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A Peek At Gabourey Sidibe’s First Post-”Precious” Role In Showtime’s “The Big C”


Showtime has debuted the trailer of its upcoming dramedy, The C Word, giving us our first look at Gabourey Sidibe in non-Precious form.

We’ve previously talked about the series, which will debut this August, so long-time readers should be familiar. If you’re not, a quick search of the site should catch you up.

Sidibe was originally cast in a guest star role in the Laura Linney-starrer, but, likely partly due to the success of Precious, and her Academy Award nomination, producers made her a full-time character on the show!

The below trailer seems to show a character that’s somewhat closer to her real-life persona, but I’m not particularly interested in watching this. Not because of Sidibe, by the way; the story, from all I’ve heard of it thus far, just doesn’t interest me. I don’t have cable TV anyway! But I’m sure it’ll be of interest to some of you ;)

Watch the trailer below, and share your thoughts:

5 comments to A Peek At Gabourey Sidibe’s First Post-”Precious” Role In Showtime’s “The Big C”

  • OMG! This looks like a really good show and Gabby looks like she is going to be fab in it. WIN!

  • P

    Ha! Looks interesting enough. I don’t have cable either, and I can’t see myself buying into the drama just to watch this show, but I think you have to admit that EVERYBODY hates a mean fat person. LMAO. I think there is this idea that if you’re going to be that gross to look at, the least you can do is try to be pleasant! LMAO (speaking as a former fatty who spent way to much of my life being nice just because… currently seeking my inner Bitch). LMAO Just kidding. I’m still nice, but a little too honest to ever win Ms. Congeniality. lol

  • Camille

    Looks cute, but I get my weekly required dosage of quirky white woman “finding herself” from The United States of Tara.

  • Sergio

    Looks lame. I’ll stick with 24 and Damages

  • Tamara

    It looks interesting. Congrats to Gabby for getting a gig. I probably won’t ever watch this.