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Nina Simone Biopic Stalls

Thanks to Tambay and Sergio, we’ve all been informed about the new Nina Simone biopic in the works with Mary J Blige starring as Nina. Now comes word, courtesy of, the project has stalled due to rights issues with the autobiography.

In addition, Nina’s daughter—who goes by her stage name Simone—takes issue with some comments Blige made about sharing a history of drug use, making her perfect for the role.

All I can say is, if you’re going to do a movie about a great public figure, I think it behooves you as a person who’s decided this is what they wanna do, to do their due research so that you can embody the character and bring the most that you can of their personality to the screen,” Simone told Hip-Hop Weekly. “After having read Mary J. Blige’s comments, that just kinda capped off (in my mind) that I don’t think that’s been done.

I suspect this is a project that will have many twist and turns to come. Until then… Enjoy a favorite clip of this extraordinary woman below.

8 comments to Nina Simone Biopic Stalls

  • Blutopaz

    Good for Simone for protecting her mother’s legacy.

    • Cynthia

      Seems odd that Mary didn’t speak with her daughter first before she announced anything. Isn’t that common sense?

  • I would like to see Director-Kasi Lemmons take a stab at this, along with her husband producing-Vondie-Curtis Hall and perhaps playwright Suzhan Lori_Parks adapting it for the Big Screen.

    • Cynthia

      I notice everyone seems to like Viola Davis for this role. I definitely agree. At first, I tried to get on the Mary J Blige bandwagon but, the more I gave thought to it, I realized it just doesn’t make sense. Nina was too big of a personality and too complex for any amateur–celebrity or otherwise.

    • Gosh, I did not know that Kasi Lemmons and Vondie-Curtis Hall were married. When I read that, I thought, why would she marry him? But let me explain that. When I think of Vondie, I immediately see an image of his rape attempt of Theresa Randle in the movie Sugar Hill. He was an evil monster in that film, and my mind took me there. So I am happy to hear that he is not an evil run of the mill whorish sports figure that has babies in every city.