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The enduring mystery that is Terry Crews

So yesterday the cast of the No.1 movie this week The Expendables (Stallone, Statham, Lundgren and Terry Crews) made an promo appearance at the New York Stock Exchange to ring the bell and hype the movie. Nothing special. They hype movies and TV shows there all the time. 2 weeks ago the cast of Jersey Shore was there to ring the bell.

So as you can see it started off well. Everyone having a good time…

3418636 []

3418637 []

Then Crews goes bizarro and does this…

3418648 []3418640 []

3418647 []

So of course when I saw these photos I had to ask… why Terry? Why did you have to go and do the terrifying, big, black buck routine for the amusement of those (mostly white) stock traders? Couldn’t you have just done what everyone else did? Shake hands, pose for pictures and just be a good sport? I don’t see the other guys taking off their shirts and acting a fool.

Now watch… wanna bet I’m going to get these comments from clueless people with no sense of black history, and black male imagery throughout history: “You’re-full-of-shit-I-hate-you-lighten-up-the-brother-is-just-having-fun-why-we-have-to-be-crabs-in-a-barrel-taking-down-a-successful-black-man-you’re-jealous-why-does-everything-have-to-be-racial?’

I don’t care. I’m sticking with what I said. So sue me.

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  • Zeus

    Did he buck dance and shine their shoes too?

  • I think Marvel has found their Luke Cage! Nice audition Terry. I think you got the part :)

  • Where do we go from here?

  • Cicely

    I agree with you 100%. Terry Crews has been guilty of a lot of buffoonery, but this is reminiscent of a slave auction pre-show.

  • Cicely

    Looks like Roid Rage actually more I look at him.


  • Alan

    C’mon Terry. What happened brother. When he played for the Redskins, he was known as an intellectual player with great instincts. Now he likes to shuffle and step a little too much for my liking.

  • pinksghetti

    I saw this on another site and commented that although it is sexy for some of us women (and some men) to see that it is also embarrasing for him. Terry seems like a really nice man. Maybe he is possibly naivee to what he is doing. I know he is near 50 years old but some people mature at a slower rate than other people :)

  • BluTopaz

    Built men in expensive suits are a lot more sexy than a shirtless muscle guy imho. Crews probably thought he was just doing a fun routine, he doesn’t know people will only see him as Mandingo. At least many of those White stock traders will have something to fantasize about tonight.

  • Geneva Girl

    Maybe he got paid by Old Spice?

  • Me

    Photo looks photoshopped to me…

  • I love how you premptively call people clueless if they don’t agree with you. “the history of blah blah blah” He’s already on the Old Spice commercial without his shirt on. He most likely doesn’t have his shirt on in “The Expendables” (didn’t see it yet)

    So why is this so “racially scary” now? Because he’s in the NY Stock Exchange? Every fucking f list to a list person has come to ring that stupid bell. Good for him mixing it up and taking his damn shirt off. Boring PR nonsense otherwise.

  • Slaylow

    I agree with the post – in fact, look at white dude to the right (Terry’s left). Dude is looking like, “Oh my god, stand back! He might retaliate!” LOL… geez. Ignorant.

    Oh yeah — ‘roid’ is right!

  • Joe

    Perhaps it is Crews that doesn’t possess cultural memory nor knowledge of the historical record of the African male body and image as commodity. This is similar to the Vogue mag cover with Lebron James & Giselle Bundchen. Can’t continue to dismiss as having fun. It is the historical record of the black male image. Why does the big black buck need to remove his shirt to ring a bell or pitch deodorant?

  • AccidentalVisitor

    Further proof that Michael Jai White should have been chosen for the role instead.

  • Harlepolis

    Oh hell…..

    Loosen up, ya’ll.

  • T. Whiner

    Joe, you’re on point. These antics are all about the embedded psychological message inherent in any image of the African male body and all it represents, historically, culturally, etc. There’s no loosening up on this Harlepolis, not when Crews continues to demonstrate aspects of the character he played in “White Chicks”. Cooning….What’s boring is that he keeps doing the same ol’ shtick, without an ounce of consciousness…next he’ll take the rag off his head and bend over to shine dem shoes.

  • Centurion

    @Tambay: Actually, I don’t think he will be Luke Cage; he is just like Dwayne Johnson in that, despite the size, they really don’t generate any fear. Too goofy acting.

  • oyan

    Millions of dollars is hard to come by,’honestly’. That is regardless to race or culture. When you ‘do’ get in the ‘right’ line to make that paper, you do you. While I am horrified at the ‘role’ Mr. Crews has selected, ie. White chicks, et al., he has a family, and, I understand. I do not approve, but, I understand.

    • White chicks? Wha5t are you going on about? He was in the movie “White Chicks?” Also, if you’re going to quote/unquote, actually use quotation marks.

      • oyan

        Wha5t(?) ‘I’ was “going on about”, was the fact that Mr.Crews was in the horrid film, ‘White Chicks’; ‘honestly’ was not a direct quote, but my emphasizing the questionable reason behind his behavior at the NSE event. The attempt at condescension was a miss, annoying, and a (slight) distraction from the objective of this discussion.

        • You never saw what with a 5 in the middle of it before? Everyone’s doing it. ;) My aim was not to condescend, but to be a nitpicking ass. Difference.

          I had zero idea that Terry Crews was in White Chicks. I think unless you saw the film, you would not know that. When I think embarrassing and “White Chicks,” I think the stars, the Waynans bros.


    It was PLANNED! Everyone else is wearing a suit and Terry is wearing a sweater. Terry is the BIGGEST and certainly has the BEST body without a doubt. That’s why they had him take his shirt off. Stop being HYPERSENSITIVE black people.


    Everything has to be buffoonery?!! No one ever called Lucille Ball’s silliness “bufoonery” she was a comedienne, a well respected STAR! Tyler Perry is ALWAYS being attacked. Come on yall, let’s laugh a little at ourselves. We can be silly, we can be comical, we can be funny. Let’s not AGAIN cruicify one another in film, on TV in public.

    • Oh, but you have not studied the history of racist imagery like Sergio has! Eee-yuck. For some reason some people think that if you get silly, if you play up that sterotype, a magical vortex opens up, all us black people get sucked in, and we’re all slaves again.

      What people need to worry about is not so much the image of black Americans on the movie screen, but the real video being passed around the internet of black people beating the hell out of one another for nothing, and doing stuff like fist-fighting with uniformed officers.

      What are people worried about? That ignorant people are going to take a Terry Crews or Tracy Morgan as the model of black men in America? Those sorts of people need more than entertainment to teach them.

  • mike

    sergio: Oh! That son of a–
    Random person: Whoah man- theres nothing you can do about it now…
    sergio: oh dammit- you’re right. Well, I guess I’m just gonna have to get a sense of humor

  • Dee

    He’s probably mad that they cut most of his dialogue…

  • whoa…I’m all for jokes, but I kinda wish this was photoshopped. Wthell?! lol