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Cynthia Stafford/Queen Nefertari Prods Making Moves At Cannes

jackpotinner-300x160 Recall Cynthia Stafford and her Queen Nefertari Productions – the African American lady who won over $100 million in her state’s lottery, and opted to use $30 million of the money to start a film production company… if you missed my post on that, read it HERE.

We’ve been tracking her progress since the initial announcement of her production company’s creation, and so far, while I haven’t been too thrilled about some of the choices she’s made in her selection of projects to invest in, I can’t hate either. She’s trying to grow her company, and, with a supporting cast of industry-types advising her, I assume she’s making decisions that she feels will contribute to that end.

Most recently, we reported about the deals she made at the Sundance Film Festival – including one with the Butcher Brothers (actual names: Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores) and their gory exploitation horror feature, Black Sunset.

A previous film she financed is My Place In The Horror, also a genre horror/thriller that was produced by Effie Brown, a name that I’m sure some of you are familiar with, and starring Keith David, D.B. Woodside, Golden Brooks (of Girlfriends fame), and others. I haven’t seen it; not sure where exactly it is currently. I did post a trailer for it HERE earlier this year, so check it out.

Now, Ms Stafford and company are making deals at the ongoing Cannes Film Market, where Lanre Idewu, one of the top execs at the company, currently is. He announced, via his Facebook page, that Queen Nefertari Productions will next be jumping in bed with Kurt Russell in a supernatural thriller called Undying. The film tells the story of “a lone P.I. recruited by a mysterious beauty who soon finds himself immersed in a surreal underworld,” according to Variety.

Queen Nefertari will be financing the film with 2 other companies, namely E-Motion and Media 8. Although I have no idea what exactly the budget is.

Production is set to begin this fall.

So far, she really hasn’t made any of what I’d call major moves. She’s put her money in what look like “C” movies that probably won’t see theatres, and instead head straight to video. Not that there isn’t any money to be made there, but, if there’s no marketing machine behind them, how will anyone really know that they exist? Or is it a case of just amassing titles to maybe sell later; or maybe these are titles that are attractive to cablers, and foreign markets… I dunno, maybe I’m just missing something… but, on the surface, none of the projects I’ve heard about thus far excites me.

I suppose with $30 million, she’s limited in how large a stake she can take in any one film. That number is actually less than the average cost of a single studio movie these days. However, I’d like to think there are more worthwhile low-budget, indie projects out there that she could put her money into, that have much more promising prospects??

Obviously, I’m not in their war-room, so I have no clue what their long-term strategy is, but, again, just based on the surface, on what I’ve read thus far, I’m wondering whether the moves she’s making will yield the kinds of results she expects.


13 comments to Cynthia Stafford/Queen Nefertari Prods Making Moves At Cannes

  • I need to have more insight on all the projects she has invested in thus far before coming to a conclusion.

  • Darkan

    Humph, it’s called playing filmmaker instead of being one. It’s about making money for that company obviously. Which I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, it’s just that we already have that with others out there. It’s so sad that most black people who get the chance don’t make any major strides or changes. Maybe one day it will all change.

  • NothingButAMan

    First of all, Tambay you’re a mess for photoshopping that pic together!

    I mean, it is what it is. I for one am in no position to pressure her on how to handle her company. But it would be nice to see them handle more “specialty” material.

  • Seems like she’s trying to leverage herself as a power player..which would be a good thing. I suspect, in due time, she’ll get into more indie fare when she can afford to take a loss if she has too.

  • Andrea Morgan

    Cynthia Stafford is a positive woman of insight & vision whatever project or endeaver sheis envolved with will be successful, she will be involved wholeheartedly from start to finish. I wish her well. Anreea

  • Jovaughn

    I think its sad that some of us out there expect that because she has the money she should throw it away on movies that serve us but won’t see a dime. Sounds selfish to me. I for one want to see her succeed so I gotta like the choices shes making. Play in the bigtime girl and make us proud. Make that money because the more you make, the more freedom you will have to make your passion movies down the road. God Bless

  • pookie

    Cynthia, please use caution; Hollywood is full of no-good charlatans eager to give you some indication that you have reached part of the inner circle/sanctum, only to leave you in the dust. I applaud her positivity, but NOT this move.

    You plunk down nearly half of your $67million fortune into some H’wood venture??? I dunno..I guess my priorities are way diff. The kids’ educations are paid in full, right? And what about your health plan, sistah girl? Take care of health before all else, or nothing else will matter!!

  • Andrea Morgan

    Before commenting on a persons financial situation its best to know what you are talking about ….It’s this type of thinking that has held progress back no one is concerned more about her own financial situation than Cynthia . I’m sure this overall investment was well thoughtout This woman is extremely knowledgeable in business instead of criticism we need to rally behind her & applaud her for what she has accomplished in such a short time as stated in a privious comment I wish her well I’m sure she sees the light at the end of the tunnel only good can come from this venture, doubters have made many rich people. Andrea

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  • Faith is that much-desired sweet spot where everything is not going the right way, that moment when we do something that’s purposeful, powerful, and positive and the rest of the world recognizes it. Be thankful & Bless other’s, Thanks Cynthia keep me & my new company the Bentley Group LLC in your prayers! Warren p.s. I put a # under my pillow (Smile)

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