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Where are they now? #5 – Ted Witcher


If Cherot has made the M.I.A. list then no doubt Ted Witcher can’t be that far behind. The former Chicago TV station security guard and production assistant on The Jerry Springer Show who moved on to much higher things writing and directing love jones released in 1997. After that he’s been basically out of sight for the last 12 years. He did develop other projects, but nothing came of them aside from a few music videos here and there. However, I do know that that Witcher had some personal problems that took him out of the game for a quite a while (I won’t say what those problems were at the risk of this blog turning into another Bossip ot MediaTakeOut – though I’m not ashamed to say I love those sites and regularly read them every day) However, it’s been now quite a long time since his last film and it’s no doubt a struggle to get any film off the ground, especially for an industry that has a short memory

But a well known director friend of mine, who spoke to Witcher about two months ago, told me that he’s currently developing a new project and reportedly has Jeffrey Wright attached to it.

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  • Jeffrey Wright, no less…? From the writer and director of Love Jones, this has got to be something to look forward to.

  • Sergio

    That is if it actually happens…

  • Madame Zenobia

    This makes me smile. I’ve often wondered what happened to him. Love Jones is a personal favorite. I loved the look, the style of it as much as the story and the music. I look forward to hearing from him again.

  • Nicole Coleman

    I’m a huge fan of Love Jones. This is a timeless classic that could be watched over and over again. I was curious as to who wrote it and where I could find more movies by the writer. I’m so disappointed to find that there has been nothing current. I hope that this new deal worids out for Witcher. I wouldn’t mind a Love Jones part 2. How it could work I don’t know, but would love to see it.

  • Brandy

    I’ve just watched the movie back to back, This is my all time favorite movie!

  • Annette Grundy

    I know Ted from Jerry Springer. He is ultra- talented and Love Jones is a classic! I have been looking for him for YEARS. the last time i saw him was at the Shark Bar in LA. that’s how long ago THAT was.

    If anyone who reads this has any contact with Ted…please tell him LONDON IS CALLING. many thx! Annette

  • Theodore Witcher

    My only personal problem for the last decade has been Hollywood. But thanks for thinking of me. London, call me.

  • Ted, I haven’t seen you since we graduated high school. I hope everthing is going well for you. Just wanted to tell you how much you have inspired me. I’ve written a few shorts and two features that are being shot by Front Porch Productions in Chicago.
    Hopefully one day we will meet up.


  • Denice

    Ted, Love Jones is my all-time favorite. Is it true you’re working on Number 2?

  • Nancy hawkeye89

    TED! I told my husband an amusing anecdote starring you and me in college- you produced a rather non traditioanl commercial for a product that is not generally see on TV at the time.. haha remember??wondered what happened to you..I guess I need to watch your movie!! well done you- go hawks- nancy

  • Ron Davis

    We just watched Love Jones again for the umpteen time. What a classic by Ted Witcher who really did an exceptional job that was so positive on the Black Urban Community. We need more films by Ted like Love Jones. Why not do something on John Carlos and Tommie Smith? Ted, we need you to do more films or to become visible on university campus particularly HBCUs.

    Love Jones is a Classic.

  • Kim Webb

    Your friends from Chitown miss you (Rita, Franz, Reg, ME). Keep moving forward brother!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have been looking for any signs of Ted for some time now. I went to elementary and Jr. High with him and would really like to get back in touch!