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Watch Now – “Gayniggers from Outer Space” (WTF??)


Just when you thought you’d seen everything… and who says there aren’t any original ideas left.

Thanks to reader Clint for the heads-up on this one, ’cause I’d never heard about it… until today.

Yes, it’s really called Gayniggers From Outer Space – spelled just like that – a 1992 30-minute film, directed by Danish filmmaker Morten Lindberg, and described as a satire of blaxploitation and science fiction films.

Lindberg is/was supposedly one of Denmark’s most famous comedians; he’s white, by the way.

The plot?

Gayniggers from Outer Space tells the story of a group of intergalactic homosexual black men from the planet “Anus” who discover the presence of female creatures on planet Earth. Using guns which shoot deadly rays, they proceed to eliminate females one by one from Earth, which ensures them the ecstatic gratitude of the previously oppressed male population. Before leaving the planet, they leave behind a “Gay Ambassador” to educate the Earthlings about their new way of life. Gayniggers from Outer Space begins as a black-and-white film, but later turns to color. According to Lindberg, this was a “dramatic special effect” to illustrate “the world being freed from vicious women.”

Alrighty then!

It apparently played in one or two film European film festivals, and is considered a cult film. I really wonder how it was received. I wonder how it’ll be received here; let’s find out shall we:





9 comments to Watch Now – “Gayniggers from Outer Space” (WTF??)

  • LMAO! I haven’t watched it yet but I will and I WILL leave a comment about what I think (if I can ever stop laughing!)

  • pnc

    Freaking phenomenal. I MUST snatch this film for my blog.

  • wow…

    *uncontrollably blinking*

  • NothingButAMan

    Ummm, yeah. I didn’t feel that this project warranted a response out of me when I first heard about it, and I feel the same way now.

  • I watched it…the story makes no sense to me. Without women there would be no male only world :) BUT I guess the creator of this art had a point of this all…Also when dude went to Earth to be the gay ambassador…why did he have to be white? Just some crazy CRAZY stuff here! I did not gain anything positive from watching this however, maybe I was not supposed to??? Not sure :)

  • Okay I tried to watch this and could only make it through half of part two. I thought this was going to be campy. It’s boring and not even weird, just poorly made and beyond stupid.

    Waste of time.

  • What’s is this thing called love? another red light district europeans penis envy?

  • dfi


    Hopefully this will be better

    Trailer For PUMZI a Short film Produced By Inspired Minority and Writer/Director: Wanuri Kahui and Producers: Simon Hansen, Hannah Slezacek and Amira Quinlan. VFX by Atomic VFX. Vfx Supervisor Simon Hansen. Executive Producer Steven Markowitz. Produced with the support of Focus Features Africa First, Goethe Institute and Changamato Fund

    Pumzi is in comeptition at Sundance 2010 website:

  • More proof that agents of the system of white supremacy can get funds to create, and a venue to display any, and I mean any kind of foolishness that is disrespectful, demeaning,degrading, ridiculous, or confusing, regarding anything to do with Black people. And please don’t try to call this (whatever it was) ‘art’. The only thing that could remotely be called ‘art’ is the way the title caused me to waste my time viewing this mess.
    please be more discerning with what you bring in the future. I have a high regard for this site.