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Whatever Happened To “Black”? (2009 Revisited)

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There are several films we profiled last year that have yet to reach theatres, or DVD (here in the USA anyway), and I thought it’s be a good idea to revisit them, and see if anything’s changed in each film’s status.

I got a message alerting me of attempts to bring this French film to Chi-Town. Recall we profiled it on this blog last June, and reader response to it wasn’t exactly enthusiastic (CLICK HERE to read that post). The film is simply called Black, and I labeled it Blaxploitation Euro-African Style, given its trailer and title.

To learn more about the potential Chicago screening of Black, CLICK HERE.

The trailer follows below:

5 comments to Whatever Happened To “Black”? (2009 Revisited)

  • I guess if one is interested in the genre (we just had Black Dynamite premiere here in the States) then it’s okay.

    I didn’t read the previous blog entry, but I say bury this film. We have bigger fish to fry in terms of more quality Black films (I’m talking serious DRAMAS here).


  • E Forde

    I caught this at last year as part of FrightFest.
    It’s isn’t great it does haver it’s moments though, a botched heist & shoot out in Paris. A great Black female lead in Carole Karemera (Your 21st Century Pam Grier problem solved). A 1st class soundtrack made up of both US & African 70s Funk.
    Unfortunately once the film moves location to Africa the uses every cliche in the book about the continent and some how the action peters out.
    One for those interested in Euro-Action flicks only.

  • Sergio

    From experience I can tell you that it’s hard to get African films, like Black, that are controlled by French distributors shown here in the U.S. They ask for huge upfront fees that few can afford and other concessions which make it difficult for these fils to see seen here.

  • anwar

    On the subject of milk cartons, what ever happened to ‘Besoura’/the beetle? Not sure if it was ever featured on S&A but it was an afro-brasilian action/period piece, about a capoeira master using his skills to escape & lead a revolt against the white plantation owners. The trailers went up on youtube last summer showing a fall 09 release date, but haven’t heard anything since.