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Trailer – “Children Of God” (Stirring Things Up In The Bahamas)


The film is called Children Of God, and is written and directed by Kareem Mortimer, a name I wasn’t at all familiar with, prior to the email I received on the film.

Although he’s produced and directed a handful of award-winning documentaries, Children Of God is Kareem’s feature film debut.

Synopsis: Jonny is a young depressed white Bahamian artist who faces losing his scholarship at a local University if he does not live up to the potential his professors believe he has. Faced with this challenge, after severe beatings from homophobic bullies, and rejection from his alcoholic father, Jonny escapes from his gritty inner-city life in Nassau to the under populated and dramatic Bahamian island of Eleuthera.

Lena Mackey is an extremely conservative forty year old anti-gay activist who upon finding out that her husband is not who he represents himself to be, believes that the only way to fix problems in her life is to limit the rights of homosexuals. She heads Eleuthera for the purpose of galvanizing the community to oppose gay rights.

When Jonny arrives he meets a mysterious man by the name of Romeo. Together these two embark on a series of physical adventures that not only inspire Jonny to paint but gives him a new zest for life. Lena is taken in by a gregarious local pastor who challenges her beliefs and slowly opens her mind to new experiences. However things are shaken up when Romeo’s family shows up and puts an end to Jonny’s romantic dreams and Lena’s husband decides to fix the problems in their marriage.

The film last screened at the Bahamas International Film Festival in December 2009, and looks to continue on the festival track; it’s not on DVD. Mortimer was recently named on of The Independent’s 10 Filmmakers To Watch in 2010.

Below is the trailer for Children Of God (h/t Barry Jenkins):

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