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Halle Berry Will Enter “Frankie & Alice” Into Oscar Race! Her Best Work Since “Monster’s Ball,” She Says

Well, I’ll be… Last we reported on this flick, in May, it was without a distributor and had screened for buyers at the Cannes Market.

Today, 5 months later, comes a report that Halle Berry, who is also a producer of the film, will be launching an awards season qualifying run the film, with Freestyle Releasing handling the distribution, while P&A will be funded by independent financiers.

The film now officially has a release date of December 17, but only in New York and Los Angeles, so that it qualifies for Academy Award consideration, and will open wider on February 4th. You know I’ll see it when it opens in NYC, with a review to follow.

Halle has reportedly been shepherding the project – described as a “passion project” for her, and a role that she herself considers her best work since Monster’s Ball – obviously, if she’s pushing for awards consideration.

As a refresher, Frankie & Alice is a fact-based psychological drama set in the 1970s in which Halle plays a young black woman with a dual personality disorder, one of them being a white racist.

Bringing this story to the big screen has been a challenging, yet very satisfying, filmmaking experience… Her struggles with mental illness came at a time when the medical community and the public were still grappling with the veracity of multiple personality disorder, and I approached this role with feelings of humility, yet great responsibility,” said Halle.

Co-starring with Halle in the film are Phylicia Rashad and Stellan Skarsgård. Geoffrey Sax directed from a script by Cheryl Edwards.

I searched for a trailer and still couldn’t find one, but I’m sure one will surface sooner than later!

18 comments to Halle Berry Will Enter “Frankie & Alice” Into Oscar Race! Her Best Work Since “Monster’s Ball,” She Says

  • Sergio

    I was just about to post this. It’s long overdue we get a chance to see Halle naked again in a movie

    • Hahahahahaha! Right? Clearly “best role since Monster’s Ball” means her Black side will have raunchy sex with an older White man and her White side will have raunchy sex with a younger Black Man.

      Oscar material.

  • Sergio

    P.S. Wait hold it. You don’t have to say it. I’m a revolting, vile, disgusting, sexist pig. Guilty as charged. Now tell me something I don’t know

  • Oh no Sergio, we can’t let you get away with that! You should be a criminal defense lawyer. I mean, the way you ran that end-around play is admirable.

    “You don’t have to say it. I’m a revolting, vile, disgusting, sexist pig”

    I’m gonna say it anyway… Yes you are. You’re always whipping the female actresses, yet, you play like the 3 monkeys when men actors are the topic of discussion.

    After reading your glowing review of Tyler Perry’s movie, I thought you had seen the errs of your evil ways.

    Why can’t you be like Tambay?

    I can’t wait to see Frankie & Alice.

  • DGAS

    Looking forward to it. I thought she gave a strong performance in Things We Lost In the Fire and have been waiting for another meaty role.

    • Yep, personally, although I’ve enjoyed many of her performances, I too believe “things lost” was one of her best, if not her best performance. Maybe it’s because I thoroughly enjoyed the whole movie.

      One of the subplots in the movie was drug addiction. Unfortunately many directors take the stereotypical route of the life and times of a drug addict, which in many cases, is far from the truth. Things We Lost In The Fire did it a little differently. Don’t get me wrong, it did, in a way, play into old stereotypes, however, all drug addicts (as seen in this movie)are not low life scum without morals.

      Additionally, it never hurts to have Benicio Del Toro in a starring role.

    • I agree, she was good in Things We Lost in The Fire. And while I like her dramatic Oscar bait roles I’d like to see her in a fun romantic comedy to change the pace once in a while. It seems like she’s always crying in her roles. How about some smiles!

  • NothingButAMan

    I respect the independent spirit, Halle, but this BETTA be good…

  • Nope not buying it. This will bomb just like her last oscar bait fail movie THINGS WE LOST IN OUR FIRE. And you can quote me on that.

  • Jeffrey

    all men are pigs. no exceptions.

    Can’t wait to see this movie!

  • gh

    What a stupid sounding plot.