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Oprah Winfrey Adapting “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle”

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So says Variety. David Wroblewski’s debut novel, based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet was a selection of the Oprah Book Club back in 2008. It will now be brought to the big screen by Oprah Winfrey/Harpo Studios and Tom Hanks, who will both co-produce the project.

Edgar Sawtelle is about a mute boy who runs away from home after the murder of his dog-breeding father and other subsequent misfortunes. He travels through the wilderness of Wisconsin and Canada followed by three pups from a litter he’d been raising himself until he decides to return home and face the man he suspects is the killer.

I haven’t read the book, and really have no interest in doing so. Although, at least it’s not another one of those negro miserablism tales Oprah seems to love so much.


5 comments to Oprah Winfrey Adapting “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle”

  • Sergio

    Like I previously said, for Oprah “blackness thy name is misery.”

  • Tamara

    I can’t summon the strungth nor the energy to be happy about this. This book sounds miserable as the dickens. Gosh, I must be a hater. :(

    • @Tamara, that’s to the contary, OKRA gets drunk on that kind of blackberry molasses. i just hope both she and spike lee surrenders ownership of all “TONI MORRISON’S” novels.

  • Im sorry but this sounds like a good book and might be a good movie to me.

  • Ash

    OK, having seen more Oprah than most of you probably care to see in your entire lifetime, I can say on the record that “misery” is definitely the wrong term to describe what Oprah devotes time bringing to the public eye. Conversely, I think what she loves are inspirational stories. She loves when people who come from the most unfortunate of circumstances overcome their hardships to better their lives just like SHE did. That’s what she’s spent her entire career showcasing to provide inspiration not misery. Not that anyone cares.