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Trailer – “My Place In The Horror” (Keith David, D.B. Woodside, Golden Brooks Chase Slavery’s Ghosts)


My post just below this one (on the lady – Cynthia Stafford – who won the lottery and started a film production company) led me to this film – My Place In The Horror, a horror/thriller that, if you read the post, would know that Stafford executive-produced, and likely financed, to the tune of $500,000, as IMDB PRO states.

The film was produced by Effie Brown (also a black woman) and her Duly Noted production company – an 8 or so year old venture. For those unfamiliar with either name, some titles Brown has produced in recent years include, Stranger Inside (directed by Cheryl Dunye, 2001); Real Women Have Curves (directed by Patricia Cardosa, 2002); and Everyday People (2004, Jim McKay). Brown later served as executive producer on In the Cut (2003, directed by Jane Campion). And there are others… she’s been around, and certainly has a resume to prove it.

I found a teaser trailer for My Place In The Horror, on the Duly Noted website, which lists the film as being in post-production currently.

Its short synopsis reads: Five cousins find out about a centuries-old family ritual of sacrifice to an African spirit, and must fight for their lives, or take their place in a long line of offered souls.

From the director’s statement:

American Slavery was Brutal and Relentless. What if you were given a chance for Freedom? Would you take it, even if it meant making a deal with the son of the Devil? What if your enslaved Ancestors did just that? In this film, the young Family Friends who gather in snow covered VERMONT for their Family Reunion are all Bright and Talented individuals going about their lives as they see best. Their connection to their tortured history is one of only passing fascination. They are completely ignorant of the fact that every choice they’ve made in their lives has actually been made for them. This premise gives life to a Terrifying Psychological Creature Feature CULT film about a CULT of DESCENDANTS who will live out their own UnHoly Communion.

Picture 28There’s a much longer synopsis which you can read if you’d like. It was just too long, and I didn’t want to post it here. But you can read it HERE.

The director, Robert O’Hara, is a name I’m not familiar with, but there’s a full bio of him on the website.

As stated in the post below, the film stars Keith David, D.B. Woodside, Golden Brooks (of Girlfriends fame), and others. No release date is specified. Will we see this is theatres? Or are we talking straight-to-DVD? I don’t know…

Here’s the trailer:

3 comments to Trailer – “My Place In The Horror” (Keith David, D.B. Woodside, Golden Brooks Chase Slavery’s Ghosts)

  • mlm

    Looks interesting based on the trailer. I might check it out

  • A horror movie with the word “horror” in the title? Sounds like they are digging their own grave if you ask me. Some ne start warming up the burning machines cause this one is going straight to DVD.

    Ashame too, because I liked In The Cut and Stranger Inside.

    Better luck next time to all involved.

  • lelee

    hey did yall know that Kieth David has another movie coming out called Chainletter coming out May 21 in theaters near you. you can go to fan site to check it out on