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Breaking – Tyler Perry Reveals “For Colored Girls…” Cast

-mariah-carey-phylicia-rashad-coloured-girls-450kc032310At last night’s premiere for his latest film, ‘Why Did I Get Married Too?, Tyler Perry revealed his cast for his upcoming adaptation of Ntozake Shange’s choreopoem, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf, and Black Voices was there to capture it all.

So, all the rumors and guesses as to which actresses (or non-actresses) will be selected to star in the film, can officially be squelched.

Without further ado… here’s your cast folks (part of it anyway): Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Whoopi Goldberg, Phylicia Rashad, Jurnee Smollett, Kimberly Elise, Kerry Washington, and Macy Gray.

No Oprah Winfrey? When I last checked she was the only one who was a sure thing, according to both she and Tyler Perry. Also, no Beyonce, Halle Berry, Angela Bassett, or Thandie Newton as previously mentioned. Although, they could still very well be cast in peripheral roles.

Recall in my original post on the casting of the film last year (which you can read HERE), Perry said there are 15 total roles in the film. Shange’s play includes a cast of 7 nameless women, each known only by a color – “Lady in Yellow,” “Lady in Purple,” “Lady in Blue,” “Lady in Red,” “Lady in Brown,” “Lady In Orange,” and “Lady in Green” – each with her own unabashedly frank individual story on what it means to be female and black in contemporary USA, while touching on themes such as love, abandonment, rape, and abortion.

The above casting list comprises of 8 women. Black Voices doesn’t state what role each actress will assume, so, I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out in coming months, along with who else will make up the rest of the cast.

The film is scheduled for a 2011 release. For all our previous posts on this project (and there’ve been a few), CLICK HERE and just scroll down the page to read each one, including posts about the origins of the project at the hands of up-and-comer Nzingha Stewart, who originally planned to direct the film, based on her script, but which was later taken over by Mr Perry.

Stay tuned…


via Black Voices

22 comments to Breaking – Tyler Perry Reveals “For Colored Girls…” Cast

  • Blutopaz

    It’s a diverse, great cast of iconic women and lesser known talented ladies, i’m going to stay positive about this one. Thanks for posting.

  • Zeus


    Sure, heres mine. The film is gonna suck like all his others and I have no interest in it.

  • Tamara

    I tried watching the play; it was an old one via Netflix starring Alfre Woodard, I think and I just couldn’t get into it… Maybe I’ll try again.

  • Mark

    For one, I just find it appalling that this was taken out of the hands of a talented black woman and given to a hackish black man. Well, actually one is the sum of it. Tyler Perry is a melodramatic writer and a subpar director, so how could this possibly be a good thing? “For Colored Girls…” was never destined to be a blockbuster film, so why … See Morewould they try to make it over via Tyler Perry? This is sad. I don’t remember seeing Ntozake Shange’s reaction to this nonsense, but unless a script gets her seal of approval, there’s no way I am going to see that movie. (And this is from someone who actually watches TP’s films…in the theater.)

  • Nesha

    Why oh why did he pick Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey? The rest I don’t mind, but I also heard Beyonce is in the running… NO! I was expecting Anika Rose, Jada Pinkett or Nia Long, the likes of them! Also Sanaa Lathan after her performance in The Family that Preys. IMO Tyler Perry will NOT do this film justice!

  • blaqbird


    I think the cast will really force Perry to step up his writing and directing. I’m definitely staying positive, unlike Zeus up there. I’m excited! Especially about Jurnee Smollet; the girl is beautiful and very talented!

    • Tamara

      I agree. Jurnee is majorly talented and I wish, oh how I wish she’d get more shine!!! This is a step in the right direction. Hollywood should get a clue and cast her. Thinking of her in “Eve’s Bayou”, aw man, she was a spitfire in that role! Just amazing talent at such a young age :)

  • Necey

    I think Mr. Perry, will do well in what ever project he decides to take on. My support is with him. I loved all of his movies/plays that I’ve seen, and looking forward to others. May God continue to bless his efforts.

    Many times people can be judgmental. They are usually judgmental about situations that they know nothing about, nor qualified to comment on do. The reason is usually due to their inability to face their own short comings. Get a life……

  • Everyone–minus two–that he picked gets a check from me. I’m looking forward to this and having faith that Mr. Perry plans to step his game up. Sure, it’s not ‘my’ dream cast but it ain’t my movie either.

  • Sergio

    Tambay, wasn’t it you who a few months ago posted an item about how Perry took Nzingha Stewart’s, who was supposed to direct it originally, draft of the script and rewrote it turning it into a typical Perry craptacular? Besides I wasn’t crazy about seeing the film in the first place. It’s a black male bashing, they-are-the-cause-of-all-our-woes work anyway. That’s why I’m surprsed Oprah’s not in it consideraing how she hates black men.

    • Aw, come on, Sergio!

      I’m surprised by the amount of apathy, and even latent antagonism, that this project seems to evoke among some men.

      Let’s face it, we know that Hollywood doesn’t seem to want to portray black men as anything other than macho men who don’t have relationships with women, or men who like to dress up as women, or men who like to brutalise women. This is hardly the fault, nor choice, of black women. The fact is, and we already know this, too, that there’s a lack of diversity of the potrayal of the lives of black people on screen, something that concerns black women as well as black men.

      And yes, rather than show black men and women in relationshps with each other, Hollywood prefers to show black women who’ve only ever seemed to have brutal and emotionally scarring relationships… with black men.

      Black women, in the main, tend to have relationships with black men. Books about relationsips, regardless of the colour of the protagonists, tend not to go down the happy, rose tinted path. So writing about these relationships and the trials and tribulations brought about by them is not necessarily male-bashing, it’s just an expression of frustration of women in a society in which they’re not considered as integral to the fabric of society in which, as women, they can only be viewed in the context of their relationship to the men in their lives.

      These are stories inspired by real experiences. Sadly, they’re the only kind of experiences Hollywood seems interested in when it comes to navigating female negritude.

      And since when did Oprah hate black men? It wasn’t long ago that she was being chastised for backing one too publicly.

  • Ambrose

    As usual the crab mentality continues to take hold in my African American family. Tyler Perry’s use of stereotyping as a tool in his belt is all some individuals reflect on, while ignoring that during those same plays/films he addresses serious issues. It seems to me that some people refuse to acknowledge the dynamic social commentary by the great Cicely Tyson among others in his work. Then again it may just be over your head!


  • Zeus

    Tyler Perry is a god damn hack. :)

    Folks want to worship him just because he isa fellow Christian, go ahead. But don’t give others this bullshit about hate.

    Not all of us were born to kiss his ass. :)

  • Anthony E

    Oh no Nzingha Stewart was suppose to Direct this. That just broke my heart. She is an amazing visual artist whose every shot and aspect is beautiful and haunting, minus the Ying Yang twins music video.

    So is Tyler Perry going to wear a dress himself and play a part. Sad thing is he may try to include comedy in this making it not work. Never can he do a straight drama.

  • Cici

    ….wouldn’t be so quick to judge Ms. Jackson so harshly…saw her in Why Did I Get Married Too’s premeire last night and she more than brought the house down…her performance was top notch…so I’m excited to see if maybe this her time to come into her own…wishing them all much success!

    • NothingButAMan

      Co-Sign! No one remembers Poetic Justice?! She has poetry experience ;-)

      It STILL burns me up how this project was stolen from Nzingha, but I do feel a little better about this cast. Particularly glad that Jurnee and Whoopi are in the mix…

  • still hoping and praying perry moves to producer role or present as he did with precious. can’t even get excited. Although i know the women can bring it home, i just shutter to think what will be left on the cutting room floor. the last couple of project have been rushed and no where near complete stories – even with award winning – oscar nominated talent (Viola Davis/Taraji). “For Colored Girls” has to be nurtured.

  • ladybug

    Crabs in a barrel . . . uh he took this project from a woman who took the time to nurture it . . . wanted to direct it . . . um who’s the crab in a barrel. And its ridiculous to think that Cooning is a tool . . . black people pay money all the time to see mainstream film . . . there is no need for Perry’s antics.

    ECK! Mariah, Janet, Journee . . . WHY! And yes I remember Poetic Justice . . . that was not a good film or performance. And Mariah . . . Lee Daniels may have pulled a good performance out of her . . . I am doubtful Perry is capable of such things. And I don’t think Journee has the chops . . . I did not enjoy her in the great debaters . . with that awful southern accent . . . I RESOLVE . . . I shudder!

    I will pass!

  • Apart from Macy Gray (and my feeling might have been different if this were a Lee Daniels project, as he seems to have a talent for casting actors in roles they just don’t seem suited to) I don’t have any misgivings about the cast.

    I’m still yet to see a TP movie and, of all the negative things I have heard, the cast is rarely the problem.

    In fact, my curiosity is how he can take actors who, at worst, are reasonably capable and, at thte best end of the spectrum, can undoubtedly rise to any acting challenge, and still make such stinkers – and I’m talking here about critical acclaim, not commercial success (as the two, unfortunately, so often seem to be mutually exclusive).

    I think it’s about time he really put his weight behind real writing and directing talent and let them bring out the best in the chosen cast; something which, if rumour is anything to go by, he doesn’t seem particularly able to do.

  • Ne

    I actually think hes going to do an amazing job. Why did I get married too was good, but only mostly because of Janet. The girl is pretty talented.

    I do however think most of his movies suck. I wouldnt be surprised though if there were ghost writers/directors.

    I think this is an incredible cast and hopefully theyll be able to do it justice.

  • Elle Jay

    Its a shame, that when a BLACK MAN sees success, there are so many doubters, nay-sayers, put-downers, and down right rude criiques and critics of his works. You don’t like his plays, fine, you don’t like his style of writing-fine. You don’t like his movies-fine. But give him credit for ONE thing. He is the example of an american dream that has brought success. Honestly, he is making incredible leaps and bounds for BLACK CINEMA and I am so proud of a man once down on his luck,living out of a car on the brink of suicide, now in charge of his OWN studios, producing and DIRECTING movies and ALSO giving ALOT of black actresses and actors a CHANCE.
    And to ALL of YOU who thought he was going to FAIL, I laugh with arrogance because the movie was PHE-NOM-EN-AL! The cast was AMAZING. The cinematography was EXCELLENT.The MUSIC was EXCELLENT! The writing was EXCELLENT. IT was released EARLY, 2010, not 2011.
    IT was totally WORTH It and I can’t think of ANYONE who should of directed it. Thankyou.