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Where are they now?

Cynda Williams

Hey. boys and girls, I want to start a regular feature that I want ALL of you to get involved with too. There are so many black actors, actresses and filmmakers who have seemed to have disappeared. Not that they have stopped working altogether, but they’re not as high profile as they used to be. So I wanted to start a regular feature that you can contribute to as well with your own posts called Where Are They Now?

And I want to start off with the gorgeous woman in the photo. That’s Cynda Williams! Remember she started her career in 1990 with Spike’s Mo’ Better Blues, and followed that with a major role in One False Move, which was written by her then husband Billy Bob Thornton (How those two got together is one of world’s great unsolved mysteries). But where has she been since then? Well I can provide an answer – the Chicago native, who’s now married to TV producer Roderick Plummer, moved back here to Chicago (I’ve run into her a few times) and she still acts in low budget independent films. As you can see from the picture (taken at last year’s Chicago International Film Festival) she looks great, and I wish she was doing bigger parts in bigger movies. Anyway, how about you? Post your choices?

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  • Good idea! I can think of a bunch of actors/filmmakers who seem to be M.I.A. in Hollywood productions. Cynda Williams has aged nicely.

  • AccidentalVisitororor or

    Good choice with Cynda Williams.

    I guess I’ll go with Cylk Cozart. In the early to mid 90s he was getting bit roles in mainstream movies, a few of them which turned out to be big hits. In ’97 he had arguably his biggest role in “Conspiracy Theory”. His character was a cop or FBI agent who obviously had a thing for Julia Roberts’ character even though at times they were working for opposite agendas. That should have been a nice little step up for him to get more important roles in Hollywod flicks. Even if he wasn’t a truly great actor he was competent enough to do fine work in action flicks, light hearted dramas and romantic comedies. But it never happened for him and I believe race played a big role in that.

  • Gaston

    Damn. Billy Bob must have something magical. Cynda Williams, Angelina Jolie… who else? Waiter, I’ll have whatever he’s having lol.

    Cynda did age nicely.

  • KC

    You guys should do the guy that directed the inkwell i forgot his name.

  • @ KC Matty Rich is his name. He’ll get his own “milk carton alert” soon enough I’m sure.

  • AccidentalVisitororor or

    Matty Rich needs to stay as hidden as Hoffa as far as I’m concerned.

  • Oh my, she was a real life Monster’s Ball victim. WOW! Dont laugh but my favorite Cynda Williams movie is “Caught Up.” It was one of the 1st movies that me and my then girlfriend now wife saw together.


  • And if you really want to know what happened to Hav Plenty director, Christopher Scott Cherot, then please, please do a milk carton alert on him!

    Months ago Tambay did a “where are they now?” post on his old blog and a reply came just a few weeks ago to say he was hiding out from paying child maintenance…

    Ooh, I feel like such a gossip, but the woman I’m assuming is his baby mama put it out there, and in no uncertain terms, so…

  • outis

    Cynda Williams is HOT (as an actess). She burns up the screen. Wonder how far she could have gone with the right backing. Here’s hoping she picks up some great parts soon.

  • mlm

    hmm well I had to look her up. i had her confused with Angelle Brooks from “Blue Hill Avenue”. Thinking she was her I remembered the film “Ritual” which was just awful. Anyways, I vaguely remember her in other roles. She does look good in this picture. Maybe she can start playing older roles. (i.e. moms and executives)