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Angela Bassett Headed To ABC To Play NYC’s First Female Police Commissioner

Angela Bassett is now attached to star in a new upcoming drama series for ABC, titled, One Police Plaza.

Currently in development, the project will center on New York City’s first female commissioner, to be played by Ms Bassett.

Not much else has been reported at the moment, but you’ll know when we know.

Up next for her are roles in Jumping the Broom and Green Lantern. – both have been covered on this blog. She also has, in development, the adaptation of Percival Everett’s novel, Erasure, which will be her directorial debut.

4 comments to Angela Bassett Headed To ABC To Play NYC’s First Female Police Commissioner

  • Ever since ER, I always thought Angela should have her own series. Her talent is too grand for an ensemble and now look at this. I’m already a loyal viewer of One Police Plaza! Cant wait! I wonder what her character is going to be like, other than really fine. :D

  • Sacha

    You’re wrong about Angela’s Directorial Debut. She has already directed a movie called United States (2010).

    • Um… no, she hasn’t. Apparently you’re not aware that “United States” is the adaptation of Percival Everett’s “Erasure,” mentioned in this post, which HAS NOT BEEN MADE YET! SMH…

  • ALC

    Angela Bassett is a boring actress to watch on-screen. She’s beautiful and classy but to watch her perform is not mind-blowing. She’s the same few incarnations of characters she has played before over and over again.

    Unless the producers have an interest to make her character multi-dimensional, I expect to see her perform as usual–tough, stoic, and cool.

    I once read her say she only wanted to play strong female character roles. It’s pigeonholed her to one-dimensional performances and I wonder if that is all she can do. As much as you may be talented, if that is all you are doing, that is where your talent stalls.

    Anika Noni Rose plays a multi-dimensional character on The Good Wife. It’s not starring but it is scene-stealing. I could imagine going to work for her is exciting for just that small part to an ensemble because she is one of the first Black female characters to have full dimension onscreen–not having to play the Strong Black (frustrated and intimidating) woman that Angela usually plays.

    Let’s hope the production is not just another stoic procedural with absence of range and mystery for it’s characters struggling to find something to gnaw at. I wish Angela new direction.