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Armond White Speaks! (On “Inception,” Natural Born Filmmakers, Michael Bay, Film Criticism, More…)

whiteLong-time readers of this blog, and listeners to our soon-to-be-revived podcast, will know of our attempts to get an interview with noted African American film critic Armond White. Thus far, Mr White has eluded us, but I think it’s only a matter of time before he acquiesces.

He did very recently allow the good folks at SlashFilm the rare opportunity to interview him. And it’s a really good listen!

In the interview, White dishes on his negative review of the hotly contested Inception, his overall thoughts on Christopher Nolan as a filmmaker, the notion that some directors are born filmmakers, some of his more unpopular perceptions of people like Michael Bay, and films like Transformers, the death of film criticism, and more…

Like I said, it’s a good listen, and I think it gives us more insight into the mind of the man. So, I encourage you to click the play button on the player below. The entire podcast is close to 2 hours long, however, Mr White’s segment begins at around the 44:40 mark, so you can skip ahead if you want:

13 comments to Armond White Speaks! (On “Inception,” Natural Born Filmmakers, Michael Bay, Film Criticism, More…)

  • Ohhhhhhh yeah. I’ve been saving this up since it appeared in my iTunes.

  • I will check it out later. I hope he gives you all that interview soon!

  • on his charge that films should acknowledge the human experience and spirit, did he just defend Bay’s ability to make 100 million dollar commercials while trashing Nolan’s entire body of work? Wait. There’s brilliantly contrarian and there’s just plain stupid and there’s what he just said.

  • grace

    @bunmi Calling Mr. White stupid is unrealistic. This is not a stupid man. My only requirement from people with whom I argue or are in disagreement is that they put thoughts behind their words; read the damn Healthcare bill before you trash it, Mr.Daveyd (sorry, I digress). And Mr. White certainly has given deep thought and study to his opinions. So he’s clean. Whether we disagree with half the shit he says or not; it’s his opinion. And well thought out opinions. Team Armond White. In Defense of Intelligence.

  • “Mr. White certainly has given deep thought and study to his opinions. So he’s clean.”

    - nice twinkie defense

  • Anthony E.

    Ouch, I can take others not liking Inception. But this man doesn’t care for Nolan at all. And said he began his review as an argument and went into it on a defense due to his other thoughts of Nolan’s bad works…

    And the artistry of the great Michael Bay.

    This is so freaking funny.

  • Zeus

    The man is on CRACK. That is MY opinion. :)

  • Qadree

    Is there a second part to this somewhere? It sounds like they cut off the end, but I can’t find any additional audio anywhere.

    • I thought the same thing. There was supposed to be this whole segment on film criticism and some verbal assault on Roger Ebert, but it may have been dropped. I did look for as well but just found printed quotes.

  • living peaceful

    I agree with Mr. White opinion on Inception,at times it was like watching a video game,especially,the ‘white mountain scenes.’But I do disagree with his rave for Transformers, a movie I had no interest in seeing…and I also agree that the Dark Night was a piece of crap. The movies Mr. White dislike I’m in agreement with;the movies he raves about will I’m in total disagreement.

  • living peaceful

    Correction…The movies Mr. White dislike I’m in agreement with while the movies he raves about,I’m in total disagreement.

  • living peaceful

    @Vichus, Well only the ones I know of…and that good enough for me.