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When the checks stop coming in (No.2)

2834_2 [320x200]Do you ever have sleepless nights wondering whatever happened to Christopher Reid AKA Kid from Kid n’ Play? Well you can sleep now. That’s him on the left from the new straight-to-DVD release this week of War of the Worlds 2 (made in 2008), which has just been released on Echo Bridge Entertainment. Of course the film is in no way even remotely released to Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, but the release of Reid’s film was timed to coincide with the release of Spielberg’s film on Blu-ray DVD also this week.

Reportedly the budget of  WW 2 was around $500,000, though reviews for it so far say that it looks even less than that. And according to one review it’s “a mind-numbing, slow-as-molasses waste of good money” and “a complete and utter failure in every area of its existence”.

The good news is that Reid is the best thing in the film, playing the hero’s sidekick and that he’s ” having fun with the part; he’s apparently the only one that’s in on the joke, grossly overacting to an obvious level and grating on the audiences’ nerves, but at least he manages to wake up dozing viewers every few minutes.” Can we talk career comeback?

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