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Watch Erykah Badu On Wanda Sykes Show Defending “Window Seat” (Also Wanda’s Rendition)

Has anyone watched Wanda Sykes’ show yet? I watched parts of the show’s debut several months ago, but haven’t seen any of it since (except clips here and there on YouTube or elsewhere). Anyway, this is from Saturday night’s show…

h/t CL

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10 comments to Watch Erykah Badu On Wanda Sykes Show Defending “Window Seat” (Also Wanda’s Rendition)

  • Sergio

    Yeah I completely forgot about her show. It’s like it doesn’t even exist

  • Sergio

    P.S. Is it just me or is Badu overly caluclated “kooky”? Like she tries REALLY REALLY hard to be “different”, but it comes off as very forced and phony

    • Blutopaz

      I have been thinking the exact same thing; there is something different about Erykah that that does not seem authentic. Part of her appeal has been that she always seemed like she felt what she was doing, even a girl from Dallas with a 2 foot turban was believable. I’m a major fan but i’m starting to wonder if she is believing all her own press about being ‘eccentric’, eclectic and whatever.

      Re: Wanda, i have tried to like her show but it’s kinda corny to me. i love her hair though

  • I’ve always been a fan of Ms Badu’s music. However, I have never, ever, bought her “individual” style/image – it always seemed a little too contrived and self-conscious.

    Consequently, when I first saw the Window Seat video (actually, I’ve seen it exactly once) all I could do was roll my eyes. Nice song though.

    And as to her explaining and defending her “art”? I wish she wouldn’t. She should just do a Mo’Nique and let her work speak for itself.

  • Just Sayin

    I have been following Badu BEFORE she even made it big. I first saw her on a local station in South Carolina. She then had her locs, ankh, and feminist-afro-centric style. It was hot, but I was not aware that it was only an act until she made it big. I was disappointed to learn that her hair was not real and she was not secure as the afro-centric feminist she styled herself to be. She has voluntarily had (what I call) designer babies by different men, and she sends them to the furthest thing from an African-centered school (Christian). She has changed her “style” so many times; I don’t think that she even knows who she is. This latest publicity stunt to sell records I did not find either necessary nor art. It was narcissistic and insulting. How dare she strip naked before children not her own, and demand that their parents explain why a MOTHER would do such a thing in the name of HER so-called art? How would she have liked it if a grown man stripped naked in front of her young daughter? Shame on you Badu. I won’t be buying any of your music until you stop justifying yourself and apologize to at least the children whose sensibilities you have so self-righteously ignored. I do like the song though.

    • KindredSun

      Why is nudity such a bad thing? For all the violence we see on TV (and the news), and even some of our neighborhoods, people are still upset that a woman stripped in front of children. Big deal! I very much doubt any of the children were scarred for life– if so they’ll have interesting sex lives. Furthermore, I’m almost positive that the children looked at her with curiosity first and had the shame of seeing her implanted by their parents later. We’re raising children in this country to feel ashamed of their bodies in the most natural state. All of this faux outrage needs to stop. We need to collectively grow up as a nation. Our priorities are screwy.

  • Von

    Her look my be getting lost in everyone else’s “calculated” kookiness. Those who look to folks like her and the Lisa Bonets of the world and get inspired. However, when the FAD of having a “LOOK” is replaced by something else, EB and Ms. Bonet will still have their eclectic authenticity.

    she still has it and always will!!!

  • reg

    i’m still trying to understand her statement: “JFK was a revolutionary who butted heads with America.” WHA?

  • Jeanine

    I feel that Eryka is a wonderful artist. I have been following her since “Tyrone”, and then some. Everyone has there own opinion about the conditions of musicians and their expressions. But quite frankly isn’t that why they are here to entertain us. Now I dont quite understand the nature of her stripping down to all her goodness on her video but let’s face it she is the one and the only Eryka Badu. Alantis Morriset stripped and wasn’t held on such a tight rope now why is it that? When she (Badu)does it its a big issue. Let’s get our priorities together and dont throw stones when the castle was already in ruble.

    To me I commend all artists new and old on their contribution to society. Without freedom of speech, we would be living in a closed box. Sheltered from the world I appreciate all that they do and im not going to knock her or anyone else.

    • GFT919

      Well every artist does contribute to society. And the effect is either positive or negative. You may well commend them all, but others choose to look beyond the so-called “art” to the impact it has on society before handing out commendations.