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The Root Likes Us… They Really Like Us.

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Thanks to the good folks over at for listing us as one of their favorite blogs! Cheers!

6 comments to The Root Likes Us… They Really Like Us.

  • simone

    Congrat, the root have reason, you realy do a very good job, without this blog we didn’t know much more about black cinema. this blog make us dream, for me who lives in France i’m proud to see something represents me. a fan and i wish this blog to have long life.

  • Ash

    Congrats Tambay & Co. It’s clear that you are passionate about and genuinely care about the state of black cinema and I think that your efforts to produce quality cinema will actually produce results. Just as you did when you started this blog. I already said in the birthday post, I won’t be able to come here as much as I’m leaving the US tomorrow do to health development work in West Africa, but I know this blog will keep expanding when I’m gone. I’m proud of you guys, good work!

  • Ash

    Thanks, I’m going to Burkina Faso which actually isn’t that far from Nigeria’s border geographically. Do you visit the region often?

    • Cool! You know FESPACO is in Ouagadougou. It’ll run from late February to early March year.

      Last I was back in Cameroon and Nigeria was in 2002.

  • ava duvernay

    congrats on the shine. much-deserved, indeed.