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REPOST – 11 Years Of Black Indie Films, 2000 To 2010 (Your Assistance Requested)

Reposting this from Friday. I got lots of helpful responses, and even learned of a couple of titles that I didn’t know existed. So, here’s the post again, to continue the flow, in case you missed the original post, and have some titles to add that haven’t already.

Alright folks, I need some help from you guys here. As the title suggests, I’m working on a future post, and one part of my research requires that I compile a complete list of independent black feature films that have been released theatrically in the USA since the beginning of this century. And that’s where you come in.

First, I should define some terms here; “black feature film” means fictional narrative films that tell stories primarily about people of African descent (no documentaries). The cultural/racial heritage of the filmmaker is irrelevant. And “independent” means that the film was financed and produced outside of the studio system (specifically, no studio money or influence). Broad strokes, I know, but specific enough. If not, we can further discuss for additional clarity if necessary. Also, they have to have been released theatrically for at least a 1-week run somewhere – even if it was in 1 city.

Thus far, the only titles that I can immediately think of are (in no particular order): Medicine For Melancholy, A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy, Precious, Ballast, I’m Through With White Girls, Black Dynamite, Premium, N-Secure, The Harimaya Bridge, G, Night Catches Us, Hustle & Flow, Love & Basketball, Brother To Brother, Moolaadé… and thanks to all the replies from my initial post, here are others: American Violet, Catfish in Black Bean Sauce, Tsotsi, Blue Hill Avenue, Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom, Mississippi Damned, Blood Done Sign My Name, 30 Years to Life, One Week, George Washington, Teza, Shadowboxer, Hustle & Flow, Honeydripper, Cover, State Property, Trois, Trois 2: Pandora’s Box, Legacy, She Hate Me, City Of God, Redbelt, Talk To Me, City Of Men, Prince of Broadway, Civil Brand, 30 Years To Life, Love, Sex and Eating the Bones, The Visit, Constellation, Jazz In The Diamond District, Toe To Toe, Dirty Laundry, My Brother, How She Move, Holla, Kings Of The Evening, Preaching To The Choir, Punks, Frankie & Alice, The Perfect Holiday, The Cookout, In My Country

Anything else????

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