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“The Persuaders” Remake Coming!

It’s not black cinema, but this used to be a favorite TV show of mine to watch as a kid, in the 70s and 80s. Apparently, a film adaptation has long been in development, but I’m just finding out about it. No surprise though. Anywho… Deadline reports that the adaptation will happen this year. But who will assume the roles originated by Tony Curtis and Roger Moore? Dunno… they likely won’t be black though :D. At one point, Ben Stiller and Steve Coogan were going to co-star; there was also talk of George Clooney teaming up with Hugh Grant. Peter Howitt (Johnny English) will direct. Well, whomever they cast, I hope John Barry’s original opening theme song is retained. Hearing it again brings back memories:

Picture 3

6 comments to “The Persuaders” Remake Coming!

  • Sergio

    I used to love that show too. Never missed an episode.

  • CJ

    One of those great British TV Series from the 60s/70s. See also Danger Man, Thunderbirds & UFO.
    I’d be interested in knowing who’d they cast, if I were doing it, Hugh Grant wouldn’t get anywhere near it much to fey for the Roger Moore part. Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes, Kick Ass, Body of Lies & Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood) would be great. But knowing Hollywood they’ll only go for the Box-Office poisoner that is Jude Law on the basis he’s English & a few Americans might know the name.
    Clooney would be make excellent choice for the Curtis Role though.
    If Clooney got the role I’d inverted the characters make him East-Coast, Old Money Blue Blood and the British character New Money adventurer and cast…
    The Statham.
    Yes Jason Staham

    • Hah! Yeah, I was thinking “The Statham” and Clive Owen… assuming they keep the cast British, which they probably won’t.

  • CJ

    Yes one of the greatest Theme tunes Open title sequences in TV. Damned right keep the Theme tune no Remix just as it was.

    • You know they won’t. Just like the remixed the Mission: Impossible theme song, I’m sure they’ll do the same here. They’ll probably add a rap to it too :)

  • CJ

    If they were going Black they could do worse than …
    Colin Salmon & Jamie Foxx