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Before “Quilombo” There Was “Ganga Zumba”

ganga-zumba-poster01Made in 1963, Ganga Zumba wasn’t released until 1972 because there was a military coup in Brazil in 1963, and films about revolutions, even those taking place in the 17th century, were considered politically dangerous.

From the beginning of European involvement until today, there have been innumerable slave and peasant revolts. Usually they were short-lived, brutally suppressed affairs. This film recounts the story of one revolt, in 1641, in which the slaves formed their own nation or “quilombo” and ran it for over 50 years.

The film was directed by Brazilian Carlos Diegues, who, by the way, also directed the more well-known Quilombo, 20 years after he made Ganga Zumba – which is essentially an updated rendition of Ganga. And some of the starring actors from Ganga, also starred in Quilombo.

I’ve never seen this, and it doesn’t seem to exist in DVD or VHS form… so, I guess it’s one of those films that we may never get to see, unless whoever owns the rights to it decides to reintroduce it to the world.

I wasn’t able to find any footage or stills from it either – except the above poster.

But if you’ve laid eyes on it, do tell…

h/t MAD

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  • NothingButAMan

    This is good to know… I included Quilombo in a paper I wrote on “AfroFuturist Cinema” a few years back…