifinalist in the competition and is up to win a $500,000 production grant! The next step is to beat out 24 other filmmakers for one of the next 5 finalists spots.

The feature script for this project was sent out by my manager and agent to over 30 Hollywood producers and production companies in late 2009. They all rejected it for funding, claiming that they didn’t want to get onboard with an “urban drama” right now…too risky.

They said the same thing to PRECIOUS, so producer/director Lee Daniels tapped private connections for funding to get his blockbuster “urban drama” made.

Unfortunately, I’m not Lee Daniels…and I sure as hell don’t have any connections…so right now ANY VOTES YOU COULD HELP ME WITH MIGHT MAKE THE DIFFERENCE in getting this small, personal, independent, gritty, ethnic, URBAN, RISKY, American movie made.

This seriously might be my last chance.

It literally takes only 2 SECONDS TO VOTE for my film at this link…

Thank You So Much,


At the link, you’ll also find a clip from Meadowlandz – a film that, on first appearances, appears to touch on matters we’ve discussed previously on this blog – specifically, an analysis of black masculinity on film. Once again, let’s give the man a hand, or two, or three…


1 comment to Call To Action – “Meadowlandz” Needs Your Help. VOTE NOW!

  • I watched and was going to cut it off when the big dude approached "Bobby" with bull#$@% about some hearsay. I felt upset that a Black man would hurt another over nothing/hearsay. In that short moment, I was made to feel something, it was anger, but something, that the mark of a talented filmmaker. I enjoyed this short and am going to the site to vote. I hope to one day get my movie made, I’m proud of those who succeed. Thank you.