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Where are they now? #6 – Lee Thompson Young


Remember a little show on the Disney Channel called The Famous Jett Jackson? It was about a teenage boy/TV star who moved the production of his show to his hometown so he could have a regular life with his friends. It was one of the few programs (if not the only one) at that time that starred a black lead and positively portrayed a black family. The series had a successful run from 1998-2001 and was followed up with a made-for-TV movie that has become a Disney Channel standard. Hannah Montana pretty much repackaged this double-identity concept and took it to a superstar level.

So where has Lee Thompson Young been? He played a shy running back in Friday Night Lights, an older brother in Akeelah and the Bee, a cyborg on Smallville and most recently an intern on Scrubs. He hasn’t had a real starring part since his Jett Jackson days which kind of sucks because I thought he had major potential. And he still does, he just needs a breakout role like Shia LaBeouf (i.e. Disturbia and Transformers). So what kind of movie would you like to see him in? Action? Drama? Comedy? Or an indie romance?

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  • Oh man. I used to have the biggest crush on Lee Thompson Young. I saw tremendous potential in him as well. Probably for the wrong reasons; but in hindsight, he was quite talented. He was at USC going to school, he’s probably graduated by now, but I’d love to see him in some type of Indie Drama or Coming of Age.

  • mlm

    Well, I have always thought he was cute. I think he may still look to young to play an older male. He could have easily been in all those black sports team movies.

  • I’m just now seeing this post. Hmm, he’s so handsome. It’s really a shame that he doesn’t have something more significant under his belt as an adult. No offense against Shia but I’d rather see Lee on the big screen anytime.

  • He had a nice role on FlashForward and a guest starring role on Lincoln Heights. Hopefully he gets some movie parts like pronto!

  • Not only was he a cast member of Flash Forward, but it turns out that he had a pivotal role in one of the most recent episodes, a game-changing episode.

  • morgan or not

    I was just too old when Jett Jackson aired but the little superhero has grown up nicely. I am part of the FlashForward bandwagon and was shocked when the attractive Agent Al Gough turned out to be that Disney kid. Would love to see him in anything that gives him substantial screen time, but especially an indie romance because well…..

  • Kendra

    all of you guys are so right! Oh my gosh, When I was younger I was glued to the television set when the show came on. It was so bad that I would actually try to miss dinner just to see his show that aired around four or five eastern time. I wrote his name all over my binders in school and everyone would ask me “who is lee thompson young” is he your boyfriend and I would smile and answer”no, But I wish”.