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Woody Allen: “I Put Black People In My Movies…”

No, he didn’t really say that… however…

For all of you who have complained about the lack of black people in Woody Allen’s movies, cry no more! I think the man has been listening to your expressions of dissatisfaction and seems intent on doing something about it… check the trailer below for his upcoming, Whatever Works, around the 17-second mark…

HA! That’s probably the only sequence in the entire film in which those 2 are featured, so it intrigues me that they are so prominently and intentionally displayed in the trailer… as if to call attention to a point… unless I’m wrong about how much they’re involved in the story.

As an aside – Woody’s films really do look and sound exactly the same don’t they?

14 comments to Woody Allen: “I Put Black People In My Movies…”

  • The only Woody Allen film I can honestly say I really liked was Match Point. However, I dig Larry David–his humor, I get.

  • LOL! In all fairness, Chiwetel Ejiofor did play a reasonably prominent role in Melinda and Melinda.

    And it’s funny, Noelani, I’ve not seen Match Point, but I think there’s an unwritten rule here in the UK that nobody like that movie. Apparently, the faux Britishness is just too, too… well, something only Americans would buy. The sentiment was very much that he should stick to his own patch (i.e. New York) instead of revving up British cliches and stereotypes.

    I loved Vicky, Christina, Barcelona, though… Maybe because I’m not Spanish (lol), or maybe because I’m a Penelope Cruz fan.

  • Actually, is Chiwetel the only black person ever to feature in a Woody Allen movie?

  • Woody Allen’s films don’t interest me in general. He could cast black people and I still wouldn’t watch them.

  • junebug

    Actually, Hazelle Goodman (the infamous “Georgia Rae Mahoney” on Homicide: Life On The Street) was in Deconstructing Harry. In fact, she was the first Black person to have a major role in one of his movies.

  • junebug

    As a matter of fact, THAT looks like her in the trailer! I could be wrong, though.

  • @ Karen, my sentiments exactly!

    @MsWOO, I still have not seen Vicky, Christina, Barcelona. I hear it’s good but I dunno, I’ve just not been moved to check it out yet.

  • In fact, she was the first Black person to have a major role in one of his movies.

    And she had to be a ho. (By the way… milk carton alert for Hazelle Goodman.)

    Don’t forget the sass-mouth black maid, “Venus,” in “Bullets Over Broadway.”

    I’m looking forward to “Whatever Works.” Past 15 years, I think I’ve made a habit of seeing every alternate Woody Allen movie. (Missed “Melinda and Melinda.”)

  • I wondered why the agency kept sending me trailers and updates about this film.

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”Small Time Crooks” and “Take The Money & Run” = the best of Woody Allen. See those films, you can decide if you care or no. Woody Allen films are films by, about, and for Woody Allen. I don’t think he cares what people of any race think of them.

  • cuse

    Snooze. Woody Allen’s films stopped being interesting to me 20 years ago.

    Black people or not, I’ll probably pass on anything he makes.

  • mlm

    i think we should do a comparison of woody and spike and really dig into it. they both make films for themselves and have a following. i’ve watched some woody films but i can’t say if i liked them or not.

  • pnc

    I actually know where Woody Allen lives. If a director’s film is indicative of his experiences, I would say Woody Allen is reflecting the world he lives in accurately. There are no black folk in his part of town…even as mammies or doormen. None. So besides Hazelle and Chewitele, don’t expect many more.
    However, I’m deeeelighted Larry David in a film. I’m a big Curb your Enthusiasm fan. (Did anyone see last season with THE BLACKS? Hilarious.)

  • Missy

    WOW….am I the only person that really liked his films? Methinks it’s so!