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Trailer – “Infiltrating Hollywood: The Rise And Fall of The Spook Who Sat By The Door”


Back in June, I alerted you all to a work-in-progress documentary directed by University of California-Davis film Professor, Christine Acham, titled Infiltrating Hollywood: The Rise and Fall of the Spook Who sat by the Door, about the making of the Ivan Dixon-directed political firebrand of a film.

I just received an email from Professor Acham, updating me on the film’s status. Specifically, first, it now has a Facebook page (HERE), and you’re all encouraged to become fans, or “like” the film’s page, so that you can stay directly informed; second, the film has a website, but it’s still under construction; however, feel free to bookmark it for future reference here:; and lastly, there’s now a trailer for it, which I embedded for you all to watch below!

So, check out the film’s Facebook page, if you’re on Facebook; Professor Acham says it’ll be updated as progress is made on the film; and whet your appetite with the trailer:

5 comments to Trailer – “Infiltrating Hollywood: The Rise And Fall of The Spook Who Sat By The Door”

  • One of the most slept on films of all time

  • Authority Figure

    Please, please do this film, and its subject matter justice. This would be the greatest honor you could pay to its writer, director, actors and the people who lived and died as political activists throughout the 60-80s.

    It would be incredibly impressive to see some commentary by someone like Mutulu Shakur added to the film’s literature.

  • truth

    I co-sign everything that Mr. Authority Figure (^) said

  • Kecia

    big fan of this film! can’t wait

  • The small image of the counter intelligence program is so fitting. With the 10 o’clock news being the major source of imformation for many of us, that document reaffirmed or the very least, gave an insight to what some folks will do to champion their agenda. Specifically, all the wayward banter about the supposed mis-steps of President Obama and his administration.

    The same folks who had the audacity to offer that half-ass video of Shirley Sherrod are still out there, on the case, in their war rooms, plotting and strategizing. In fact, they have always been on the case, for their team! It’s time for us to think, stay focused and understand what is going on and what the stakes are and always have been.

    Choose a team! And remember what our ancestors knew, “It was never just a game!” Just cause some folks say it’s only “politics” doesn’t mean it is!

    I believe this film is a must see!