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Film Finds- Have you seen this one?


I watched this film, Crazy as Hell, a few weeks ago after finding it on online. It’s listed as coming out in 2002.  Has anyone else seen it?  Maybe you can explain the ending to me. This is now my favorite Eriq La Salle role. I loved him in this movie. Michael Beach is the star of the film. I like him but I always get this image of him standing kind of hunched over, arms at his side, and his mouth hanging open with that look of shock on his face. I will also always remember him as the reason why Angela Bassett burnt that car and when he cheated on Vanessa Wiliams in Soul Food.  What do you think about Michael Beach? What do you think about this film?

The trailer is below:

4 comments to Film Finds- Have you seen this one?

  • This film, which I truly like, is important (at least to me) for a number of reasons.

    First of all, I dug the psychological aspect of the story. But the best aspect of the flick is the acting, the interplay between Eriq LaSalle and Michael Beach. I may be a bit biased since Beach, who I first saw when I was a wee teen in Carl Franklin’s classic “One False Move” and LaSalle who I grew up watching on E/R and of course in “Coming to America” and “The Drop Squad” are two of my favorite actors – and are constant collaborators and friends – and I watch everything they’re both in.

    As for the ending…that’s a little hard to explain. I haven’t seen “Crazy…” since it was first released, but from what I remember it’s supposed to be subjective (what most people call a ‘cop-out’ I guess).

    Lastly, as a filmmaker this film was truly important because this was one of, if not the first, film release to be shot entirely on HD – which at the time was still pretty expensive, just not as expensive as 35mm. LaSalle was at the screening I went to and explained the process in edited detail and it fascinated me at the time. A lot of people forget that aspect of “Crazy…”

  • mlm

    Thanks for the info. Curtis. I was wondering if I was lost about the ending or not. I also had some thoughts about the look of the film but I wasn’t sure why.
    I’d like to see Michael Beach do a more complex character like if the roles were switched and he played Satan I would just like to see what he could do with a part like that.

  • Anthony E

    The film was amazing. I laughed it off years ago. I quite frankly found Eriq LaSalle too pretentious and just didn’t really care for it… but I love John C. McGuinley so I said hey, what the heck.
    It was amazing, Eriq LaSalle really dug in there and just enjoyed it. Him dancing is priceless so funny.
    Michael Beach and LaSalle were roommate in college so I think only he could have done it. Believe Ving Rhames was a roommate as well.

    Film sense: there is a long crane type shot at a park that is just beautiful and one take. Also for the HD thing, it looked like digital. But rewatching it, it doesn’t look that great. Same as early HD Robert Rodrigez stuff. HD camera’s over the years have gotten better from the Viper to the Red One.

    To be honest, it was just a great film. Really trippy, loved it. Loved the twist, and although for a while you can see some stuff coming, some you don’t. It was just a fun thriller, horror pysological ride that was fun. And became a favorite. Love this damn film.

  • mlm

    well i certainly didn’t love the whole film but eriq la salle doing those dance moves was great. i’m happpy to read some other thoughts on the film. the is one of the few indy black films i’ve watched in some time that tried a different subject besides relationships and whatnot