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Double take

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I see London, I see France. Venus ain’t got no underpants. When I saw this picture this morning of Venus Williams at the the first match round of the French Open, I did a double take: “OMG Venus ain’t got no panties!!!! How come I wasn’t watching???” Well don’t worry, she is folks. Look closely and you’ll see she’s wearing flesh colored shorts that she deliberately selected to seemingly blend in with her skin color. Along with the frilly black with red trim lingerie ensemble, she created quite a controversy.

There are those who say that what she wore was degrading, especially for a black woman who should have presented herself in a more professional manner. Or as a friend of mine this morning said when she saw this same photo: “Well you can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of girl”

Then are are those who say she can play naked for all they care because she and sister Serena are the best players in the game today (she won the match yesterday) and she has the right to do whatever she wants to do.

So where to do you stand about her outfit? For all of you who know me too well by now, that “playing naked” suggestion is all right with me.

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  • Marissa

    She is disgusting why would she even wear that to play Tennis? Some women are gross with no class SMH

  • Zeus

    She has the goods, so I ain’t mad at her. :)

    Thank God she ain’t fat and greasy. Then she would have no business. :)

  • BluTopaz

    While I think it’s tacky as hell it’s rather timely. There has been some convo lately about the term “flesh colored” meaning more than just pinky white and beige-this tells folks flesh colored is brown also!

  • Sergio

    The fact that Marissa find her “disgusting” makes me love Venus even more

  • Edward X Black

    She looks good in Black with or without clothes on! LOL. The WTA should kiss her hind parts in thinks for boosting their ratings for a tournament that no one wants to see anyway.

  • michelle

    ok, honestly people need to chill on this it is not that she looks good in them and she won the match. more emphasis needs to be on her profession than what she is weraing. i wonder if there would have been the same controversy if the tennis player had been white? * pontificates*

  • KindredSun

    I really like Venus, and she’s done wonders for the sport of tennis (she also played a great match in the game depicted above- no surprise there), but I do wish she left more to the imagination and just wore black shorts. Why distract from such masterful athleticism and poise by mooning the audience? I wouldn’t call this “ghetto”, however. I think that’s a weighty term that not only disparages her as an individual for this one questionable act, but it has racial and class undertones that are simply irrelevant.

  • Theyounglion

    Good for her! She won the match, and look who everyone is talking about yesterday and today. She just upped her quote for endorsement deals. Also, she’s got a great athletic body and shouldn’t be afraid to show it. The fact that she’s making all of the uptight prudes so angry and up in arms makes it all the better. I mean, she’s not playing in Utah. She’s playing in France! I’m glad the French can appreciate sex appeal and daring fashion to go along with their sports. Go Venus!

    • Jay

      Thank God someone posted such a honest and beautiful comment about her. Venus is beautiful, incredibly talented and powerful.

      Is it me or do some people have a problem with the female form? How could anyone be disgusted by such a beautiful, striking figure?

  • I like Venus and am a fan of her longevity and dedication to her sport but I was disappointed she wore this outfit.

  • grace

    Leave it to ole Serge to start trouble. But I’m team Venus. Love the little number she’s wearing; it would have looked better with black shorts. But oh wells. And her body is on point! Take a lesson, Gabby.

  • T. Whiner

    Venus, the master/mistress of the Universe…Made you look! Again, and again, and……

  • OOOH Grace! Guess who is gonna start something now!

    And what is so wrong with her wearing something flesh colored. I agree that it might have looked better with black shorts, but really, what’s wrong with flesh colored boy shorts?

    And the outfit, so what, who cares? It’s France! It was lacy and all that, but it wasn’t tacky or ghetto, IMHO!

  • mlm

    Hmm I mean just wonder what she was thinking.

  • GFT919

    She looks like a damn idiot and this distracts from her performance. Black women in the media are making complete fools of themselves at every turn it seems.

  • Ash

    She has nice legs. Don’t think this is a big deal. If she was white and/or slimmer no one would have a problem at all. People would be cheering her on.

  • Ingira Miles

    Go Venus!!!! I’m so sick of people telling everyone what they should and should not be doing and i’m sure she was also and so she’s making a statement kiss her black as* pirn! LOL LOVE IT

  • Geneva Girl

    I wish she would dress so people would talk about how great a player she is rather than the tacky mess she wears. She degrades herself by turning the attention away from her abilities.

    My daughter has a Venus and Serena tennis racket and, today, I don’t feel good about it. Venus, despite playing well, did not comport herself as a role model for my daughter.

    Michelle TOO, I live next door to France and know the French well. You wouldn’t see any self-respecting French woman wearing lingerie on the court. Quel domage.

  • I ain’t even mad at Venus–not at all–hell–she’s probably tired of her sister’s a$$ getting all the attention!!

    This really just isn’t that big a deal to me.

  • You people insinuating that this outfit detracts from her performance or that it distracts her from playing well are insane. And you other folks talking about how she’s degrading herself as a black woman…smdh. First off: Venus is killing it in the French Open and I do believe she won both matches in which she wore flash-colored undies. Second: Venus and Serena are both intelligent, immensely talented young black women and if anything, any young girl (regardless of her race or ethnicity) should look up to these types of women.

    Good Grief!