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Mo’Nique Buys Rights To Hattie McDaniel’s Life Story; Plans To Star In Film Adaptation, Directed By Lee Daniels

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We somehow missed this one earlier in the week… but nothing’s definite, so, the news isn’t getting around much. However, I’m sure you all would like to know, if you don’t already.

We already know that Mo’Nique tipped her hat to Hattie McDaniel in her Oscar acceptance speech last week Sunday; however, I was made aware just earlier today that she later stated, on her weekly variety show, that she plans to play Hattie McDaniel in a film based on the life of the actress; specifically, her words were, I own the rights to Hattie McDaniel’s life story & I can’t wait to tell that story, because that woman was absolutely amazing… She had to stand up to the adversity of black and white [society] at a time when we really weren’t accepted. Lee Daniels is going to direct it, of course & I’m going to be Miss Hattie McDaniel. I really hope I can do that woman justice.

According to ReelTalker and Toure, both via Twitter, she made that statement either during her Thursday or Friday night show. I don’t watch her show, but I know BET makes them available on its website, usually within 24 hours after the air on TV. So, I’ll have to go watch both episodes… or not.

So anyway… there ya have it; Since she owns the rights, I’d guess that she’d probably get it done. Based on all I know of Mo’Nique, she gives the impression of someone who simply gets shit done, one way or another, if it was something she really wanted. And this sounds like a project high on her to-do list. Given that she isn’t attached to star in any films, based on her IMDB resume, this could be something she plans to devote the next 2 or 3 years to (researching, having the screenplay written, etc), while waiting for Lee Daniels to get his Selma and Miss Saigon projects out of the way.

I did find an article in the Baltimore Sun from last November, in which Mo’Nique exalts McDaniel, so, this is something that’s been on her agenda for some time it would seem, and I just wasn’t aware of it.

I think it’s a role she could do justice to, as she suggested. We’d just have to wait and see what develops on this front…

8 comments to Mo’Nique Buys Rights To Hattie McDaniel’s Life Story; Plans To Star In Film Adaptation, Directed By Lee Daniels

  • Well better to play Hattie McDaniel then to revist a role Hattie McDaniel played.

  • Sergio

    Actualy I heard about this earlier this week but couldn’t confirm it was real or a rumor. And doesn’t Daniels have enough on his plate already?

    By the way, McDaniels was also rumored to be a lesbian. Is Mo’Nique going to deal with that too?

  • Harlepolis

    Well I for one would pay to see this. Hattie’s story is very engaging, the woman lived a life/personality EXTREMELY contrary to the mammy roles she played.

    I thought the gardenia in the Oscars’ red carpet was an ode to Hattie, perhaps she was letting some of us ready from that move? I know I have and this story comes as no surprise :)

    Can’t wait!

  • Sergio – Well, she went the in Precious with that never seen incestuous lesbian moment.

    But on the real, I doubt that her sexuality will be mentioned.

    This will be a movie Id love to see.


    If Lee is directing it, best believe that her gay affairs will be in the film. It’s a movie of the week otherwise. Well, I’m not sure that it’s a theatrical film even with the lesbian subplot.

  • phil

    that’s rediculous! if anyone should play hattie mcdaniel it should be gabby sidibe. she looks just like ms. mcdaniel. monique looks nothing like her.

  • femme noir

    Gabby does look like Hattie McDaniel. But Monique is invested in the story. And I’m sure it’s one hell of a story. Whenever I watch those old movies, I think about what life must have been like for these talented Black sisters: Hattie McDaniel, Juanita Moore, Louise Beavers, Ethel Waters – and all the others whose womanhood was compromised, and they were presented as mere accessories to the rich. What must that be like for someone who has talent?

    I look forward to the movie.