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And the new SUPERMAN Director is…


The newest installment in the rebooted for the umpteenth time caped crusader film, which will be spearheaded by the production team led by Christopher Nolan, with the direction of the film by…

Mr. 300, Zack Snyder.


It was stated that there were a slew of director’s lined up for the production, including names such as Tony Scott, Matt Reeves, Jonathon Liebesman and Duncan Jones. As of the past week or so, a few other names were brought up in the forms of Darren Aronofsky and even Ben Affleck. One name that was mentioned a while back, actually not that long ago, but was a nice thought, was Christopher’s little brother, Jonathon Nolan, who has yet to helm even a short film, but has been behind some of the best of the best films his older sibling Chris has touched.

About a year ago, even after the abysmal standings for their last offering (Speed Racer), The Wachowski Bros/The Wachowski’s were to direct, and maybe even a possible trilogy for the series. It was uncertain whom would helm the picture, but one thing was for certain, that the previous director Bryan Singer was no where near any discussions of the project.

Well, all of those thoughts and inklings of “what if’s” have long been silenced, because we now have a face to the man behind the camera, for the man of steel. Zack Snyder, the man behind such films as the remake of Dawn of the Dead, 300 and Watchmen, who, believe it or not, just released a film two weeks ago, and has another around the corner. It would appear that there is no rest for the green screen addict, as he may have to halt production on his Zerxes film, which is to be a prequel/sequel to his massive hit, 300; even after he had announced that the script was nearly done and was being picked up.


So until we see a plane, or a man flying in the sky to catch his CGI acts, you can check out his latest film Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole. With a March 25th release of his adaptation of Sucker Punch, which looks like a big loud clunky film featuring half nude gals, and machines doing battle. One thing is for certain of this new Superman film – it will not be original, as he is known for copying and pasting the comic books. But with the watchful eye and the presence of Christopher Nolan, it could be something to watch.

This could be an exciting match that hasn’t been seen since Kevin Smith was hired to write a Superman script with Tim Burton to direct, and Nicolas Cage as the man in tights.

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