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Watch Now – Black Woman Wins $112 Million Lottery & Creates Film Production Company



Nice! She says she has several scripts with A-list names attached to them, ready to be produced. I could find info on 3 of those films, via IMDB PRO.

First, a film called Adrenaline, which is scheduled for a 2011 release. IMDB states that the film is a comedy about a “buttoned-up corporate guy who gets sucked into his crazy assistant’s scheme of seducing women by staging heroic acts, but bites off more than he can chew when he sets his sights on his beautiful but un-seducable co-worker.” Sounds interesting enough… although, no info is provided on who’s attached to star in it.

For the other 2 films, she’s listed strictly as executive producer, which could mean anything, but likely that she financed, or co-financed them. Each is listed as currently “in-production.” The first is titled My Place In The Horror – a thriller that stars Keith David, D.B. Woodside, Golden Brooks (of Girlfriends fame), and a host of others; the second is titled Polish Bar, a drama that stars Meat Loaf, Richard Belzer, Judd Hirsch, and others.

So, not necessarily what we’d call A-list talent, with those last 2 films. But, like I said, no info on the first one. And, besides, there may be others that just haven’t been listed yet.

Her company’s website reveals nothing.

I’ve always dreamed that if I ever did win the lottery, I’d do exactly what she’s doing – start a small film finance/production/distribution company, and grow (hopefully, anyway). So, good for her, especially with her aspirations to become a media mogul, not unlike Oprah.

Now, let’s wait and see what comes from all this!

Watch the CNN report below.

14 comments to Watch Now – Black Woman Wins $112 Million Lottery & Creates Film Production Company

  • Brenda Perry

    And that’s exactly what I would do. Betcha!

  • Ditto! The bigger question is how does an up and coming filmmaker (such as myself) contact ol’ girl with a script and budget breakdown?

    • That was my immediate question! Probably the same way we’d connect with any other producer/financier in the biz – with some luck, the right connections, etc. She wants to be a Hollywood player, as she states. And I didn’t get the impression that she was particularly interested in material by and/or about black people specifically, nor is she interested in “smaller” films. She wants to make money, right? So, I don’t know. We’ll see what happens. Here’s what IMDB PRO lists as her company’s contact info, for those who want to give it a try. Although, something tells me they’re already receiving a lot of solicitations:

      Queen Nefertari Productions
      100 Wilshire Blvd
      Suite 950
      Santa Monica, CA 90403
      Ph: 310-917-1033

  • NothingButAMan

    Well Damn! “Polish Bar” shot here in Chicago in the late summer, I know some folks that worked on that, and I know that Effie Brown’s Duly Noted were the producers. A Black female producer, a Black female exec. producer, but maybe not the “black” film some of us are hoping for (*hint* look at the title), Golden plays the stripper love interest

    Well we’ll see… business is still business tho.

  • mlm

    Well, since you guys already asked what I was thinking I will say this……… I’m so happy for her and sooooooooooo thinking what if it was me.

  • NothingButAMan

    Oh! “My Place In Horror” is produced by Effie Brown as well!! They shot in Minnesota, I’ve heard good things, that’s an all black cast…

  • Eric Ware

    Congratulations to her. She deserves it after raising her brother’s children and everything else she’s had to cope with.

  • Visualization you say Ms. Stafford? Hmmm. Good stuff.I guess SAA will be following her closely, no?

  • Stacie

    I see that her company is partnered with the Gersh Agency, who has set up a separate division to make films with her 30 million dollar investment. I found an article that said she won the lottery with her father and brother and they took a 67 million dollar payout, so she is putting almost half of the money into this film venture. I’m worried that she’s been surrounded by Hollywood sharks who will disappear once that 30 mil is gone. I hope that’s not the case.

    Since she is partnered with Gersh, you will probably need to have an agent to submit a script to her and her company.

    • I’m worried that she’s been surrounded by Hollywood sharks who will disappear once that 30 mil is gone. I hope that’s not the case.

      I hope so too! It’ll be a shame, although a familiar story.

    • Kim K

      She is a smart cookie she will be fine.

  • Wow, I missed this post somehow but I’m with you Tambaby. A close friend and I have chatted endlessly about what we’d do if we had the money to start are own production company. A scenario just like this came to mind. It’s really exciting to see it happen for someone else and a black woman at that!

    I really hope she’s a success and puts out some interesting films. Like others have expressed, it would be sad if she gets caught up in the Hollywood machine that would have her investing in crap. This is a great opportunity.