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Orlando Jones Plays Bobby Seale In “The Chicago 8″

During the 1968 Democratic National Convention in late August, various rallies and demonstrations took place in protest of President Lyndon B Johnson’s policies for the Vietnam War. One particular rally, The Grant Park rally, was attended by thousands of protesters and after it was over some attempted to march to the International Amphitheater—where the convention was being held—but were stopped by police.

This marked the beginning of physical confrontations between protesters and the police for five days. Hundreds of police officers as well as protesters were injured.

As a result, eight protesters were charged with various crimes, including conspiracy to incite a riot. The eight–David Dellinger, Rennie Davis, Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Bobby Seale, John Froines and Lee Weiner–were reduced to seven when Seale was severed from the case and sentenced to four years for contempt of court. The trial lasted for months and included testimony from Reverend Jesse Jackson and Norman Mailer.

The Chicago 8 film is based on the transcripts from that famous court case. Among the cast, Orlando Jones is Black Panther Party leader Bobby Seale and Gary Cole is civil rights defense attorney Bill Kunstler. The film was written and directed by Pinchas Perry. There’s been no release date conveyed yet.

This is not the first attempt of filmmakers trying to cover this case. Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) wrote a script, The Trial of the Chicago 7, that was going to be produced by Steve Speilberg. Sacha Baron Cohen was originally cast as Abbie Hoffman and Will Smith was approached for the role of Bobby Seale. The film was later suspended due to the 2008 WGA strike.

Below is the trailer for The Chicago 8.

3 comments to Orlando Jones Plays Bobby Seale In “The Chicago 8″

  • is this mETHOD aCTING? or a Degrassi High School outtake?,it could be Hollywood’s attempt at some quasi-Civil Rights Revisionism as to not draw suspiction of its moribund conclusion.

  • Cynthia

    @LaShawn Williams–Thanks for the correction LaShawn!
    @Urbanauteur–Umm…I take it you didn’t like the trailer?! I hear ya!

  • pinksghetti

    Wait I think that was Mayim Bialik aka Blossom in a role. Judging on the actors chosen I’m waging this is a lower budget movie.