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Gabourey Sidibe Joins Laura Linney In Showtime Series, “The Big C”

gabourey-sidibeWe reported this last October, but others are reporting it today like it’s brand new, so I thought I should repost it, for those who didn’t see my original post last year.

With awards season officially over, and Precious now out on DVD, many are wondering what Gabourey Sidibe’s post-Precious prospects in the biz are, given that she doesn’t fit Hollywood’s preferred physical type and look, and whether Precious might indeed be the highlight of her career.

Some have suggested that she should lose weight if she wants success and longevity in this business, or at least, if she doesn’t want to be type-cast in everything she does; others say that her bubbly personality and smarts will be good enough to carry her through. What do you say?

While you’re pondering all that, you should know that Ms Sidibe will co-star in an upcoming Showtime series titled The Big C. (when we first reported on this, the show was called The C Word).

In the program, described as a 30-minute dark comedy from writer Darlene Hunt, whose previous credits include writing for the former hit NBC series, Will And Grace, 3-time Academy Award nominee Laura Linney stars as a suburban mother, diagnosed with cancer, trying to find the humor in her plight, and turn her life around. Sidibe plays a student of Linney’s character. At the time of my original post, the specifics on Sidibe’s role were that she was to be a teen whom Linney’s character tries to help lose weight and a bad attitude.

As a reader commented back then, “Sassy, black, fat chick. Yawn.” Will that still be the case? Has the script changed since October? I dunno. We’ll just have to wait and find out when the series debuts at the end of summer. Shooting of its 13-episode season begins in May.

Also at the time, Dreamgirls director, and Oscar-winner Bill Condon, was set to direct the pilot episode. Not sure if that’s still the case either.

Let’s wait and see how it all plays out…

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