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“The Boondocks” Dedicates An Episode To Dissing Tyler Perry

Dissing is now a mainstream word isn’t it? ;). Anyway… Aaron McGruder lays into Tyler Perry with last night’s episode of The Boondocks. Be sure you watch the whole episode – it’s about 22-minutes long. Nothing we all haven’t already heard before, and even addressed on this blog; but it’s still all actually pretty damning, I’d say. Not sure whether Tyler will or should respond. The names have been changed to protect the, uh, innocent… or something…

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109 comments to “The Boondocks” Dedicates An Episode To Dissing Tyler Perry

  • “…and he’s said himself he’s tired of Madea, but he keeps going back to it because audiences want the character…”

    Now I know the O’Jays sang, “Got to Give the People What Want,” but come on, now. Is Perry REALLY tired of “Madea,” or is he only SAYING he’s tired of ‘her’? I know “Madea,” uh, brought him to the dance, so to speak, but if you’re REALLY tired of something, you WILL leave it/let it go, won’t you?

  • ray

    but if you’re REALLY tired of something, you WILL leave it/let it go, won’t you? —-

    not if its something that makes money!
    Its like the Liberace example I used – back in the 1950s when his tv show got popular, he tried to change his image from the frilly sequined outfits he normally wore to more conservative attire – but when he did, his ratings started dropping. He went back to the outrageous flamboyant outfits because his fans wanted that.

  • Naima

    turn the page people. there is room enough at the top for tyler perry and aaron mcgruder. if you want something different in black media or media about black people, then you need to support the difference you seek! how many of you went to the pan african film festival in la, and the many others around the country that feature independent films by black artists from around the world? who writes letters or makes visits to television and studio executives to have your say about what is overdone or not done at all? you vote plenty with your mouth, weh? but do you vote with your dollar and put your ideas in action. spike lee cannot do it all and he is not the be all and end all of black film anyway. and did you help open miracle at st. anthony’s or did you skip that one, just this time. spike is not alone — there are others working against the odds to get work done. stop hatin! where’s your invective against flip wilson (geraldine), martin lawrence (shanene, big mama), jamie foxx (wanda), and eddie murphy (mama clump, various) – weh?

    • I go to some of the black film festivals, mainly American Black Film Festival, Pan-African Film Festival and African Diaspora Film Festival. And, you’re right, such film festivals rely on the AA community to support and they’re not getting that needed support, unless its star-studded film. Everything you said is right on the mark, and until the AA community act in ways you described then we will continue to rely on the Perry’s and Spike Lee’s of the world for some representation of ourselves on the big screen. It’s a mentality of failure, to be honest. Either act accordingly or stop complaining.

    • Blackgirl

      Couldn’t agree more Naima. We’re quick to complain but slow to act. This is the main difference between Tyler Perry and just about every other black producer/actor out there. While everyone is busy complaining about him, he keeps churning out product and making money to keep his studio going and black people employed by the hundreds. When Spike Lee and Aaron McGruder do that, then they can complain all they want. Until then they need to shut the hell up and keep churning out crap like this and that awful “Miracle At Saint Anna.” Who is truly more harmful to our image in the long run?

  • Sky Captain

    What is Tyler so upset about? If he doesn’t like this portrayal, he shouldn’t be like that.

  • Kelly

    Naima, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You act like you’re the first person who ever thought about supporting indie black film. And you’ve never heard any “invective” against flip wilson (geraldine), martin lawrence (shanene, big mama), jamie foxx (wanda), and eddie murphy (mama clump, various)” Really? You haven’t been paying attention…

    The reality is that the majority of black people want to see the Tyler Perry crap and they pay for it. The black people who want to support quality black films already “support the difference they see” – they are just outnumbered. Did Tyler Perry fans ever have to write letters and fly around the country to black film festivals to prove that’s what they wanted? NO. They came out in droves (church buses, etc.) and supported what they wanted to see. There are more black people who want to see Tyler Perry in a dress than another Akeelah and the Bee and that is all there is to it.

  • hartensia

    I don’t laugh once.

  • Divalicious 909

    OMG, that was hilarious to me! I am sorry if Mr. Perry is offended by it. His sexual preference is his business, although it is quite obvious IMHO that he is homosexual. No matter what he or Allen Payne tell the world….I think that they are lovers..(c’mon, House of PAYNE)..and I still LOVE them both. It’s their talent that matters to me…..just lose the heartthrob antics and be true to yourself, Bruhs…..

    I have to admit that I will be using the phrase: No Homo, though :)

  • Kid Christ

    I’m unclear just how much of a minority I am here but just for the record I’m white. I’m not a fan of TP’s work and people in this forum have done a great job of explaining why. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Ray on the point that this TP’s work is actually quite representative of American entertainment as a whole. I personally love the Boondocks (my FB quote- “I’d rather inspire a platoon of Huey’s than be worshipped by a nation of Riley’s) and find that McGruder’s characters can be seen as as exaggerated as TP’s are, but the dialogue and levels of self awareness in Boondocks elevate them to the next level of entertainment. In contrast to Ray, I love Rap and Hip Hop but I’m very discriminatory on who I listen to and especially who I’ll promote and defend. Artists like Kweli, The Roots, Immortal Technique, K’Naan, and many others inject social consciousness and meaning into their lyrics and due to it, don’t achieve the levels of success many of us feel they deserve. I’m trying to avoid the hate speeches here so I’m not going to list the number of artists enjoying successful careers recycling the same messages and feel good music devoid of meaning and consciousness. Nas was wrong, hip hop isn’t dead, but it is underground.
    Another intriguing point made I’d like to reiterate is TP’s live experience and his use of triggers, while being simple, are very effective and work across all audiences. His plays haven’t just set the groundwork for his movies, they set the foundation for his entire career experience and like him or not, it takes talent and practice to successfully guage an audience and improvise from that practice something visual to bring them back into it. I see a lot of this being protrayed in the punching and slapping many of you have listed as a criticism.
    Finally, just so I can wrap this up sometime, I thought McGruder bringing up Ice Cube as TP’s antithesis had some valid insight. I say some because those triggers and bringing stereotypes into the fold helps all of us deal with them, especially when an actor/actress is able to deliver a performance that shows you the stereotype and then turns it around and makes it relate to everyone on some individual level showing that there are connections we can all make even if they aren’t visible on the surface. I think all of us going out and supporting quality films, though it’s rather hard to decipher which those will be at times, will make Hollywood raise the bar as a whole and maybe allow us to move past these base forms of entertainment but as long as the people pay for it, they’ll keep pumping them out just like TP’s been doing.

  • Nakia Jones

    Listen everybody and hear me out. It really don’t matter what he does or who he wants to me with. The problem with today people is that they are so worried about others life and trying to fix others problems but their own stuff is all messed up. Like the quote states How can you clean one’s eye and yours is dirty… There is so much hate in this world that needs to change. See once we find God and figure out what our calling is then it shall be done. See, Tyler did and kept God’s commandments. That is why he is being blessed. Point blank what ever you put on the will will come back. You better watch out because the bible states. Don’t touch a hair of my annointed. Take it how ever you want and for Tyler don’t worry about words. Man! they talked about Jesus too….

  • B Smith

    @Nakia Jones – I agree with you that “it really don’t (sic) matter what he does or who he wants to be with…”. However, I disagree with your premise that Tyler Perry “did & kept (sic) God’s commandments. That is why he is being blessed”. How does one know if he has kept God’s commandments, you aren’t God nor are you Tyler Perry, those are the only ones that truly know whether or not he has kept God’s commandments. The next thing, since you brought up the Bible, you should know that Satan gives gifts too! He has kingdoms, lands and riches to offer as well – Remember he tried to even tempt Jesus with those entities that God allows him(Satan) to control. The trick is not in this world because one can have Satan laden gifts on this side, its just is one willing to suffer on the other side. Not saying Perry is of Satan, just saying that just because one seems to have things that doesn’t make it automatically God sanctioned.

    • Reel Talk

      Thank you B Smith!!!! I understand the sentiment behind Nakia’s comments; however, we should not be fooled – Jehovah God will not bless a “mess”. Now on another note; I really don’t see why TP is so upset; would he have felt more comfortable had it been FAMILY GUY portraying him? There is enough room in the industry for both of these multitalented men; and instead of tearing each other down they should respect one another and find solutions on how to make a difference in the lives of others aspiring to follow their footsteps.

  • ray

    “Quality black films?” THe Great Debaters, Eve’s Bayou, Beloved, Rosewood, Bamboozled – these were all serious black films that got ignored by the mainstream black audience! I recall black people whining about Mel Gibson’s “white Jesus” in the Passion of the Christ – but when Blair Underwood’s black jesus movie came out, it bombed at the box office – evidently black christian audiences werent interested in that either – but they DID go to see the Passion of the Christ!
    Look at “Just Wright” which got a lot of promotion – and black audiences ignored that too!
    On the other hand, black people do turn out for Tyler Perry – they’ll go to movies like Belly and Soul Plane! Tyler Perry is just making movies he knows his audience will want – James Cameron does the same thing!
    When black audiences are willing to support serious black movies, maybe there’ll be more of them – until then, I dont think so!

    • Lia


      It’s not only black movies…the masses want to be entertained into mindless oblivion. It’s the same reason American Pie, Knocked Up and The Hangover made millions while Hurt Locker did not.

    • Jay


      Good points, but just one correction.

      “Eve’s Bayou” was the top grossing independent film of 1997. It wasn’t ignored, it just didn’t hit the mainstream radar — as most independent films without a major marketing and promotional budget failed to get mainstream exposure in 1997.

    • basbleu

      Show me some data that says these films were ignored by black audiences. If a film doesn’t do well at the box office, that doesn’t mean black people failed to support it. Quite the contrary, it could mean that few other than black folks came out to see it.

  • kee

    I laughed very very hard……LMBO!

  • Lorraine

    There is no such thing as religion, just fraud. These movies are more like fantasy films. I like TP, he should make more gay films. It looks strange to see a heterosexual play a gay or a gay play hetero. Just be your selves.

  • mina

    “I am dark-skinned and bald I hate you and I hate Jesus!” Yeah that was priceless!

  • ray

    i wonder how Aaron McGruder would react if someone made a satrical dramatic production attacking HIM in meanspirited nasty personal terms the way his show did with Tyler Perry? I’ll bet money he’d be enraged and he’d start threatening to sue!

    • Zeus

      Doubtful. Aaron isn’t a whiney girly man like Ms. Perry. :)

    • He’d probably laugh at it, because to dish out something so harshly would make him not being able to take it look foolish.

      Tyler Perry makes comedies, so rather than talking to guys in suits and ties about how his feelings got hurt, he should put on his Madea dress and do some kind of Funny or Die type of video tearing apart McGruder- or, you know, shut up.

  • ray

    “he’d laugh at it?” I seriously doubt that – im pretty sure hes a lot more thinskinned that that! People who like to lash out at others usually are when the lashing comes back to them! Im pretty sure he’d be furious!
    Besides, Tyler Perry didnt fire his staff or anything of the sort – all he did was complain that Turner Network executives should have warned him about the episode, and they agreed with him.

    • Really? Have you ever heard a bunch of comedians bust each other’s balls? People who make jokes for a living should be able to take as well as give. I’ve heard interviews with McGruder, and if I thought anyone took himself seriously, it’s definitely Perry over McGruder.

      Why should he have been warned? It’s parody, and I don’t get why he needs to be warned about being roasted

      Oh, BTW, the Family Guy spin-off Cleveland did a parody of Tyler perry also (more like a generic black guy dressed as a woman parody). Did any uproar come up about that?

    • anon

      Good gracious — Turner should have *warned* him?

      Warned him about a production that’s taken months to draw, ink, voice — he doesn’t have friends within Turner who could have told him? On the only black satirical show outside of BET, no one snitched? No man who makes his living though comedy should expect sensitivity from his competitors.

      And he should have known he’d get the treatment, sooner or later, after the mishegas with their spoof of BET. I bet he’s miffed that although he, Adult Swim and Turner and in the same frigging city, he still got blindsided. Must be tough to not have any friends in the post-production field — then again, they’re probably union folk, and you know how he hates those….

  • Dee

    People stop with the divide and conquer mentality. As a Southerner (rural Deep South) with an Ivy League education, I support Tyler Perry, Spike Lee, AND black indie films.

    Bible-toting black folks from the South like Tyler Perry because it’s something they can relate to (i.e. gospel music, religion, family reunions, ATL, middle/upper-middle class, southern environs). It’s a market that no one else had previously tapped into for some reason. Black people around the country liked The Cosby Show, Family Matters, and A Different World for the very same reason.

    I personally find Tyler’s movies to be formulaic and trite. However, I still support his films (can’t really do the plays anymore) because he’s black and bringing new attention to the African American experience in the South. Maybe the black indie filmmakers should leave the ritzy environs of NYC, Chicago, and LA and come to the South if they want to experience the same success as Tyler Perry.

    • Zeus

      This says it all.

      “I personally find Tyler’s movies to be formulaic and trite. However, I still support his films because he’s black”

      Quality, yeah, who needs that? He’s black. That’s all that matters. :)

  • Kody (White) lol

    Why are you all so vehemently against Tyler Perry? Even if he is gay, who cares? If that bothers you, your a homophobe. I don’t like his movies, mostly because they are religious, and im agnostic. And the sterotypes that he exploites seem to me, to be what “people” want. (No Racist) :)

    • Ha! So I guess you’re a theophobe. Are the tyler perry movies really so religious that it would turn away non-believers? I am not religious at all; I don’t watch TP movies because i’m a cornophobe- or is it lameophobe?

  • teecookies

    All I hear are haters except those who are for anyone expressing their creativity. You wish you had his money His studio and his blessed level that God has given him for his hard work.I fear your ending unless you get it right with God. watch who you put your mouth on God sees and hears… be careful you may cause your life to be hell because of your words and actions.

    • anon

      Wow. In one post:
      - You call everyone haters, except those who
      - Support anyone expressing creativity. You said *anyone*, right? See you at the next Mel Gibson flick.
      - You then curse anyone who disses your conflation of Tyler Perry and God (oh yeah the capitalization in “his money His studio”, purely accidental). I thought imprecatory prayer was, you know, kinda tacky, and completely bereft of Christian charity.

      I’ll be praying for you.

    • Yeah, that’s it, we’re all jealous. So if we like the films, then we’re not jealous? Is that how it works?

    • Kody

      Im not a theophobe lol. I watched The Passion of the Christ :P


    Hahahhahaahahhaha yeaaaaaaaaaaaah! Get em! Finally! Someone got this guy! It took a cartoon to make public what we’ve been saying for YEARS!!! LMAO go Boondocks!

  • YesGirl

    Thank Goodness for Aaron McGruder! To be so blessed with intelligent perspectives, comedic genious, and to be surrounded by fellow artists possessing the same. “You just mad cuz Jesus doesn’t love you…” LOL Classic!!

  • Geni

    Ok No such thing as religion? That doesn’t make any sense. There is such thing as religion it is a coined term for various beliefs in our world. What you should have said is religion is ridiculous or something like that. Also not every Christian is as ridiculous as the video portrays. I do agree that many of TPs movies are these fanasty like depictions of what is I guess desirable or what many black women want. With all that is said TP has an audience, he gives that what they want so therefore he will continue to make millions or billion. But whatever theres more important things to worry about in this world.

  • Thaddeus

    I think people on here needs to lighten up. Both men are comedians they just decide to showcase their vision in different ways making them both equally important in this time and date. The Boondocks creator is witty and fresh in delivering to younger audiences and older audiences in cartoon language the hypocrisy we as spiritual people claim to live by, but since its in cartoon form we can not take our selves so serious and thats his purpose. I dont believe Tyler perry or Allen payne should have any negative homophobic stereotypes related to the artistry of acting or consequently outside of cartoon joking. It was genuine and funny- I am sure Tyler Perry is laughing and it doesnt bother him at all- so why everyone hating on the young man for clowning our people in cartoon- it takes the edge off and its what alot of people are thinking but never can say it- so cartoon helps to alleviate that guilt

  • I’m not sure if black people who dislike Tyler Perry have more problems with his work or his rumored homosexuality. Judging by this episode, McGruder seems more critical of Perry’s sexuality than the content in Perry’s plays, films, etc. If Perry is gay, straight, bi, whatever, that’s his business.

    • I tend to disagree, although I will admit that maybe for some, the idea of his sexuality may be a bigger issue but verall, I believe it’s a class issue. Take Tambay’s most recent post on Tyler’s interview with Empire, where Perry makes a reference to an August Wilson play that’s about to close on Broadway…

      It seems that what lays at the heart of the vitriol toward Tyler is part of what divides us black folks as a whole – and that is what’s considered lowbrow and highbrow.

      I don’t think that anyone should have to justify what they find entertaining, at least not in the case of Tyler or Spike (or whomever for that matter) however the fact that Tambay so eloquently reiterated is that, there is room for all types of art. And in a perfect world, this probably wouldn’t be so big of an issue, if black filmmakers and audiences weren’t fighting over the little crumbs that trickle down to us.

      We need a black Wallstreet again; money = power. Then everyone can have a chance to tell their story without it seeming like a threat to civilization.

  • I think McGruder was more critical of the content of Tyler Perry’s plays in how it portrays the Black Community with the egregious and asinine stereotypes that do just as much damage to the image of the Black people (particularly the Black female) as video vixens. My grandmother is a wonderful black woman who raised me in my Christian faith. She does not carry a gun, she does not smoke weed, and she doesn’t randomly “drop it like its hot” while walking through the house. Every time I see this gun-totting, weed-smoking, hyper-sexualized, caricature of a Black Woman I think of how Black women were portrayed back during slavery as hyper-sexualized creatures lack moral-standards and therefore deserving the horrible treatment (rape, sex-slavery, etc.) they received from slave masters. I used to be a fan of Tyler Perry when I was younger. I looked at his success and thought, “Wow, God must like what he’s doing because he making a lot of money from it.” Then I grew up and matured and came to realize that everyone with money is no necessarily doing what is pleasing to God. As a matter of fact, more often than not people who achieve such worldly acclaim and success do so because they are doing the opposite of what God wants us to do. Even as a Christian, Tyler’s films are grossly offensive to me because you can’t throw the name “Jesus” in a movie condoning drugs, gun-violence, and other jagaloonery and call it Christian-theater.

    Religion aside, Tyler Perry needs to take some time to reflect on his writing, his characters, and his life. I personally couldn’t care less about his sexuality; however, I think he does. By-in-large the theological establishment of the Black Church condemns homosexuality as a sin and if Tyler Perry was found to be a homosexual, then his support from his core audience would instantly vanish. That’s what I think McGruder is highlighting in this episode, the dichotomy between Tyler Perry and Madea and how the two are interrelated.

    Entertainment is one thing, but we have to be careful of how we allow ourselves to be portrayed. I was in class one day (I attend a historically Black seminary) and me and some classmates were discussing the upcoming graduation ceremony. A White classmate of mine (who was graduating) said “They better let me graduate or I’m going to pull a Madea up-in-here, I will blow this whole school up like a Black woman.” My mouth fell to the floor. I couldn’t formulate the words to respond to her because I was so shocked that she would equate Black women to such stereotypes. The reality is, many people see “Madea” was a representative of all Black Women. We need positive images of Black women and Black men not only for our children to look up to, but also so that people of other ethnics groups and cultures will be able to see that Black doesn’t always equal drugs, guns, and hyper-sexualization but success, education, and service. I don’t want my children growing up seeing Tyler Perry’s portrayal of Black Women as victims, drug-addicts, etc. I want them growing up seeing the women I was exposed to as a children – strong women to reinforce positive images of Blackness that a Black child is going to need in a world where Blackness is still comical. Wake up! Tyler Perry may be “one of us” but he done sold our sisters, grandmothers, mothers, aunts, uncles, church mothers, friends up the river chasing the “American Dream.” All I’m saying is think about it.

  • Darlene

    Tyler should be tripping on this.This tell’s me peoples are taking note of what he’s doing.Tyler,keep on with what you do all the way to the bank.

  • Excuse me, I’m going to get some Kool – Aid.